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This is pretty basic & you have likely already been there & done this but it bears repeating. When I have ignition failures, it is almost always due to contamination in the breach plug/drum area. It has to be completely free of oil & cleaning fluids. My cap lock SXS shotgun is particularly finicky. Just popping a couple caps doesn't always do it. I have to shoot a dummy load of powder in it to burn out the passage if I want to be 100% sure it is going to go bang. Once I do that, it shoots every time.
Thats all well and good and needs doing - not gonna be enough tho with a 32 + small diameter nipple drum + small ignition channel + homemade powder == you can easy get bridging across the nipple channel that puts you out of action --- a few smart whacks with the palm of an open hand in the breech area will sort it - been there done this a trime or two ..........................but that dont count I guess