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Thread: hand forged knife..

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    hand forged knife..

    for the bigger is better crowd... this knife was forged for a guy in Adamsville Alabama who just had to have a 10.5in knife... this dam thing took a week and a half to forge, shape, heat treat and polish..

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Boolit Master GhostHawk's Avatar
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    Mar 2014
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    Nice pig sticker. That is a lot of polishing.

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    Boolit Master
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    May 2007
    That's alota knife!

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    Boolit Master
    swheeler's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    That is a BIG knife, zombie chopper.
    Hell, I was there!

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    Vendor Sponsor D Crockett's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    very nice work . I wish there was someone around here that could teach me to forge. I for one would like to see more of your work. D Crockett

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    Quote Originally Posted by swheeler View Post
    That is a BIG knife, zombie chopper.
    lol, this is what i was thinking.. was thinking like he had been watching too much Walking Dead or something..

    but yea, that was a lot of polishing..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mauser 98K View Post
    lol, this is what i was thinking.. was thinking like he had been watching too much Walking Dead or something..

    but yea, that was a lot of polishing..
    heh my only thought was dang that's gonna take a lot of work to keep sharp...I like small blades i can tune up real quick on a stone. Nice craftsmanship on it!
    My feedback page if you feel inclined to add:

    Thanks Yall!

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    Boolit Master

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    Really nice work there! I'd like to see that guy try to peel & core an apple with it lol.
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    it heat treats up to where a file will barely cut it, so it will hold a good edge.. needs a silicon carbide rock to cut the thing.. but yea, it is a lot large for my taste too.. it is what the guy wanted and he willing to pay for it so it was made..

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    People just couldn`t understand why a custom made `exotic` style knife could possibly take me 6 months sometimes to completely finish and make a sheath for. This was a sideline `hobby` aside from my full time other job. Nice job, just curious about what metal you used?.Robert

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    That is an old combination wrench.. But yea,when ya tell people how long it takes they look at you funny..and then they expect you to charge what China mart charges and no more than $20... "I'll give ya $20 for it". Yea, i bet you would...
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    Boolit Master
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    Dec 2011
    Southwest MO.
    Ive made a few knives. An hour ago I glued the scales on one for my nephew. Someone is always seeing one of my knives and saying they wish I would make them one. They don't understand how much work goes into making one.
    If I start one on Saturday and piddle on it all week I can usually finish the scabbard the following Saturday.
    If I was making them for profit I would need between 200/300 just to make wages.
    Some people live and learn but I mostly just live

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    NicE ! Are you an all around blacksmith or strictly a knifesmith ?

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    i do everything.. if i can make money off of it ill do it within certain limits..

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    Moderator Emeritus

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    Good work. I like the lines of it a lot! Thanks for sharing.

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    Sorry but that brought this to mind!

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    Masuer that is a great looking knife.
    I have a few "hand made" knifes, all cost over 100 dollars, 2 way over. Wish I had time and skills to make them.
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    lol Mary...

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    Nicely Done - but for speed you need experience...and equipment

    je suis charlie

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    well that is cable.. lot different.. like using railroad spikes, you can go pretty fast. with tool steels if you try to rush it you will crack it.. plus once you get it so hot it is throwing sparks and loosing scale then your burning the metal and losing metal. you might get away with it with certain metals and mild steels but with tool steels like i said you will burn it and crack it.. and that is not true Damascus. true Damascus is drawn out and folded many times. this was originally done to iron blades to hammer out the imperfections of slag and other inclusions and to introduce a carbon element into the metal to create a type of carbon steel..

    said he was taught by a guy who used to shoe horses.. contrary to popular belief a person who shoes horses is not a black smith although some made shoes on the side. the person who makes shoes for horses used to be called a Farrier.. but this would explain him not being concerned by the metal being so hot it is loosing pieces because horse shoes were of mild steel and it didn't matter..

    but as for equipment. not everyone has the room or the budget to have trip hammers or power hammers. once you get to the point of using power tools it is no longer really hand forged.. ya can also tell the difference in the workmanship with a rushed knife, while it will work as a knife it is also still rough as a cob up close. ya can still see grind marks, uneven lines, and there is pitting up and down the blade and close to the handle. i wouldn't have it. if there is ripples, pitting, and grind marks then it is not finished.. like in the old blacksmith shops, if the master smith saw an apprentice leave grind marks or hammer marks in the finished product he would wrap their knuckles with a hammer handle as that would reflect badly on his shop. people would take it as a sign of shoddy craftsmanship.. id like to X-ray that knife and see how many inclusions were in it.. you will never get the best quality in 3 hours, but you can get a knife.. and i have never been a fan of the Bowie. it is not a good design. too clunky and hard to skin anything with it, it's too thick and the edge angle is too steep..
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