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Thread: Remington Chapter 11, Oops

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    Boolit Master
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    Remington Chapter 11, Oops

    I think the Obama years scaring the gun market into a frenzy helped put off the inevitable for Remington. Now that the market has settled down, Remington doesnít have anything in their catalog that makes me tempted to buy. Seems like others are voting with their wallets for the same verdict.

    I donít wish Remington any ill will, Iím just not seeing anything from them that makes me want to turn loose of my money. I wish they had some nice pieces on the market.

    I passed up their RM380 for a Kimber Micro 380. I donít have any craving for an R51. I was given an R1. I bought a used Para Black Ops that is a much better 1911 (funny that Remington bought Para). Iíve laid out money for some new Rugers and Smiths and Iím saving money while drooling after a few more. Just donít see anything I want from Remington. Kind of sad really.
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    They could do fine if they just focus on their core products: shotguns, centerfire rifles, ammo. The handgun and AR line should be dead and buried except for the 1911's. Sell Marlin to someone who is going to really put effort and resources into them and not just languish as a sideshow. Sadly, I fear Ruger will also someday feel the pinch of excess overhead and a product line expanded well beyond sustainable sales.
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    Remington gambled that Hillary would win and the panic would continue. Remington expanded, A LOT. They took on a huge amount of debt, built new plants and acquired other companies.
    Hillary didn't win, the firearms market softened considerably and Remington was faced with lots of debt and low sales; the worst possible combination.
    In addition, Remington has been fighting lawsuits over the Model 700 trigger problems, had a bad false start with the R51 and has been losing market share for decades.

    Remington made some bad decisions and decisions have consequences. I don't foresee Remington completely failing. They'll restructure that debt and some lenders will lose money. The debt that isn't written off will be restructured and paid back over a longer period of time. Remington will reduce their costs, maybe lay off some workers, maybe sell off some companies (if they can find buyers in this soft market) and they'll try to save what they can.

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    I did see a sign in my favorite gun shop in Kalamazoo proclaiming Barak Obama salesman of the year with a picture and a commendation. It is an ill wind indeed that blows no one good.
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    In the 1980s Savage saved themselves by dropping every model except the 110. They came back, didn't they?

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    Most manufacturers are feeling the pinch of President Trump being elected.
    I am a dealer and have been selling guns for a little over 10 years. Obama
    and the gun grabber industry made for brisk trade. That was exacerbated in
    my state (Maryland) by a gun hating governor. I think that nearly everyone
    thought Hillary was going to win. The manufacturers and dealers geared up for
    her election and were left holding a lot of excess inventory. Obviously, not every
    manufacturer was effected as greatly as Remington. I hope they can recover.

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    Boolit Master lefty o's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    remingturd was headed this way before obamma came along. it has just taken time for it to come to this. they will file and they will continue on, and the mgmnt that ran it in the ground will probably all get bonuses.

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    Boolit Master
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    NE Wisconsin
    Seems to be matter of too many stomachs to fill at the top of the food chain and with many investor owned companies not committed to the brand and only too short term return on investment the inevitable happens. Sad really I wanted one of the 410 1100 shotguns but I am hesitant to go forward with that buy.

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    Boolit Master dkf's Avatar
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    They likely would not be in this position if they would not have been putting out so many junk quality guns for years already. There are plenty of other options around the same price point that are much better quality.

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    Boolit Master Boolit_Head's Avatar
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    They killed off the Para Ordinance brand and left the owners sucking wind. I'm sure that did not leave a good taste in their mouths.
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    It's not new. Just a legal way to keep from paying your debts.

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    Boolit Master
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    Their problems are similar to what Colt's went through. They had holding/capital companies raiding their revenues and profits so the fat cats could get fatter, while the manufacturer was bled dry. That practice and the issues of not being nimble and responsive in the market got them into bankruptcy. I'm afraid that both places are simply rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic...
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    I'd buy Marlin but can't get the cash together
    oh well sai la vie
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    Quote Originally Posted by bgw45 View Post
    It's not new. Just a legal way to keep from paying your debts.
    It's also a legal way to get out from underneath having to honor warranties and recalls. Read M700 triggers.

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