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Thread: First post,a bit involved Q

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    Boolit Buddy
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    May 2018
    Currently negotiating for yet a Chassepot...
    Why if and when this thread will be built upon,to solve the soot issue.

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    Jun 2014
    France Nouvelle Aquitaine
    Click image for larger version. 

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    There was more than one way to obturate a Chassepot. See (German) http://dingler.culture.hu-berlin.de/...pj184/ar184013

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    May 2018
    Thx Yulzari.
    Youīre an absolute prince.

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    Yeah well guys,i got kind of lucky and then again not. That Chassepot i bought was one of the very few manufactured by Potts&Hunt in London alright,just..it ainīt numbers correct by any margin.
    Rifle is in very good shape. No complaints what so ever really. What doesnīt match is the actual bolt which is from a Mutzig produced gun,imperial produced such.
    Pity,and the mere idea of trying to dig up an original,for the rifle,bolt...2720 is claimed to have been produced. So..fugedabout it.
    In other words this comes down to enjoying a Chassepot in rather nice condition and end of story.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Indeed. Them Chassepot are marked as follows..

    Click image for larger version. 

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    What makes this particular rifle stand out is that someoneīs been at it before me. Our laws makes for that guns produced before 1890 are permit exempt IF they donīt use a gas tight cartridge,which of course can be debated ītil hell freezes over. Point is though that THIS particular gun sports a chamber insert,one thatīs been crimped in place,which makes the rifle use 45-90 brass.
    TBH it carries logic seeing what the original Chassepot cartridge was. Ie; a 45-90,just out of paper.
    That being said i am thus giving thought to removing that insert and fab one according to the original design. Or,actually..making two of them as the one doesnīt detract from the other.
    Then just make them "floating".

    Click image for larger version. 

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    As you guys are aware iīm a shooter first and historian second. Or put another way,what drives me is the performance possibilitys of these guns.
    Handing a 150+yr old rifle a fresh muzzle crown is therefore a given. Time takes its toll,that simple.
    Careful attention to detail does it..

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    Rather nice nick,as stated. Within the rifling looks about new. It has also come to my attention that there WERE Chassepot made different. Such with slower rate twist amongst other differences/features. I had no idea,but CERTAINLY good to know. This is one of the musketoons though,as they were referenced,why it is the regular 1:22 twist.
    Speaking of which that 1:22 figure is second hand info...i need to get around to checking it myself. Seeing the performance of these rifles when handed the fudder they crave though i donīt expect any revelations doing so.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    In contrast to some i ALWAYS unbolt the barrel and receiver (or tail plug) as i trust my life in them threads and seeing is believing. Who ever installed that chamber insert though bolted the thing back together "dry" why it was pure HELL getting the two apart. MASSIVE doses of heat was needed..
    Indeed a smaller part of the threads had seized,which cleaned up perfectly fine on the lathe so no harm no foul.
    Had me a bit sweaty there for a moment though,have to admit.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So. Iīve come to adress the tech aspect of this. Closing up clearances for the bolt lug and what not.

    As iīve touched upon before my main aim this time out is to figure out why these rifles soot to the extent they do,or more to the point why i couldnīt get the grease added to react with the burn.
    Which of course leads up to that i HAVE to turn myself an insert aīla original specs. Not that itīll ever make the rifle a numbers correct "stocker" ever again,but it sure wonīt hurt any and all value of it either.

    Still got a number of complete rounds laying around one of the gun cabinets here since last time out and iīll have a sit and try to figure them out.
    Dunno if i mentioned that last time out,but we also figured out that when using jumbo straws as "cartridge" the wings of a regular musket cap can be pried ever so slightly apart to make the cap come to a stop as you install it to the cartridge. Then just superglue in place..
    Point being that this brings that the cartridge does NOT have to be filled to the brim and then some anymore to deliver resistence enough for the cartridge to go boom. Thus,you can run this way,with an otherwise completely stock Chassepot,and drop whatever you see fit or need for into the cartridge.
    Like grease cookies,wads or whatever.

    This time out also going to try a few different boolit types. Got a smaller boat load of 45 molds on the shelf...by any means,but truth be told you can never have to many.
    One iīm going to try and have delivered in the "new" LEE 459/500R. The Postell look-alike. Kind of curious as far as that...

    Then. Need to come to some sort of conclusion as far as boolit. My homebrew 459/500 RN that iīve used,aīla the government,works very well but..
    Shooting at extended ranges around here isnīt as commonplace as i could hope for,and i need to figure out what happens at medium distances at first (up to 600 meters) and beyond that as we go i guess. Range where iīm a vivid member bottoms out at 300 meters.
    Far enough to hand an idea,but not conclusive by any measure. Got a 600 meter range up the road though..for starters. Furter than that,i need to travel northbound.

    Well well. Future will tell. First up though is a thorough go through as far as the rifle itself...and am a good bit underways.
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    Boolit Buddy
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    May 2018
    Oh yeah.
    Iīve got more than one bolt to use. So what iīm pondering ATM is to have a stock chamber insert with a stock bolt. Obturating rubber disc n all..
    Then the cartridge insert with a stainless steel piston up front instead of the stock "umbrella" setup where iīll be able to set headspace and what not.
    Both inserts floating as mentioned. Floating in as much that they can be removed at will,but it might none the less be an idea to glue them in place at least. Loctites cylindrical will handle that..and approx 200degC will kill the glue at any given time you want to replace the one insert with the other.
    Simple enough.

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