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TBG wins the gold star. Amazing how all the 'experts" totally missed it.

I'd love to see the PH sites that forbid PF rifles.

I'd love to see any American sniper doctrine that teaches shoot to wound.

I'd love to see the testimony of any WWII vet who actually saw combat and dumped his M-1 for a K-98.

I'd love to see first person sniper testimony stating the 700 based sniper rifles were POSs.

The comment on AKs is correct only in the context of the Nam' era M16s that used ball powder and were not supplied with cleaning kits. The current ones will run forever with minimal upkeep.

Still waiting to see any standard grade M70 in any standard chambering crossing any auction block for 5-7000 bucks.

Just gotta love the internet !
Yeah those things were problems about the M16 in Vietnam, but there were more things and they are all listed under THE M16 WAS FIELDED TO EARLY.