Providing a way to help those in Texas that are in need . We are concerned and want to help . Hundreds of thousands are homeless , lost their jobs , living in emergency shelters . We want to provide relief and hope . Lets work together to help our neighbors , pray for them . Thank you .

Please join us in giving aid and relief to the thousands who have lost everything in Texas . We are providing a way to bring some relief and realization that they are not forgotten . We can not fix this trouble but can ease the pain . Pray for them .

There is great need in Texas . So many have lost all , many have lost family . They are sitting in emergency shelters wondering what will happen to them and their family . Many are still to be rescued . Please help with donations and prayer . A way has been provided here on the forum .

_Please help the victims of hurricane Harvey . We have provided a way here on Cast Boolits forum . These families have lost homes , jobs , family , their lives . They are still being rescued , they sit in emergency shelters wondering what to do and what will come next . We can ease the pain . Reach into your heart and pocket ..give them relief to move on . Pray much . Thank you .