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Thread: A "Quiet" Deer Rifle and Shot Placement Question.

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    My "garden deer gun" is a single-shot Beretta 412 in .45 ACP by John Taylor. Using a 255-grain cup-point cast 1:30 tin-lead, with 4 grains of Bullseye velocity is about 830 fps, but in the 26 inch barrel the gun makes no more noise than standard velocity .22 LR out of a sporting rifle. The bullet going "Whack~!" upon hitting the deer makes more noise than the gun going off.

    With good shot placement, prefer head or neck shot if animal grazing, Bambi is DRT.
    If walking aim for off-side shoulder, the .45 breaks them up so they can't run off. Coup de gras with a .32 revolver finishes the job neatly.

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    Looks like the right idea. As I posted earlier, easy to duplicate in a Ruger Ranch 450 BM.

    If I sell some of guns I have for sale I might get one, put my 45ACP can on it and try subsonic loads.

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    I guess now I have to start working up loads for my Arisaka again!

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    Crossbow would work, even a cheap one.

    As for low noise rifle, I like Red Dot in very modest levels. 4.6 grains in .357 mag handi rifle below 158 gr round nose.

    6 -7 grains in .444marlin below 220 grain cast in .444marlin brass. Essentially a moderate .44mag load in long brass. Not noisy at all. Keep the range inside 100 and you should be able to do it.

    You want to set your stand planning for where that bullet "could" go. Treestand shooting down is good, or if you have a hill or ridge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lucifers View Post
    AND that neighbor would call the cops (who have zero understanding of G&F laws) and you would be in deep doodoo.
    That was my point.....

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    A quick call to fish and game to clarify the distance from house and road before there is trouble goes a long way. Ive shot lots of deer antelope and elk in the throat if you limit your shots to close range(100 yards) and squeek or chirp right before you squeeze they will pick up and look at you aim center throat under jaw and down they go. Its fast they drop where you want them and if your left or right the hydraulic shock still displaces the spine and they drop. From a meat perspective they still blead out cleanly and you end up with a better tasting harvest. If your in need of the hide for tanning or other projects you have a very clean non blood shot skin for use. As far as noise if you only shoot once most people even if they heard it wont know it was a gun shot

    Good luck in your quest.

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    The question you asked will get all kinds of responses. Some think it is unethical to shoot deer in the head/ neck and only aim for the shoulder or behind the shoulder, or whatever. Truth of the matter about any caliber will KILL, and about any bullet placement will KILL. The idea isn't to cause the death of the animal, the idea is to harvest the meat as cleanly , humanely, and expeditiously as possible. "Where is the best place to shoot a moose?" " Close to the truck!". Personally, I will shoot for the neck first. Head second, and High shoulder third. I have had all three result in DRT kills, and all three result in escaped animals, lost animals, and misses. How do you miss a feeding deer , from a rest, at 125 yards with a scoped rifle and a rest and all the time in the world Search me, but I have done it. Also hit running deer in the neck from considerable distances with a Smith N frame.
    From what I know, play your percentages. Take the shot that has the highest likelihood of instant incapacitation and let the odds work out how they will. Less than 100 yards and a stationary deer? I am 99% with a .223. Less than 25 yards? 1911 45acp and a neck shot. Over 200 yards? I generally pass them up unless it is a long way to cover from where they are. I HATE to waste an animal. rather let the coyotes and old age take him than kill him and not eat him. it still happens. That is why they call it HUNTING, and not KILLING. Get close, be patient, know the limits of your tools, and do the best you can. If you make a hit and don't get a DRT, make the best effort you can to recover the carcass or find the wounded animal. I never was any good a blood trailing. If they made a readable blood trail, it usually ended within sight of the place I shot the animal. 'Course I live in briar patch country. Out West a man might be able to track a wounded, bleeding animal. Doesn't work in a honeysuckle patch as often as folks make out like it does. I have seen dogs get stymied looking for a deer with a hole in it as big as your hat. But always take the shot with the very best odds. And that is all we will all ever agree on.
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    Boolit Mold
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    It has been interesting to read the responses. Personally, shooting a deer in the head, using a 22LR, at 50 yards would not be a big deal . Would it be legal, not where I live? My thoughts would be to use the smallest rifle caliber that is legal where you live.

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    One other thing that hasn't been mentioned is the angle the animal is at to you. This greatly affects where you need to aim to get to the vitals. You need a strong knowledge of where the vitals are in the animal and pay attention to the bullets line of travel. Behind the shoulder on a deer angled facing towards you might be a weak lung hit or gut shot. Same with a head shot or neck shot. Also if your on the ground or in a raised stand makes a big difference in aiming point. On a deer facing away at a heavy angle the aim point to the heart lungs may be just behind the ribs. At this angle the head shot would be just behind the ear. Look at a 3D bow target from different angles in relation to where things are and where you need to aim to get there.

    We have some "nuisance" hunters here that specialize in removing problem animals In the sub burbs and cities. On most animals they prefer to live trap and dispose of later out of sight. On deer sized game working in close for a sure shot with a quiet round

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    For nuisance/pest control, I'm with the guys who advise you to check the laws first and act carefully.

    For a true SHTF scenario, use whatever you want. If the S has truly HTF there won't be any cops or lawyers and your neighbors (if you still have them) will have a different attitude about venison.
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    I have no ethical problems with a head/neck shot. I do have certain criteria that I apply. First is an accurate firearm and a reasonable distance, (each of which affect the other). I usually wait until the deer has it's head down feeding and is facing straight towards me. At that point, the instant kill zone is as mentioned 2" wide but much more than that vertically. I took my final deer of this season with an XP100 7BR at about 65 yards using this method. But I will say that if you are not capable or confident with this method, then by all means don't use it.
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