got my new tandem air cylinder in my press and got it all set up the way i want it now.. this is the core seating operation in production speed.. i can make 100 bullets of .308 in a little over an hour without too much trouble, and that includes core seating, trimming the jackets, and point forming..

i do mine a little different than the other swage setups in that i seat my cores b4 i trim the jackets. i found out that if you trim the jackets first with a thinner jacket that the jacket squishes just a little and when you seat the core it stretches back out and you get inconsistent jacket lengths.. seating the core first ensures there is no squish factor and they all end up being pretty much the same length.. this is 30cal core seating at regulated 60psi air pressure. the setup will withstand 150psi so this is no where near max for the press..