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Thread: Categories of Scope Buyers

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    Quote Originally Posted by brstevns View Post
    You Guys just had to push my button LOL I am a #1 not because I want to be , but because of a low fixed income. Am I jealous of the other groups not at all. I am happy for them.
    And to think others here call you a cheapskate... That's very telling of their character.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soundguy View Post
    It turned into a pissing contest on the very first post with the class distinctions and negative connotations. Starting spoiled, it was a fore draw conclusion that it would end this way. No need for 4009$ optics to see that!

    Frankly, its disappointing to see such disdain for ones fellow man based on the cost of the gear he uses..especially on a website such as this.
    I don't think the OP meant this to come off as sounding like he was talking down to anyone in any way.
    I have met people who think that there is no place for a scope that has a higher price tag than a rifle. EVER.
    This is nonsense. THEY might not have a need. Some do.
    As far as Money goes? I fully understand some people have more disposable cash than others.
    Different people have different priorities as well. I don't think anyone should EVER look down at someone's gear because of the financial situation.
    On the other hand I don't think people should tell others they shouldn't spend 2K on a scope if they want to. It's their money.
    We are all in the same brotherhood here. Shooters, casters, reloaders, ect...
    Just my 2 cents.....
    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.
    Proverbs 1:7

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    Now for the really high dollar question. Is there a difference between your group as a scope owner and a scope buyer? That is do you now buy scopes in a different class than you already own? Either up or down.

    That cheap slug gun scope that I mentioned was on my radar because it was a fixed scope with good to decent reviews. I'm big on if you are going to buy basic don't buy it with all the features of the high end models, the shiny buttons and cool features cost money to do right, money that in the budget model came out of the money for overall quality. My commute mobile has crank up windows, nothing "power" to fail. Basic transport with fancy is going to be cheap knock off. Basic that sticks to its knitting will often have taken care of the important stuff sufficiently.

    I would embarrass myself with a $600 scope, I'm not a $600 shooter. Not horrible but not to where I would need to be in order to have a decent $150 scope be holding me back a whole lot at the modest ranges I'm shooting at. With high end scope I think it would change what I consider a "decent" group near or around the center into a failure because they aren't all touching. Keeping the bar where it doesn't whack me in the nads. Is that a category?
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    "We are all in the same brotherhood here. Shooters, casters, reloaders, ect..."

    That's how it SHOULD be.

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    Walker Lake Nv. or just about 5 miles west of the exact middle of nowhere.
    I'm reminded of a guy we ran across one deer season .
    " Pre 64' model 70 , 270 , $1200 in glass on top . I shot that doe at 80 yd 3 times and had to finish her with the Kimber carry 45 ."
    All the while I was thinking I killed the last 2 with a $250 Savage 110 06' and a $90 Tasco pronghorn......... Must be the price point .........
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    I didn't read this as a pi__ing contest. It is an interesting thread. We all know somebody in each of the #1, #2, #3, #4 category, and each of us is in one of the category.
    Interesting to read the why's and how's for each category.
    Reading about all the why's and how's is how all of us learn more about stuff in general.
    So, all you guys quit the pi__ing contest and just learn from each other.

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    I'm a 2 13/16ths. I'm 67 and all my rifles are pre 64wins, and other older classic type rifles. No
    Rem700s, Sav 110s ect. Back then I bought a lot of Weaver K series, some Redfields and last
    scopes I have bought were Leupold. My keepers have been with me a long time, the scopes have
    been on some of them over 50yrs. They still work good enough for me. If I need a scope I will buy
    Leupold because new Weavers are junk and for the price difference I'd rather have the guarantee.
    I don't need a $1200 scope to shoot Varmits, small game and deer. Around here we don't have
    range bags, we just go on back porch and let fly.

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    Boolit Man
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    Jul 2013
    The Pacific NorthWet
    I've had a variety; I like good glass, sometimes Leupold, trying a Vortex out though as they have a nice reputation. Keep finding that I hit occasional low light conditions and that cheap scopes don't do well though (10/22 for example, when a group of raccoons were trying to eat the barn cat, couldn't see much as it was a cheapie bought due to low budget.) Thing to remember here is that we're all different with different needs - Someone living in prarie-like conditions with a thousand yard shooting distances on occasion, is not going to need the same scope as someone in "Dog hair" where 30 yards is more a typical distance. A red dot isn't a good answer for the 1000 yard shooter, and a scope with 6+ magnification would be a poor choice for most at 30 yards. Plus some of us have older eyes, or are short sighted / far sighted etc. etc. - IMO educate each other, help each other, we can all gain that way. And take care of ourselves too, can't really delegate that! I've debated updating one old 4x on my first rifle, but it's always worked perfectly, I just detest the base (tip-off mount that managed to tip partially off once.) So I may just update that mount and call it good, then give that rifle a better stock
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle R. View Post
    I know what you mean. I have K4 Weavers on a couple of my rifles and they've been excellent scopes. A fixed power scope is intrinsically more reliable than a variable for multiple reasons, and it's the superior choice for many applications. There's no need for a 3-9 on a .44 carbine, or on a 12 ga. slug gun. It burns my biscuits to pay more for a fixed 2-1/2X or 4X than for a much more complex 3-9 variable, but that's the reality of the market. A fixed power scope is pretty much a specialty item these days, and you're gonna pay extra for it.

    I do get a kick out of all the huge scopes I see on lever .30-30s and almost always in "over and under" see-thru mounts. I agree with Jack O'Connor that a high-mounted scope is the mark of a dub, and I would add my own observation that a high magnification scope on a relatively inaccurate rifle or (Even more so!) on a slug barrel is an indicator of a callow hunter.

    Another two cents worth...

    Uncle R.
    Ha, I resembled that remark. For years I refused to give up my iron sights so would always put see-through rings on even my .270. Once I realized that my .270 was dead on from 10 to about 200 yrs I stopped doing that.
    "Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it."

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