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Thread: Satin, Evil Spirits, and Devils

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    Boolit Master

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    Jan 2009
    Lenore, WV
    I believe that people can be demon possessed but like others here, it is uncommon in civilized societies. I believe that what we mostly see in America is the reprobate mind or depraved mind spoken of in Romans chapter 1.
    The mind controls all actions of the body conscious and unconscious. This would affect speech,muscle movement,thoughts and the thoughts on all issues civil or spiritual. So those with reprobate minds have a different perspective on life.
    Those with reprobate minds can not determine right from wrong ,sin from acts pleasing to God or correct human behavior.
    Thus a gay person may have a changed voice,different muscle movements and an opinion what they are doing is not wrong even in God's eyes.
    Others may destroy people with their tongue, be greedy,or put themselves above others. These actions is much more common than demon possession.

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    Boolit Master
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    Jul 2012
    Central Texas
    I've worked in juvenile and adult corrections. I've seen the devil or his representative. Once I looked into a man's face, and he stared at me with the eyes of a goat. He was not the only one.

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    This can be a pretty fascinating subject. I think that's because we probably can't know the ultimate answer to it? How does one differentiate between actual possession, and just plain old weakness, meanness, and wilfulness combined with anti-social tendencies? Indeed, humanity CAN gravitate to evil so thoroughly that they CAN mimic possession. I have twice seen what may well have been an actual possession. Both subjects were behind bars, thankfully. One was a man who'd just turned 17 and could finally be tried as an adult. He'd killed his own no-good and near equally evil father a couple of years previously, and now had matured so that when you looked into his eyes, you could just "feel" the evil and hatred as though it were reaching out for you from his eyes! The second was a female black girl who was a prostitute and heavy drug user. She was pretty attractive, physically, but seemed to live for evil and self destruction. She was incarcerated and in an isolation cell alone, because she was going through withdrawal from heroin. He mouth was literally foaming, and it was so thick it was nearly like shaving cream. The fear, hatred and desperation in her eyes was unlike anything I'd ever seen before. Open that door and you'd be attacked with everything she had in her! Were these two instances examples of possession, the effects of drugs, or being raised by hateful, evil people? Who knows? I can't say definitively, but they sure were good candidates for actual possession.

    It's my understanding, from what I've heard, and I think it was mostly from Catholic theology, that one must invite a demon inside. This may be accomplished by simply being afraid, and having a demon claim they'll protect the subject, or any number of other possibilities. Satan is a very opportunistic actor, and will use whatever conditions exist in whatever way he can, to accentuate evil in our world.

    Those of you who don't believe in possession have probably never seen a really good candidate for it. And too, our modern world is super good at concealing the REAL inner status of people and probably other entities. This MAY be the reason that possession doesn't seem as prevalent in our more developed or "modern" cultures. I don't know, and I'm not qualified to say that possession is or isn't real, other than that my Bible accounts for it, and I am very loathe to discount anything in my Bible. Identifying things like possession, though, is a very tough nut to crack, and maybe especially so in our modern world wherein many conceal their real motives and sentiments. Is mental illness a "possession?" Could be. Many would poo poo this, but they also poo poo a lot of other stuff that the Faithful believe as well, so .... one pays one's money and takes their choices as to what they tend to believe or not believe. What IS, though, does not vary. It's just that only God and maybe certain highly trained and knowledgeable people, like Catholic priests, are likely completely qualified (or as close as we humans can get to it) to identify and deal with and hopefully cast out demons in our modern world.

    We "moderns" tend strongly to discount what we don't fully understand. That is a mistake, and CAN be a very serious weakness, and can open a conduit for evil to advance in our world today. The best day's work Satan ever did was in convincing many that he didn't exist! For those that don't believe he exists, he can go about invisibly (due to our willful and self-imposed blindness) and do his work without hindrance from "knuckle draggers" who still believe in what the Bible clearly and definitively says is real.

    Personally, if I ever suspected demon possession, I'd go to the Catholics for help, even though I'm a Baptist. After all, they DID have a 1500 year head start on us protestants! And they have had processes and a framework of tests with which to identify and "treat" possession.

    And ain't it funny how folks who watched "The Exorcist" all seemed to believe in possession while they were watching that movie? At the end, though, many suspended their belief, and walked out "safe" again, at least in their own minds. We humans are a very peculiar and willful lot, are we not?

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    Boolit Master
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    Jun 2012
    West Tennessee
    Well I started this thread sometime back because of the Satan thread in the chapel and I am trying to keep contentious issues out of that forum.
    I think there is sufficient evidence in the NT that Satan and THE Devil are one and the same, the father of lies, the great deceiver. It also appears that devils, demons, and evil spirits are also real entities, not the devil but his minions. ex. They knew Jesus and he knew them, and its obvious they have fore knowledge of their ultimate fate as well. So would anyone argue that Satan, demons, and evil spirits are as real as God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The difference in beliefs is in how much power they have, and the means they have to possess one. I personally believe that Satan's powers have been restricted by Christ triumph over death to the extent that involuntary possession may not be in demons powers, in the Christian age, but a demon may be invited in, perhaps even accidentally. I believe we are protected by Christ and even through those who love us that are in Christ, ie in a Christian home.
    I've seen just about every thing that has been spoken of here, mental illness, rage, drug induced phycosess, perhaps just plan evil, or maby a possessed person. That goat eye thing is real, it's an eye disorder, there use to be a girl working at a local store who had them. I'm a talker. One day in the grocery checkout line I spoke to they man in front of me. When he turned around I swear the pure evil cut to my core. I didn't sense it until I spoke to him, like the prescience was remaining hidden until I initiated the contract! I actually told my wife, "I think I meet a killer today in the checkout line"! When I was a child I awoke in the night. It was so quiet and still but a shadow figure moved along the wall to my bed. It reached out to touch my head, but as it touched me I felt us forced apart, the shadow hand repelled, slapped away, and me slapped back into sleep. Was this just in my head, or something trying to get in my head? I'm not sure, but it is as real a memory for me as what I had for dinner. You are the first I have ever shared this with as well! I witnessed a near death experience in the ER once as well, and not the peaceful, light at the end of the tunnel kind either! This young lady's heart stopped as a result of trauma and she was coded. When the attending physician defibrillated her she sucked in a deep breath, sat bolt upright on the gurne and with a sheer look of terror screamed, "don't let them take me to hell! O God, don't let them take me to hell"! You could have heard a pin drop in that room like time stood still. What did she experience? I don't know, but I'll NEVER forget it!
    Where ever the truth of the matter lies. Christ did indeed give his followers power over such things through him! Interesting comments by all. The God of all power and dominion bless and keep us all! Amen

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