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Thread: Bullet Mould for 44 mag.

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    Boolit Bub Catpop's Avatar
    Join Date
    Apr 2014
    coastal NC
    Iím shooting a brn 10 .432 265gr NOE Kieth at 1235fps with no gas check and very minimal leading. Factory throats are .4315 and bore is .429. Powder is Unique.

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    Curious to what you ended up choosing!

    I'm the only person I know of who's been stalked by a large black bear, a half-mile in my case, before charged and killing it in self-defense. In my case, I was carrying a 4 3/4" Ruger flattop in an El Paso 1880 crossdraw a 3" belt, but in my hand was a 24" Marlin Cowboy. Both were loaded with a 429640 in .44 Special cases, 15.5 grs of AA#9. 1075 fps from the handgun, just over 1400 fps from the rifle. When he stepped out and I knew a charge was coming, the rifle was in my hand, so it's what I used.

    30-35 yards away and I can't stress how fast they are. The rifle came up faster than I would have believed. Three shots into the chest before he could turn, one behind the shoulders, one in the seat of the pants as he disappeared into the brush again and a last one in his general direction for good measure. I was amazed my pants weren't full after it was over.

    He weighed 392 dressed, skinned, and hung in my garage. Like I said, big. The three into his brisket were found in his paunch, as was the one in the seat of his pants. Shot behind the shoulders exited.

    On the other hand, I've used a 255 PB SWC and 9 grains of Unique on a pack of dogs who trailed me and my shorthair out for a hike. Mostly mutts, but big ol' mutts. A couple over 100 pounds. Out of seven, six were dead or wounded when I left, using a the same Ruger flattop.

    Main thing I can tell you but can't really explain, is the speed of a bear attack. It's a shocking, raw, in your face, and fight for your life instantly episode. For me it went into slow motion when the bear laid its ears back and here he came. If anyone would have been within earshot, I bet my shooting sounded like a machine gun. All I could think about, other than putting my bullets where they needed to go, was why me? Yep, as dumb as it sounds, why did something choose to try to end my days in the worst of ways? Goofy, I know.

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    Boolit Master
    Join Date
    Feb 2010
    Deary, Ideeeeeeho
    Interesting Flattop!

    I put a 310gr Wide Flat Nose cast out the 5.5" tube of my RUGER RedHawk right at 1300fps. Shot those same loads in a Marlin 44, but don't recall what they gave in the longer barrel.

    My load is also with Accurate Arms #9, but 19gr.

    Glad I have not had the experience such as you relate! For sure, once would be enough.

    Crusty Deary Ol'Coot

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    I've used 19 grains, too, with the same bullet (296 grains cast soft, ready to load) out of a 10" T/C using a .44 magnum case. Never checked the velocity, but accurate as all get-out. Great accuracy out of my Cowboys, at about 1610 fps.

    You know, it's funny. I used to always hike with just a revolver until I happened to have the rifle handy when that bear charged. Since then I rarely hike without it or one similar in my hand. We see bears cross our driveway, out in the field, and even down on the pavement. Lots of big blackies around here, and I know lightning doesn't strike twice, but dangit, I need some sort of rod in my hand to never be shocked again!

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    Boolit Master
    Join Date
    Feb 2010
    Deary, Ideeeeeeho

    As I'm pretty sure you also have, I've seen many forum posts where the Original Poster of that thread is asking what handgun he should be packing for back up on their rifle hunt.

    My reply is, use what is in your hand and forget going for the handgun.

    Now, to be clear, I like handguns and to say I have several would be true, but when hunting there is no need to have one dragging your britches down when you have better medicine already in your hand.

    And yep, I have been there and packed a hand piece, but like to think I got smarter with advancing age and this from someone who "packs" in almost every waking moment but I don't double up when I have a hand piece.

    Ya ever try to pull your pants up with a handgun doing it's best to pull em down?

    Great day to ya!

    Crusty Deary Ol'Coot

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    Boolit Master Randy Bohannon's Avatar
    Join Date
    Oct 2016
    Buffalo WY
    I just received a MiHec 260 gr, G/C SWC @.432" Lathesmith is making me a sizing die, bought one of those new PID RCBS pots.
    With all of my N frames Mdl 29 no dash and 57's no dash.I have spent thousands of target and occasional magnum loads for no good reason other than to remain comfortable with recoil. I have been practicing with what I have loaded up getting ready to bump it up a bit for a specific purpose.I have a good supply of 16:1 alloy and lots of different powders to play with.
    Thank you all for the excellent ideas and consideration. As for the Ott fellows here in Buffalo the name is familiar and sure to have met one of them at some time or another.Population is less than the elevation, perfect.
    Last edited by Randy Bohannon; 05-07-2018 at 10:36 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crusty Deary Ol'Coot View Post
    And yep, I have been there and packed a hand piece, but like to think I got smarter with advancing age and this from someone who "packs" in almost every waking moment but I don't double up when I have a hand piece.
    I hunted for over 30 years strictly with handguns. Just in the past 10 years have I moved back to rifles, mostly my ol' leverguns as my eyesight weakens. Thankfully I can still see through a peep!

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    Boolit Master
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    Jan 2018
    Northern MN
    Seeing bears in the wild is always a treat. Makes the woods more interesting. Saw a good sized cinnamon colored black bear North of town last summer. Looked very healthy. Would make a fine trophy for a bear hunter with that rare coloration. Being armed in the woods is just good sense.

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