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Thread: 45LC Shotshells for 303 British???

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    45LC Shotshells for 303 British???

    Would like to make some shotshells for 45LC. The problem is the Ruger New Model Valquero cyclinder is not bored full diameter all the way through. It is like the forcing cone is in the cylinder, not in the frame before the barrel.

    With this, I can not simply use a longer brass cartridge, such as a 454 Casull or 460, or even a cut-down 410 hull.

    I've heard of fire forming 303 British, but I would have to cut down, trim, etc.

    So how can I cut, trim to length, fire form and load the "tapered" casing???

    Why....because I can (or want to)

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    Use the Starline 5 in 1 blank cases. These work for shot loads in .38-40, .44-40, .44 Magnum, .45 Colt, and .454 Casull.

    The cases come tapered already to fit down a .38-40.

    In .44 Magnum and up you want to expand with a .44-40 or .44 Mag expander plug to make cylindrical.

    Keep powder charge light due to large flash hole. 5 grains of Bullseye is correct.

    Insert Buffalo Arms .44 card over powder and seat with 3/8" dowell.

    Then insert Federal 410SC shotcup over the card wad. Absolutely necessary not to omit the card wad because the .410 shotcup is too small in diameter to seal in the .44 case and is powder leaks past the .410 shot cup it will cause "bloopers" and possibly leave wad in barrel as bore obstruction!

    Seat shotcup firmly onto over-powder card then fill with fine shot No.8 or smaller to case mouth. Place .36 cal. Walters wad card over shot. Crimp in .44 Game Getter or .45 ACP Shot die, then trim protruding wad fingers flush to case mouth with sharp knife.

    These rounds properly loaded will withstand rough handling and feed through Winchester and Marlin lever actions. In a rifled barrel they kill small game to 25 feet. In a smoothbore .410 or Marble Game Getter they are killing loads to 50 feet.

    Attachment 215448Attachment 215449Attachment 215451Attachment 215460Attachment 215453Attachment 215455Attachment 215459Attachment 215461Attachment 215462Attachment 215463

    The .45 Colt patterns here are of "Shot and Ball" Game Getter load with .390" round ball crimped in end of shell instead of .36" top card. Ball impact is marked on target.
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    You can also run a 460 S&W round into a .44 mag sizer far enough to clear the constriction, and trim to a hair under cylinder length. Practical Zombie Survival

    Collecting .32 molds. Please let me know if you have one you don't need, cause I might "need" it!

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    Only able to post ten pictures with post, so here are pics of patterns of 5 in 1 No.8 shot vs. factory 1/2 oz. No. 6 shot in cylinder bore .410 and in a rifled Marlin 1894S .44-40:

    Attachment 215464Attachment 215465

    D1C repair center is 10 inches square.
    Inner circle is 4"
    Outer circle is 8"

    I define "killing" pattern as number of pellet hits in center 4" circle equal to or greater than shot size, such as 8 No. 8s, nine No. 9s, etc. Because ranges of handgun shot loads are short, there is no point to using larger shot which result in thinner patterns due to low pellet count.

    No. 8 shot at 25 FEET penetrate as well on rabbits, etc. as No. 6s do at 25 YARDS from a .410 bore.
    Light charges pattern better with handgun shot loads. Velocities higher than 800 fps aren't necessary within 25 ft.
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    If you lay a .45 colt shell alongside a 303 brit shell and mark the length on the shell, ahead of that mark is where the forcing cone in the cylinder starts.
    Then you take a washer with a 7/16 inch hole reamed out to .450 and drive it down the 303 Brit shell to where you marked it.
    Knock the washer back off and the Brit shell will fit in the .45 colt cylinder. It will be too long of course and you have to trim the shell where it sticks out the cylinder.
    Then you can load your shotshell.
    If the Brit shotshell is too fat you may need to run it into your .45 colt sizer from which you removed the decapping pin beforehand.
    You need to ream the washer till a .450 bullet will just slide thru before using washer on Brit shell.
    The 7/16 works as is for a .44 forcing cone.
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