I do most of my shooting at local sand pit where everyone does its own thing. Its safe and everyone is polite so I dont mind. There are times when I drive up there just so I can walk around, pick up brass and lead from the backstop. I find it very relaxing when I'm there alone just wondering around unwinding after long day of solving various problems at work. I dont know how much that costs me in gas but its about 20 min drive. I keep all good brass and recycle rest and smelt my range scrap.
I always pick up free brass and lead. I sit at my desk at work all day so when I get home I move around to offset that.
But on the other hand i will only deal with WWs if they are free. Too much zinc and iron form me to pay for it and sort and smelt etc etc. I buy clean lead from my scrap yard but I wouldnt pay for WWs.