I remember when I first started working at a small lgs in northern arizona back in the late seventies, I had never even seen a Ruger No. 1, the wall section we had dedicated to Ruger had Red Labels, some of their bolt actions and some No. 1's and #3's. I really liked them but being a college student and working part time at the shop for 5 bucks an hour was not going to allow me to own one anytime soon. Well the years go by and my hunting and fishing carried me to UT, CO, IA, MN,TX and all over Arizona. I would pickup different calibers depending on what I was hunting if I didn't have what I felt was was what was needed for the next big adventure. A number of years ago I had the opportunity to get my hands on a couple of Ruger No. 1's and made the addition to my specialty battery. Mine are chambered in 9.3 X 74R and 450/400. At the time, the plan was to use them for Elk and Moose, but events have push me to be living currently in the Southeast and I am now using these for Hogs. Cast is currently the only boolit I've been running in them but I have to admit they are a lot of fun with cast at much lower fps and psi. If I end up back out west again, I'll be all set with my cast loads I have worked up while here in the south and the help of some southern hogs. Here's my No.1 battery and the cast boolits I am using.

The cast for the 450/400.

Cast for the 9.3

This is the RCBS 375 mould gas checked, lubed and then sized through a .369 die. Weight is around 270.

A NEI mould, weighing in at around 310