Here is your chance! Had a die go a little big on me while lapping and polishing, as good as I would like to think I am at polishing a die every once in a while I go a little to far. This is what happen to this new die.

I have a brand new BTSniper premium 22 cal point form swage die for sale at a deeply discounted price. Normally this die alone sells for $795 when I hit my mark on the diameter.

This die will work in any reloading press. Bullet is ejected from die with a simple soft blow to the ejection pin from any sort of simple mallet or an auto ejection system can be purchased separately to mount to the press.

I am offering this die for $295 plus $20 S&H. Price is for die alone, I can provide necessary base punch if needed for $75 (someone might already have a 22 cal base punch with their set of swage dies allowing them to save a few more dollars).

Here is the die!

And if needed here is what the base punch looks like (last one on right)

At the start of the barring surface, a bullet made in this die is .2245" in diameter and at the base of a 55 grain bullet it is .2255" in diameter. This would make an excellent die for swaging cast 22 cal boolits or evening out the PC finish for utmost in accuracy potential. Or one could make 22 cal jacketed bullets as it is intended for and simply use a Lee .224 push threw sizing die to bring the bullet back down to nominal size. Or a slightly oversized bullet like this might bring life back to a potentially shot out barrel.

I can not tell you what to do with a slightly oversized bullet or tell you about the success I have had shooting oversized bullets. I can not even offer a guarantee with this die. It is sold as is but rest assured it is made with the same brand new components that go into all my BTSniper premium dies. This die works and will last and with the great black nitride finish it will maintain it's diameter and smooth finish.

I am happy to accept paypal (friends and family to avoid fees), money order, check or credit card over the phone.

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to help.

Brian Thurner
PO BOX 1783
Hood River, OR.

PayPal address is