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Thread: Well ...I went and messed up big this time !

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    Oct 2014
    Crystal River Florida
    If ya use it as a tool, it's not bad. If it becomes a toy, like most of the younger generation, they prefer to play not work. Not a good thing on my job site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by merlin101 View Post
    My biggest regret of cell phones is the fact that you just can't slam down phone anymore!
    Samsung Convoy--you can still slam the phone if you want!!
    Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats. H.L. Mencken

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    Sep 2010
    You all have made a serious mistake!! My Wife...non technical wizard that she is....asked me to please find her a phone that was durable...that was easy for an older person to use..for a phone that she could make and receive calls and also wanted to be able to take an occasional picture....So I went on the hunt...for days and days I looked on Amazon, Ebay, the electronics stores, Craigs list and finally gave up...I decided I'd solved tougher problems than this during my 80 years on the planet so I simply built her the perfect phone.....I can probably furnish plans if is my solution to the problem:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Boaz, you left me by myself. I bought a new phone, yep another sansung construction phone like I had. Yes it is a flip phone.
    I refuse to carry a purse to hold my phone cause it's so big.

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    Boolit Master

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    Apr 2008
    I will not have anything to do with those silicone brained, antithistical antichrists. Never.
    I want to live.

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    Boolit Bub
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    Feb 2018
    Sometime back, I crossed over to the dark side. It seems that work wants to be able to send me an email whilst I am on the job site. I kept my old flip phone which was still working. I have it turned off, and put away in my dresser, but every once in a while, when no one else is around, I go in there, I turn it on and it still glows it's little light and shows me that it is still alive. Then I close the phone shut with a satisfying "click" and put it back under my thongs which I no longer use....... someday I may go back to that little phone and re-activate it, prolly gonna leave the thongs where they lay.....

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    Boolit Master RogerDat's Avatar
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    Michigan Lansing Area
    Oh yeah? You know how your talking and you simply can't remember who it was that played in that movie with Orson Wells and Paul Newman? Wife gets cranky, dog starts whining, I get distracted, I know the actress, I can see her face, she was the one that was in.... what was that called? Now I hit an icon on my phone and say "movie Paul Newman Orson Wells" and bingo Long Hot Summer comes up and in a tap I have the list of who played in it and it was Angela Lansbury! She was in Murder She Wrote. And the daughter was Joanne Woodward. Wife is happy, dog curls up at my feet and all is right with the world.

    Or the ever popular model and serial number photo! That way I don't get asked for the little 4 character letter code in the corner of the label that I don't have a clue about because it didn't seem like part of anything so I didn't write it down. Turns out that was the year. Or looking up information when some politician or pundit makes a dubious (10 lbs. manure in 5 lb. sack) claim. By golly my sister now knows she might be wrong! All because I can look it up and show her the information.

    And the money I have saved (or not saved) at thrift store by being able to send a photo to dear wife to say "is this like what you were looking for?" Saves me leaving just what she wanted, or buying a basement/garage dust collector that is NOT what she was looking for. Oh and being able to photograph then zoom in on possible pewter makers marks so I can be sure it's pewter or isn't. Maybe too faint to read but when it is zoomed in on then it becomes readable.

    I have photo proof that once upon a time the garage was cleaned! Now don't get me wrong I would much rather use a real camera than one with a sensor 1/2 the size of a small booger but I have the other one with me. So cute pictures of puppy in the park? Got it. Local river flooding? Yep have a picture of that. Quick picture of rustic cabin on Oregon Trail yep got it, picture of yellow sign warning of plentiful rattle snakes around rustic cabin, yep got that too. Then sent to wife, she minded much less that brother in law and I were on the trip without her as soon as I texted that second picture.
    Je suis Charlie
    Scrap.... because all the really pithy and emphatic four letter words were taken and we had to describe this way of getting casting material somehow.
    Feedback page I do trade a bit from time to time.

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    Oct 2007
    East Central Illinois
    The Kindal app on my phone makes it worth it. I have decades of handloader and dozens of books on my phone
    You'll go far providin' you ain't burnt alive or scalped."

    Will Geer as Bear Claw in "Jeramiah Johnson"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boaz View Post
    For several years everyone has been on me to get a 'better' cell phone . My son is the worst offender , constantly ragging on me to get rid of my genuine Pantech flip phone that I bought used off EBAY bout five years ago for a steal at $22.00. He is always touting all you can do with a 'smart' phone but in my constant war against technology I have stood my ground . I always fought back reminding him my phone had a ..pill reminder and would hold an amazing 30 text messages !

    Last week he was relentless , tormenting me to get a new phone . My battery had played out and a replacement battery from EBAY was DOA on opening the package . He kept at me saying the batteries had been discontinued and they were all old stock ....junk . After a few days without a phone I started looking online with dread . Ordered a last years model Galaxy J3 basic model for bout $75.00 less than current model . My finger was quivering and struggling against my mind with I clicked buy . I had lost another battle in my personal war against technology . For the last several years I have been convinced Silicon Valley has put out a hit contract out on me because I'm the only thing holding them back .

    I got my new phone yesterday at the shop , it showed up in 2 days ...EBAY couldn't wait to put this spawn of Satan in my hands . As I struggled the get it out of the packaging wrought in the very depths of hell I could smell brimstone and Sulphur fumes leaking out of it .
    Once you get use to it, you're gonna wonder how you got along without it. I cannot count how many times I've used mine to check this forum or reloading data while out in the shop, or to look up reviews or information about something I was wanting to buy on the spot. They are VERY handy for price checking any random guns you come across.

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    south eastern coast
    Broke down and got a simple smart phone, just a few apps. Big reason I bought it is I can BLOCK all the dag nabid sales calls from whoever. Friend sent me a email this AM, said the " device" has replaced the penis as the most hand held item, probably true even if crude.

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    "The short memories of the American voters is what keeps our politicians in office"------Will Rogers

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdfoxinc View Post
    My first smart phone was forced on me because my LG flip phone wound up very clear but very dead. I check the pockets of my laundry now.
    My ancient LG flip phone still works after me falling in the lake last spring with it in my shirt pocket. As soon as I got in the truck I took the battery out of it, dried what water I could with a cloth. When I got home I left it open with the back off of it in the sun on the kitchen table. Next day I put the battery back in it and it sprang to life! I believe it survived because it had a rubber plug that went in the charging port that kept water out of the insides. The plug has since come loose and been lost. It still has good sound quality (better than my other Samsung flip phone). I made and receive about one call a day, so it's all I need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumbcocker View Post
    The Kindal app on my phone makes it worth it. I have decades of handloader and dozens of books on my phone

    Handloader magazine is available on Kindle ?
    "Varium et mutabile semper femina." - Virgil
    Man, ain't it the truth....

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    Boolit Master
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    Jul 2013
    barry s wales uk
    Still use my Motorola flip phone .tried my wife's smart phone ,drove me nuts had a mind of its own .I'm analog in a digital world .

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    Boolit Master Murphy's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    Idabel, Oklahoma
    When I wind up going over to the dark side, it will be kicking and screaming. I'm not concerned about operating one, I've been using computers 20 years now. I truly don't have a need or want for a smart phone at this time in life at age 64. Nothing against those who do have and use them. Just as long as they know to keep it out of their hands while driving, and that being on the job working means just that, not being on their phone. Okay, so some users have to have one for work and I understand that.

    I can see the convenience of having all that information at hand, no doubt. How else can a 22 year old be an expert gunsmith, mechanic, welder, lawyer, political consultant, MMA fighter, guitar picker, and even a seamstress if so desired....all in the same day? Well, as long as the battery on that phone holds up at least.


    Oops, almost forgot. I got on the Bay and stocked up on LG flip phones 'as new'. So I'm good to go for another 5-6 years. Some providers, no longer carry a flip phone in their stores. I keep one backed up with all my contacts in cold storage for when my current one gives up the ghost.
    If I should depart this life while defending those who cannot defend themselves, then I have died the most honorable of deaths. Marc R. Murphy '2006'.

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    Right here least I was a minute ago
    a smart phone is part of my life now .. being able to answer almost any question at any time .. a computer in your pocket
    If I don't want to be bothered I can leave it off .. its called SELF control
    I carry a Nuke50 because cleaning up the mess is Silly !!

    Selling Hi Quality Powdercoating Powder

    PULSAR night vision and thermal dealer !!!
    PM me for a good deal

    I am not crazy my mom had me tested

    Theres a fine line between genius and crazy .. I'm that line
    and depending on the day I might just step over that line !!!

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    565.5 miles E.of Wall Drug
    see many people playing games on their phones
    seems like a total waste of time to me but to each their own
    Hit em'hard
    hit em'often

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    I am right there with all of you since I just dropped my flip phone (Tracfone) and became one of the masses. I went kicking and screaming, but am actually starting to like the new beast.

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    Didn't have a phone until 26yrs old. The boss told me to get one. I asked if the company was going to pay for it. He said no, everyone has a phone. I told him that's not true, I don't. He said if you like your job you'll get a phone. So I got a phone.

    At 34 yrs old my boss told me to get a phone that would take messages. I told him I didn't want one. He said the company would pay for it. So I got a phone that would accept messages.

    Got a 'smart' phone last summer, texting is convenient. Mine has an off button, charge it about once a month or so. It's home is the lunch bucket.
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    μολὼν λαβέ

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    It is hard to beat carrying a library of 2,000+ books in your pocket! I am an avid scifi reader so anytime I see a good series or a freebie that looks good I download it.

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    Boolit Grand Master Boaz's Avatar
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    Dec 2013
    I have a good report ! I have figured out how to make and receive a call ! By this time next week or two I hope to be able to find my text messages , I realize that's being pretty optimistic ! This thing still smells of Sulphur and burns my hand while I hold it .
    No turning back , No turning back !

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