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Thread: Help me choose a new revolver.

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    Boolit Master Texas by God's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by rfd View Post
    the classic holy trinity of centerfires - .357mag, .45acp 1911, .45colt s/a.
    Nope. .38 Special, 44-40, 45acp!

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    Nov 2010
    I've commented before and thought that before this turns into a "Buy a Ruger Red Hawk Thread" I would share my experiences. I own two S&W 629's a 629-3 and a 629-6 along with a Ruger Super Red Hawk and Desert Eagle in 44 mag. I also own a 25-5 S&W 45LC and a 686-6 S&W 357.

    All of the 44's with the exception of the Desert Eagle seem to be almost equal with the same loads. The Desert Eagle with the scope is head and shoulders above everything but its a handful to hold.

    The 45LC is extremely accurate with about any handload I run thru it and so is the 357. Accuracy wise in my hand they are all accurate and all capable of good results punching paper or putting down game. I hand load EVERYTHING and haven't bought a single box of ammo in 40+ years for any hand gun.

    Buy on the basis of what feels right in your hands not by brand or model. If you want a Ruger and it feels better than another brand then buy it. I would suggest however that you go to a shop where you can rent a gun to try and make your decision based on that other than internet gab.

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    Hunted Illinois pistol season right up until the changed it to "late winter season" and allowed shotguns and muzzleloaders too. Kind of killed the peace and quiet of rarely hearing a shot to right back into shotgun seasons shootingfest. I find the grip on the super redhawk to be a little small but have decent weight to soak up recoil. My best friend has one and I have a 29 and 629 both with 8-3/8" barrels that don't seem to kick as much as a light 357 or 4" 44. As others have said pick out one that fits you and I'd stick with 41, 44 or 45.

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    Nov 2010
    Good points

    My Ruger Super Red Hawk as I believe a 9 1/4 or 1 1/2" barrel. Maximum loads aren't felt at all with it. Weight and length of the barrel effect recoil.

    I had a Dan Wesson 357 years ago that you absolutely didn't want to shoot over about 5 times in a row and when you were done your hand stung.

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    I'd look no further then the 44mag. The 44cal is an excellent platform that is extremely versatile. Everyone has their favorite spotted puppy so you'd be better off looking at what people use & why along with what mfg's make and how they market them.

    Which caliber has more molds/different bullet styles?
    Which caliber has a wider range of bullet weights it can use/shoot accurately?
    Which caliber is used more for silhouettes?
    Which caliber is used more for bullseye?
    Which caliber did ruger use for their "Alaskan" series of pistol?
    Which caliber did s&w use for their backpacker series?
    Which caliber is more popular in short bbl'd (3" or less) or snubnosed revolvers?
    Which caliber is easier on brass?
    Which caliber has tighter chambers in rifles?
    Which caliber has more case volume?

    I've always found 44cal molds easier to find and there's a lot larger selection of them. I've used 162gr wc's for bullseye in a 624 44spl on up to 320gr home swaged fn's for hunting in the 44mag. Wouldn't even think of using a 45lc for silhouettes but I did use 44cal's for silhouettes and bullseye. For some odd reason ruger & s&w forgot all about the 45lc when it came to their get-r-done series of short bbl'd revolvers. Don't see to many 45lc snubnosed revolvers being made but the 44cal's have been around for decades and mfg's are coming out with new short bbl'd models for the 44cal's. With the 45lc, not so much. The 45lc has a reputation of being hard on brass when either pushed hard of used in rifles. A lot of rifle mfg's made their firearms with loose chambers for more reliable feeding. A couple years back Brian Pearce did an article on the 45lc bulge from oversized chambers in rifles and which dies took that bulge out (handloader #276 page 26). It's nothing to shoot 44mag brass until the lip starts to split then trim them back to 44spl length and get 20/30/? more reloads out of them. The larger the case the easier it is to have loads that are position sensitive. The larger case makes for a smaller window of powders/loads that are accurate.

    I'm not saying the 45lc isn't accurate. I am saying it's harder to find an accurate load in any caliber when you're dealing with low pressures and large case volumes.

    Like I said everyone has their favorite spotted puppy. I'll stick with the 44cal's. Don't have as many as I used to own but I still own several different 44cal firearms & have my favorites like my 4" 29.

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    Boolit Man
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    NC Montana
    My Nephew posed a similar question to me, recently. For HIS needs (close-up - Whitetail Does - need to stop them quickly) I recommended the 44 Mag loaded with 200 grain Hornady XTPs @ max. In my 5" 629-4 Classic, this load kicks very little and stops close range Deer with authority. If he had asked about Mule Deer Bucks, I might have recommended a different bullet but he needs something to stop Does short of his neighbor's property and he must use a straight walled handgun cartridge.
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    Walker Lake Nv. or just about 5 miles west of the exact middle of nowhere.
    I like the BlackHawk in 45 Colts . 7.5" , target sights , 45 ACP cylinder with the convertible package , get another cylinder for ACP and face for the rim and chamber it for 45 Schofield or leave it as is and chamber it wit an ACP reamer for a 1.285 rimless Colts .

    I've run that one from 600 fps gallery RB up to 1200 fps with a 265 RNFP with 5-9.5 gr of old Unique and some real thumpers with 19.5 H110, which I need not ever do again .

    45 ACP in it you hardly know you pulled the trigger . It makes nice practice with a 250 and 5.5 Unique .
    I wish there was a 454 RH 6 shooter or that the Colts RH would use the 1917 /M25 moon clips . That would be the ultimate to me especially the 454 . The BlackHawk loaded to 25,000 psi is pretty potent .

    If you decide on a companion rifle be sure it has a 16-20" twist not the Rossi's 32" .
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    Flat top 44 Special is a great gun.

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    Boolit Bub
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    Jun 2009
    Ruger just released an 8 shot 357. Looks fun
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    Boolit Mold
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    Feb 2013
    Way not a 454 nobody said you have to load it to max. It just seems to be the best of both worlds.
    You can shoot 45 colt BP loads to 45 ruger loads to 454

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    The best part of 44 magnum is 44 special. Usually easier to get top accuracy right out of the gate with a 44 than 45 colt. But I have them both in several guns. The bisley or double action grip frame absorbs recoil better than the plow handle single action. In a full size gun, 44 special does most everything 44 magnum does. But with that said, it appears 45 colt has taken a front seat in the rifles chambered in pistol calibers.

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