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Thread: School me on the newer Rem 700's?

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    Thanks AZ Pete. I think a fast twist will be in order should I build a 22-250 AI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texas by God View Post
    Thanks AZ Pete. I think a fast twist will be in order should I build a 22-250 AI.
    Thomas those 7 AR's, at least the Colts, have very shallow rifling grooves. I believe them to be only about .0025 deep. What I'd like to know is if they compensated for the chrome lining when they cut them, or did they cut them in a normal manner and chrome them and that took up some of the depth. Starmetal pulled 40 grain jacketed bullets from some 22 magnums and loaded them over a 55 grain load and shot them. He was expecting to see blue vapor as they vaporized, but they didn't. They shot okay.

    Sorry about going off topic. So I'm surprised to see many of you putting 1-7 twist barrels on your 22-250. This is what I've been trying to tell many people that a the fast twist still shoot very accurately.

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    Ive shot down to 69 sierra match kings in my 22-250 7 twist. They held together and were very accurate. A lot depends on the bullets construction and the shape the throat is in. I would imagine that 50 and 55 grn bullet for the 22-250 swift or 223 will be okay in it. My swift with the 1-14 Ruger barrel and burned throat, will blow up the 50 grn sxs and thin jacketed bullets almost every shot when ran full bore. My Fast twist 243 ( 1-8 hart) was fine with 115 bergers for the first 1700 rds or so then it started "loosing one" every few shots, I suspect it was the worn / roughened throat. It didn't do this with the early JLKs or sierra 107s with the heavier jackets. Ive seen this with 6 and 6.5 284s also.

    The other issue that scares off shooters from these set ups is barrel life with them when ran full throttle. The 243 and I suspect the fast twist 22-250 are a barrela year for a high master high power shooter that competes heavily.

    The 2 barrels on my AR10 are 243 win 1-8 and 22-250 1-7 26" long Krieger cut rifled barrels. The 1-8 twist 243 Hart barrel on my win match rifle is button rifled and went 2500 rds when x count started dropping at 600yds.

    My fast twist 223s shoot the 50--80 grn fine with no problems. 40-45- or SX may be an issue. I have worked as low as 69 grn in the fast twist 22-250 ( they are pretty impressive on wood chucks) In the fast twist 243 wins ive ran from 85 grn to 115grns. 105 JLKs 107 starkes were both exceptional in them sierras 107 was very good. The 115 bergers were a stellar performer for awhile, these I shot for 600 -1000 yds slow fire matches.

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    School me on the newer Rem 700's?

    I was looking at fast twist 22-250 rifles and the only factory fast twist is Savage.
    I ended up buying a 1:8Ē twist 220 Swift
    Encore barrel cause I wanted to have the ability to shoot the 80gr VLD bullets at optimum stability according to The stability calculator on Bergerís website.
    So far I have only shot 55gr VMax and 69gr SMK to break in the barrel. They have both performed amazing and both are shooting sub half inch groups. The ability to buck the wind better and hit predators harder at longer range is why I went with the faster twist. My older brother shoots a custom 12 twist Swift and my buddy shoots a 14 twist. Both suffer at longer range when anything more than a light breeze is involved. My 204 is the same way so I wanted to improve my chances at those longer shots on educated coyotes who hang up at longer ranges.

    I wouldnít buy a new Remington now. Not after the last two Iíve bought. While they fixed the bad barrel on one and stripped threads on the other they didnít fix the triggers on either one. In fact they made them worse by replacing them with their new garbage triggers. The only I could adjust it below 7# on one is to remove the adjustment screw completely and thatís not acceptable. The other one wouldnít adjust below 4.5# so I had to replace both rifles triggers with Jewel triggers thus voiding any warranty on the rifles. Then their stocks are so worthless they need to be replaced as well.

    So do yourself a favor and buy a Savage, a tikka, a CZ, or anything other than a Remington. Youíll be happy you did.

    P.S. this is coming from a Long time Remington owner. I was a loyal follower until their quality went down the drain once Freedom Group bought them.

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    Inside magazine length of the Rem short action is 2.835".
    It is possible to make it about .125 longer.
    You mill away the boss for the ADL's middle screw and tig a U shaped extension to the rear of the magazine box.

    If you are concerned about quality that is simple. There are millions of used ones from the 1970s and 1980s out there.

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    Late to this party, but have you investigated the .22 Valkyrie? Good in Bolt or Semi-auto and Factory loaded. AR-10 capabilities in an AR-15 platform. Just build an upper for your existing AR-15.

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    I'm sure they'll listen to "Reason"
    Quote Originally Posted by Ronald View Post
    Insofar as I know the only maker with really short actions is SAKO. They make an extra short for 222 & 223.
    There's at least 4 now.

    Sako Vixens/A1/L46/L461 (very nice, out of production and expensive)
    Howa 1500 Mini (current production, barreled action is quite nice, suspiciously similar design to Sakos [knockoff], but cheap plastic furniture)
    CZ 527 (current production, varying quality, but very compact and all wood/steel)
    Cooper Model 38 (current production, single shot, 3 lug, accurate, Expensive)
    There'll probably be a 2018 SHOT show release for the Barrett Fieldcraft Mini action.

    That said, I have a .338/.300 RUM that I shoot long range steel with. A .223 Rem with 70+gr bullets IS a 1000 yard gun, maybe not as capable, but far less expensive to operate.

    Not everyone shoots to hunt nor limited to 50' indoor ranges. Change your attitude. It's not "why?" it's "why not!"

    Quote Originally Posted by BD View Post
    Are [Remington 700] actions and magazines of all of these the same length? Or, would I need to buy a .243 or .308 and re-barrel it to be able to use cartridges in the 2.70 to 2.80 OAL range?
    Like others here the 700 action is a proven design though sometimes poorly manufactured today. Just about any 'Smith can true them up and they'll shoot with good barrels. I have some 700s and a couple Model 7s, however, they are far from Factory. There's lots to throw away and fix but once it's fixed it's good to go. The aftermarket's huge and the platform's very well supported.

    I just received a couple Wilson .224 barrels in 8 twist. One for a .223 Rem and another for .223 WSSM. Looking to launch the 50grs to 4100fps and the 77s to 3300fps.
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