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Thread: Thinking about a Savage 99 in 300 Savage.

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    Thinking about a Savage 99 in 300 Savage.

    I might be able to pick up a Savage 99 in 300 Savage for around $400 (plus brass and dies) and am giving it some thought. I donít know what series the gun is: the barrel just says Savage Model 99. It has the rotary magazine and is drilled for the tang sight.

    Any thoughts on the guns or the cartridge? I donít really need another cartridge to load for, but I do like the handling of the gun.
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    People either think the 99 Savage was the greatest thing since toasted bread or are rather indifferent. I had one, but I also shot left handed and the trigger guard safety was a PITA. I have used the 300 Savage on deer and my daughter has one in a bolt action she uses. Between us we have shot several deer with one. Its an OK cartridge. I say that because I have hunted deer for over 50 years and don't get much excited about calibers as I have used and seen deer shot with quite a few. Shoot a deer where it matter with a 300S and you will eat venison. If I had to hunt with one I would not complain as I would eat a lot of venison if I were forced to use one, but my shots do not exceed 200 yards anymore.
    Personally, due to the safety and the trigger pull on the 99 I had, I would prefer a good bolt action in other calibers instead. If in good shape the price is not bad for one however.


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    I have a 99C in is easy/light to pack in the field...points well...and fairly accurate..I get 1.25" MOA with either cast and Jacket...the trigger is a bit stiff but good for hunting purposes.
    I think the price you quoted is very reasonable
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    Get it and have fun.
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    Boolit Mold
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    Sep 2017
    Buy it! Great gun.

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    Boolit Master Shawlerbrook's Avatar
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    Nov 2015
    Central NY
    One of the classiest leverguns ever made. The 300 Savage is very close ballistically to the 308 Win. If the gun is in decent shape that would be a steal around here. Buy it X2 !

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    I had wanted a Savage 99 for nearly as long as I had been interested in guns. I was finally able to locate one at a decent price last Spring and bought it. It Was a 1950 model 99EG in 300 Savage. It was D&T with a one-piece mount so I put a new set of rings and a 4x scope on it. I bought some factory ammo and also all the components to load for it. Best I could ever get it to shoot was about 1.5" @ 50yds and that was with the factory ammo. The barrel also seemed to heat up very quickly, meaning load development took a considerable amount of range time. Combine that with the fact that it was long, heavy, and nearly impossible to load with the scope mount in place; I decided it was time for it to find a new home. I recouped almost all the money I had wrapped up in it, so all in all it was a cheap lesson learned I suppose. They were probably great guns for their time, but if you want my opinion, your $400 could be much better spent elsewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawlerbrook View Post
    One of the classiest leverguns ever made. The 300 Savage is very close ballistically to the 308 Win. If the gun is in decent shape that would be a steal around here. Buy it X2 !
    My sentiments exactly!
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    No Kidding, IF, it is in good condition I'd buy it yesterday! My friend has one in 375Win that is unfired and I cringe every time I look at it thinking how much fun it would be to cast for it and shoot it.
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    I have a 99EG in a .300 Savage that, according to the serial number, was made in 1952. Mine has a 24" BBL and is not drilled for scope mounts (actually worth a little more than those drilled!). It has a Redfield aperture sights and will shoot 1 1/2 to 1 3/4" groups at 100 yards with its "favorite" load if I do everything right. Mine likes 150 to 165gr bullets and medium burn powders for decent accuracy and velocity. The magazine isn't very long, so long bullets (read 180spt or heavier) have to be seated deeper in the "short necked" case restricting powder capacity. It is a classy, well made rifle that would cost more than the market would bear if it was made today, so Savage dropped it some time ago and prices have continued to rise ever since. Some models, such as the "take-downs" command some of the highest prices, along with some rare older calibers; however, .300Sav brass is not hard to find, easy to load, easy on the shoulder while offering more "range" than the 30/30 class of cartridges. I have owned several 99's over the years in various calibers and can't seem to be without one - you need one too; for $400 is a "bargain" if its in good shape!

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    Jun 2016
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    The 99 Savage is a slick rifle. I have owned a couple dozen of them, most 300s. I have only owned
    2 of the newer models. A clip magazine 308 & 243. Both these guns were scoped and shot less
    than 2" at 100yds. I had no interest in them I like the pre war rifles with spool mags and lever
    safety. The 300sav is no slouch as a woods deer rifle. Presently I have no 99s but am on the hunt
    for a nice 250/3000 carbine. I have done a lot of shooting with 303sav-300sav & 250/3000 Sav
    will not being target rifles they will out shoot most other levers, pumps and autos of the day. I
    have never owned one that wouldn't do around 2" at 100yds. At $400 in nice shape I would buy
    any 99 reguardless of model or caliber.

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    Fun gun good caliber BUY IT

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    Boolit Buddy

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    Nov 2014
    Western PA
    The 99 Savage in 300 is a hunting machine. We currently have 2 Savage 99s; one in 300 and one in 30-30. The 300 will group 1.5" or better @ 100 yards and velocity on average is about 150 fps behind a 308 with a similar bullet and length of barrel. The 300 was my Dad's made the mid-50s and has a 4X scope using a Stith mount. You buy it and use it for 5 years and decide you don't like it; sell it for a nice profit. They are not making any more of them.

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    Oct 2010
    I think it was during the huge ammo shortage of 2008, I went to an auction where a guy was moving to a smaller place and selling off a lot of stuff, more or less an estate auction. Anyway he had several guns and probably over 10,000 rounds of ammo, many of them reloads, but brought big bucks. One of the guns was a pristine M99 in 300 savage, I just glanced and saw it was 300 and didn't pay it much mind as I already had one, so no particular interest unless it was a steal.
    It brought 600, which I thought was a decent price for it.
    I bought some reloading gear and later got aquainted with the owner while I was waiting for the auction to end and gather my stuff.
    I ask him how he managed to have all that ammo and not one shell for the 300.
    He said he had never shot it, nor had any ammo, he explained that his dad had bought it new in 1954 iirc and shot himself in the foot, right off the bat, so never shot it again. I reckon it was the guns fault. lol
    Anyway he had given it to him several years later, but he was already set up with his bolt action hunting rifles and just never even shot it, made me wish I had bid on it.

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    May 2012
    99s are a dandy rifles for those who like to move about quietly thru the woods instead of perched in a tree all day every day. Although due to the cartridges short neck it does take a little extra time learning the in's and out's of its reloading. It's lever Saftey is another item that takes a little time getting use too.
    Both my 300's fire the same cartridge recipe. Are tipped with 170 gr. F.P. 30-30 bullets seated above a charge of IMR 4320 powder. (the preferred powder for the 300's use over all the other IMR powders combined.)

    Keep in mind there is some on-going interest in collect-ability of the 99's. Discontinued and not as many made as the pre-94s. Garners a good chance the 99's will be more popular with the collectors one day verses the pre & Post model 94 winchesters.

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    Jan 2013
    I'd wanted a '99 for many years. Finally bought one off Gun Broker last year. A 1954 EG in 300 savage. Probably paid too much, but it is in really good condition. I put a leupold VX3i 1.5 - 5 scope on it. Shoots right at a 2 inch group at 200 yards. Brass and bullets are available from Hornaday.
    I highly recommend you get it if it is in good shape. If you can, look for a crack in the stock by the tang. I don't think it effects the operation of the rifle, just looks bad. Stocks are available, but pricey.

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    You can't go wrong with a Savage 99 300 Savage. I've had one for years and love hunting with it. It still wears a Weaver B4 scope. Mine was made in 1955. My wife also has one. It was given to her by her father last year and was grandpas gun. She also got his original 300 Savage Lee Loader with it. My wifes was made in 1950. I wouldn't let it get away.

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    Nov 2014
    NW OH Oak Openings Area
    That's a good price, All 99's were drilled and tapped for the tang sight. If no cracks in the wood and no other problems I would buy it.
    I own 2 of them and can't use them in my home state for deer hunting because they are bottle necked cartridges so I just shoot them and hold on to them for the same reasons others have said.
    Today how many rifles can you find that don't have any plastic in them besides the butt plate, are real polished and blued steel, case colored lever, all but a few with walnut stocks, and have all of the special design features they have that other leverguns don't and buy for $ 400 ?


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    I've got 300's, 308's, 243's, 303's, 358's and a couple of 284's, all Savage 99's of course -not a real collector - more of an impulse accumulator. I've got a couple 300's that will go MOA or better on good days. Benchrest technique is particularly critical with all leverguns, especially the Savage 99. Properly resizing to avoid over sizing cases is important. I use the Redding Competition shellholder. Most of my .300's and .308's chamber easily with the +.006 shellholder, a couple with the +.008. My .300's also have long throats, the short case neck is not an issue, I've had good results with the 311332, 311041, and 311407. I usually start with a .310 though .309 works in a couple and .311 in most. I do support the use and enjoyment of the Savage 99. Almost all my shooting and hunting is done with them, though I sometimes hunt elk with Marlin 45-70. My wife will hunt ONLY with Savage 99's, she uses the a 243 for prairie dog up to antelope, a 308 for practice and a .358 for elk. We rely on them to always work in very tough conditions.

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    Nov 2009
    I have several 99s and all the .30 caliber or bigger ones have been good shooters with cast. The 99EG in .300 Savage is the slickest and best pointing of them. Mine isn't drilled for scope mounts so I have a good Lyman peep sight on it. A better deer rifle does not exist.
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