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Thread: Has Bass Pro gone mad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosewood View Post
    I agree, I typically only shop Bass Pro when they have good sells on or shop the clearance section. However, they do have a price match policy, if you can show a competitor has it cheaper, they will match it.

    That's nice of them, but then why not buy from the competitor?

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    Those are some dreamy prices... Can't remember the last time I bought anything at Bass Pro. I do like Cabela's for two things. Their canvas pistol and lever gun cases are the best out there bar none. That's all I've ordered in the last ~4 years. Dick's can sometimes have decent sales, last black Friday's ammo deals we're good, other than that I don't buy much from them.

    It's 2018, brick and mortar just can't compete I guess.

    Last hazmat sale at Midsouth I ordered 2 Trailboss 2 pounders @ 51.70 each, two 9 ouncers for $14.64 each, and a pound of H110 for $21.69. Trail Boss is expensive but I figure with the free hazmat the 9 ounces were free sorta.

    Went to a mostly terrible gun show on Sunday, with the exception of one booth. A father and son selling reloading supplies.

    They had Winchester primers for $30.50 per box of 1000 and 8 lbs of Unique for $154.00. I took 8 lbs of Unique, 5000 WLPs, and 2000 WLRs home with me.

    Still need a little IMR 4198, IMR 4895, and some Red Dot and I'll be good for a bit I think. I don't usually stock up this much but, supply is plentiful and prices are good. Might as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elmacgyver0 View Post
    That's nice of them, but then why not buy from the competitor?
    Sometimes they don't have it in stock, or you have a BassPro gift card someone gave you. Or you just happen to be on that side of town. But I do see your point, I tend to shop at the stores that I don't have to beg for a better price.
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    Any H380 users here?? Someone earlier mentioned bullets.com. I had never heard of them nor used them but after visiting their site I placed a powder order. Haven't got it yet so can't really give a review of the vendor, but.... they have all their powders marked down. H380 for example is $12.95/#. I think I got the last of the 4198 (wanted 8# think I'm ending up with 4) but they are worth a look. They are going to charge $20 hazmat along with regular shipping but depending on how much you buy, the lower prices offset those fees easily. Hopefully I will end up with 11 pounds of powder for about $21/# delivered. Supposed to ship today and I'll keep you posted.

    Guess I should have looked at primers before I ordered as well. Seems to be very good deals on what they have left.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chill Wills View Post
    Here in the west (Rocky Mountains) we have a retail chain, Sportsman's Warehouse who competes directly with BrassPro. They are well stocked and most powder is $25 give or take. Four pound jug of 2400 came home with me this week for $90 plus tax. Primers are $3.50 for most sizes and brands I use.

    Brass Pro does not seem to have the business/foot trafic they did a few years ago. People looking in the aisle and not that many buying, and like me, wander off to look at some other over priced part of the store. I wish they would not try to get all my money on the first sale. Marketing experts!? Shame of it is, I hate to loose any firearms friendly retail store.
    Two or three local stores beat Sportsman's so bad I hardly walk into the place. They are cheaper than Cabelas but that is all.
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    No Bass Pro near me. Closest Cabela's is in CT and you need special dispensation from the pope or something to be able to purchase hazmat stuff in that state. So no thanks. LGS's realize that plus the nearest to NYC and so prices are take or leave it and I do leave it. Graf & Son orders with no hazmat fee and $9 shipping work just fine. Oh I did order a couple of hundred pounds of #7.5 lead shot from Cabela's back when they had it on sale and offered free shipping! Cheaper shipped to the door than if I drove to the cheapest supplier and overloaded the car with it. Used my stored Club points and I think it cost me under $50 out of pocket. UPS man must still hate me!
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    There's no local store supply store for me. Bass Pro is about an hour and a half away so their prices don't attract me. . Midsouth Shooters Supply gets most of my powder business as I have family that lives near Claksville TN. The only real exception is Alliant Powder. For some reason Recobs Target Shop has it for a better price. For example BE-86 in 8 lb jugs, Recobs is 129.69 and it's $150 from Midsouth. Enough difference to almost cover the hazmat fee. I figure the additional shipping charge from Recobs washes the sales tax I pay at Midsouth.

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    Thanks for the heads up on Alliant/ Recobs Emo!

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    .............The absolute best way to buy powder/primers (or probably anything for that matter) is in bulk. Several years ago I used to shoot EVERY Tuesday with several other guys. There was about 8 of us. We either had that as a day off, a couple were retired, and a couple owned small businesses. A couple could show every other Monday. Generally there there was 4-6 each Tuesday. Heck, the range was only 5.2 miles from my driveway About 6 years ago a developer was able to get it shut down. A long and painful story, not germane here.

    Maybe 3 times a year we'd get together a list of the powders & primers we were needing. Also surplus powders were also a large part of what we used. In any event, either via mailings or the 'Net' later on we'd monitor the usual suspects and when one or more had a promotion the group would be canvased for any updating/alterations, and an order would be placed. Graf & Sons had a deal a couple times a year where if you ordered 96 lbs or more of 'In Stock' powder it would ship FREE on a small pallet with no Haz Mat (which was like $7 at the time) to a commercial address. We used the range's address.

    The largest powder order we ever made was 128 lbs. Primers weren't that big an issue as 3 times a year there was a HUGE gunshow at the Los Angeles fairgrounds and Mi-Wall was there. Several of us would go, and if we bought anything we'd buy primers! We went through the "Clinton" scare of the early 90's and swore we'd never be without a good supply again. The scare lasted about a year and I made it, but was running low. Heck, I still have a couple sleeves of nickle plated Winchester LRP's We'd usually pick them up on the way out so we didn't have to hump them all over the place and I'd usually get 3-4 sleeves.

    In any event, if you can get some like minded buddies together that's what I'd do. So far as I know, like anything else it will never be cheaper then it is right now.

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    Poor images, but the illustration of price is there to see.
    $15.99 for a pound of IMR 4227 back in 2000, and here is a pound of Hodgdon Universal Clay's for 30.99 three weeks ago. I can certainly tell you that my wages have not doubled in these last 18 years.

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