Thanks TylerR, but I'd be exactly nowhere without your enormous efforts. Today I didn't get as far as I wanted to. My younger brother and partner had an especially bad day. He slid off a Garage roof he was sheathing and broke his left ankle landing feet down, and his right heel bone too. So he will be in a wheel chair for most of six weeks. We get too comfortable doing what we have done for years, and sometimes forget to be careful enough and watch where we step.

I did get the parts printed and they will work, but the fit required some carving in the female twist connector .... I'm not as good as you are with printing. The end down shown in the last picture, had too much of an unsupported ledge inside the twist lock ..... lots of stringing, poor bridging ...... all stuff that prints perfect if turned 180 degrees, but then I'd have the same problem with the two twist anchors being unsupported, as well as the tee, again..... Thoughts? The thread inserts work great, superglued in. RedlegEd's smaller diameter ones would also work if another thread insert with smaller threads replaced the other.

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Hey Tyler,

Do you print the large collator plates at 0.12 (Super Quality) or at 0.2 (Standard Quality)? The former takes a whole day to print lol

Think TylerR told me he printed those at 0.20. That's all I've done.