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Thread: In these troubling times......

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    Clint Smith said something to the effect of ďcarrying a pistol is supposed to be comforting not comfortable ď. In my humble opinion those itty bitty pistols are for those who donít really believe they need a pistol.
    I am guilty of dressing like a slob to dress around my gun. Shirts one size too big, Carhart vests, sweaters, jackets, you name it. The smallest gun I carry is an XDs, the largest a S&W Mountain Gun. All in holsters fastened to a substantial pants belt. With at least one reload and a 900 lumen flashlight.
    When youíre standing in front of the Pearly Gates you are the one explaining how you got there. In my case it wonít be due to too small of a gun or lack of ammo.

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    You have another angle working for you too...when you get to those Pearly Gates, if it's at got a 900 lumen flashlight to find your way!
    And, you don't have to worry about explaining either...they already know.
    a m e r i c a n p r a v d a

    Be a Patriot . . . expose their lies!

    ďIn a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.Ē G. Orwell

    2018 is going to be a 'Jaw-Dropping Year' . . . 'The Year', the World was born to live . . .
    just, "watch your 6" .

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    JB, I know you did not advocate for it and my reply had to do with its unsuitability for a draw when seated, as that was the question posed. If you are standing it is fine. For hot weather it is uncomfortable as our nether regions get sweaty in July and having a large hunk of leather with a pistol in it stuffed by your privates is uncomfortable to say the least.

    Just said by a guy that has tried it.

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    OK, folks--I am stealing that statement by Clint Smith as related by Rick R. It sums up my CCW experience pretty succinctly.

    In absence of aftermarket grips/stocks, an I/J-frame S&W or D-frame Colt revolver is kind of a waste of time for me to try shooting. My hands are too big. Same story with the small-sized bottom-feeders......not enough grip to manage the things if recoil is appreciable. The Glock 29 is a case in point--with the OEM magazine base plates, my gun hand's little finger is "in the air", and with 180 grain bullets running 1100 FPS+ that fourth finger can be a big help. Pearce makes a couple little baseplate upgrades that might help--I have the "fingerhook" on my mags now, and they improve things quite a bit.
    I don't paint bullets. I like Black Rifle Coffee. Sacred cows are always fair game. California is to the United States what Syria is to Russia and North Korea is to China/South Korea/Japan--a Hermit Kingdom detached from the real world and led by delusional maniacs, an economic and social basket case sustained by "foreign" aid so as to not lose military bases.

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    In these troubling times......

    Deleted Posting

    Last edited by Lefty Red; 11-10-2017 at 04:12 PM. Reason: Deleted, because itís not worth it.
    I'll be needing that for squirrels and such.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by 35remington View Post
    JB, I know you did not advocate for it and my reply had to do with its unsuitability for a draw when seated, as that was the question posed. If you are standing it is fine. For hot weather it is uncomfortable as our nether regions get sweaty in July and having a large hunk of leather with a pistol in it stuffed by your privates is uncomfortable to say the least.

    Just said by a guy that has tried it.

    2nd Amend./U.S. Const. - "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    "A man ought ta do what he thinks is best" - "Hondo" Lane.(John Wayne)

    "If ya don't like my gate, ya don't have to swing on the hinges..." - L. Ackerman ( RIP)

    Enforce the Immigration laws & deport the illegal aliens. Quit fooling around!

    ~~ WWG1WGA ~~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jr. View Post
    I like this, this is a true statement. There is a need to practice to be available in all situations.
    Quote Originally Posted by tazman View Post
    I deliberately practice with the poorest lighting I can use and still see my target while at the range. People are always asking me why I have the light turned out in my lane.
    It turns out you can get used to it and shoot pretty well in dim light.
    My most probable scenario at home is to have someone come into the house at night. The only lights on will backlight them from where I will be. Silhouette practice in low light is ideal for that situation.
    In some of the handgun training scenarios I've participated in, I shot in a warehouse with NO light. This was to demonstrate that sights are not always necessary, given that you've had enough practice. I believe the importance of practice, and the reason for a lot of practice, is to develop muscle memory. At the time I was amazed how well I shot with no sights in complete dark, relying on muscle memory to shoot. I hope to never have to defend myself with a firearm, but if I do, I don't want to have to 'think' about lining up sights, aiming, squeezing the trigger carefully, etc.. I want to be able to shoot my weapon instinctively, quickly and accurately. Knowing my luck, if and when I have to defend myself, it'll be under difficult circumstances, so those are the conditions I tend to practice in. - JJ

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    Shooting over the heads of highschool kids, carrying a mac-11 on occasion; You don't happen to work in a Trap house do you?

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    As someone who has carried for decades my advice has always been: If you're dealing with somebody that is so bad that you have to use firearms on them, choose wisely. Clint Smith said a J .38 pocket pistol is applicable in a ground fight and won't go out of battery from contact application. Other than that a full sized frame calibrated to something that begins with a "4" is minimal when you're without your rifle.

    Get the best gear to carry you main frame. I use Greg Kramer's Pro-Line horsehide vertical scabbard with matching belt. All my pants have belt loops to fit the belt, my cuffs are hemmed with the weight of my Colt's lightweight .45 5". Since retired I find myself carrying a Colt's SAA in Greg Kramer's Pro-Line horsehide vertical scabbard more.

    I've had use a firearm because of what the other guy was doing and the .45 worked but I'd never use anything less. Like Clint Smith says, some people just need to be shot.

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    imho, there are threats and then there are THREATS.

    with gun in yer hand, most threats don't read the caliber, horsepower or firepower, and will acknowledge that it's a gun and it's lethal. they might be assessing who you are and your state of mind and determination.

    the smaller percent of THREATS will not back down, no matter what kinda gun is used as a deterrent and for protection.

    there are so many different scenarios to cover, but i think it still comes down to how one who is not a LEO, who may or may not be competently trained and practiced with a handgun, one who never does not confront any manner of threat in a decade of time let alone daily, how that person will react in that one scary moment.

    if your head and reaction aren't panicking, then it's about the type of threat, that first shot accuracy, recoil and noise, then subsequent follow up shots.

    lastly, if you survive and the threat is no longer alive, the battle to convince a jury that your actions for self preservation were correct and you're exonerated of any wrong-doing, and that your use of force was fully legal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sawinredneck View Post
    I canít justify Kimbers prices. Sorry, they do make some nice guns, this week, then next week they suck! I like their revolver, but $900, seriously? For that money Iíll buy another Delta Elite, 8+1 10mm or a CZ based EAA 10mm with 12+1.
    I was a HUGE supporter of Kimber back when they started out. I was fortunate to get to shoot many of their guns and they really did impress, at that price point. Then quality control went down the drain when they raised their prices, go figure! Took them a long time to dig out of that hole, but they seem to have. But as I said, Iíve seen and shot their guns, before and after. The guns out now are a little better quality than the originalís, but, sorry, they still arenít in Colt territory.

    Man, Iím a total terror tonight! Sorry, itís nothing personal, just me speaking my mind.
    Ya sure don't have to apologize to me - if you don't like a gun, the maker or the caliber, for the love of all things good don't buy or carry one. Seems to me folks should carry what they feel comfortable with. When it comes to the "price" of a firearm to protect myself and loved ones, to me at least, price just doesn't matter. I pray no one ever needs their gun but at the moment you should (still praying you never need it) - you'd give everything you ever had and everything your ever gonna have to be holding the best piece of equipment you can afford.

    Just my two cents - it and $5.00 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks
    "Truth is treason in the empire of lies" Ron Paul

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