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Thread: Digging through the trash cans

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    Boolit Master
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    Jul 2010
    from the land of sky blue waters
    whenever I go to the public range I dig through the trash
    to look for empty boxes and cartridge holders that I can use
    for the loads I am making
    Hit em'hard
    hit em'often

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    Boolit Master

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    Jan 2007
    New Mexico
    Quote Originally Posted by Tazman1602 View Post
    Another member there is always trying to pick up my fired brass. . .
    Doesn't every range have a resident brass wh***? Ours told me that he bought 3 guns from what he made picking up brass. Not high dollar guns, but guns nevertheless. Then he tried to pick up my still hot brass. I suggested that he pick up brass somewhere else. You can count on him to make the rounds every Sunday afternoon.

    There is good stuff for reloaders in the trash cans. Lots of good ammo boxes.

    I had to quit picking up 5.56/.223. It was multiplying faster than I could process and reload it. I still have several thousand to load. I'll still pick up .44 Spec/Mag, .357 Mag and .45 Colt if I see some but I have over 100 pounds of .45 ACP, several thousand .40 S&W and 6 gallons of .38 Spec. so I have no business collecting more of those.
    Sometimes life taps you on the shoulder and reminds you it's a one way street. Jim Morris

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    Boolit Bub Nines&Twos's Avatar
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    Feb 2018
    Definitely a dump picker here. Iíve found magazines, knives even a scope once.
    Lots of rifle brass still in the factory box right before hunting season. Hunters checking zero are so thoughtful. They shoot high dollar ammo, and put the brass neatly back in the factory box for me. Lol!

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    Boolit Master
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    Feb 2017
    Goodhue County, Minnesota
    Quote Originally Posted by David2011 View Post
    I'll still pick up .44 Spec/Mag, .357 Mag and .45 Colt if I see some but I have over 100 pounds of .45 ACP, several thousand .40 S&W and 6 gallons of .38 Spec. so I have no business collecting more of those.
    May I recommend a "Pay It Forward"? LOL

    Doesn't matter to me, I "buy my own tickets to train rides", or, "jump on my own buckin' broncs"...

    Just making a suggestion, if ya have more than you will ever load & shoot.
    "If ya don't like my gate, ya don't have to swing on the hinges..." - L. Ackerman ( RIP)
    "A man ought ta do what he thinks is best" - "Hondo" Lane.(John Wayne)

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    Boolit Master
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    Apr 2010
    SE Iowa
    bad thing on my range is I threw it away to start with

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    Moderator Emeritus

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    Jun 2013
    SW Minnesota
    I am lucky that our range is gated and locked. And on my suggestion last year we added game cameras in hidden spots to monitor fence jumpers and charge them with trespass. Got rid of 5 who were scavenging anything not nailed down, caught one trying to unbolt the hanging metal targets on the 300 yard range! Thy would come in and shoot everything up ruining things... break stuff...

    Since then the amount of salvage brass has gone up but many of us there reload...

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    Boolit Master
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    Sep 2008
    yes I am a trash picker I made out like a bandit the other day got about 30 .308 win, about 40 30.06 and some other not sure yet have not gone through it yet. What I do not under stand is why those that dip spit in a trash can that is out side, spit juice will ruin a good day of picking.

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    Boolit Master

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    Jul 2007
    Piedmont (Conover) NC
    I used to always use a pair of cheap HF nitril gloves for the same reason. Spitting in a public place without using a bottle with lid is just plain rude and nasty.
    Information not shared. is wasted.

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    Boolit Master pete501's Avatar
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    Oct 2012
    We usually pick up the recyclable material encountered on public land shooting ranges. I hate to see shooters leave a mess. Too many areas are closed because it gets trashed.

    As far as dumpster diving. The range I belong to has rules. Pick up only your own brass, no trash picking. It doesn't stop the ROs from taking all the 10 cent deposit containers. The easy brass gets collected by the care taker. Lots of common brass gets swept in the gravel. Before the rules, there was nothing on the ground.

    I had gotten a lot of good stuff diving. Magazines, ammo, lots of empty boxes some vintage. At one time I sold empty ammunition boxes on evilbay. I sold lots of plain and common shotshell boxes. Estate brand and plastic CCI boxes were selling for more than the purchase price of a full box. I remember finding 3 Aquilla 22 boxes with the "rampant colt" , modern production. It got bid up to $74. I sold the other two ($73 & $72) to the other high bidders using the second chance offer feature. It was back in the ammo shortage days.

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    Boolit Master woodbutcher's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
    LaFollette Tn
    Never did do much diving as there were no dumpsters back then.I did pick up what I used though.When I first started reloading it was 30-06,45acp and.223.In those calibers,I had a neighbor who shot on the NG rifle team.He brought me about 4K 1964 LC match brass,2K of .45acp and almost 5K of 5.56
    brass Cost?Merry Christmas.That was why I bought a 788 Rem in .222 and had it rechambered to .223.Could`nt find one in .223.Also why I bought a Colt AR15
    with 3 extra mags and 100 rds of ammo for $215.00 out the door.The only brass that I actively looked for after that was .38 spcl.
    Good luck.Have fun.Be safe.
    People never lie so much as after a hunt,during a war,or before an election.
    Otto von Bismarck

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    Boolit Master

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    Jul 2009
    Amarillo, Texas
    I pick up all the brass I can find, sell what I do not want for scrap and pay for
    my annual club memberships, yeeeee Hawwwww !!
    NRA Benefactor 2004

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