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Thread: m1 garand brass use in 30-06

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    m1 garand brass use in 30-06

    You always hear people talking about loading 30-06 commercial brass for the m1 garand but what about the other way around? i traded some 7 mag brass for some hxp 77 m1 garand brass and i want to load it for my 30-06 auto for hunting with cast bullets. can this be done? is it compatible? what problems might i run into?

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    Jun 2012
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    The HXP brass is great stuff and very durable. Removing the light 'stab' primer pocket crimp is much easier than on USGI brass and some folks just process them like normal civilian brass.
    In the interest of consistency, make sure you've sorted for HXP 77 as (I think) there can be a different extractor groove on HXP 78 and up?

    But overall it is some of the best bulk brass out there.

    Edit: you might want to keep in mind that it may have been shot in a relatively loose milsurp chamber - PLUS batches of HXP77 has been known for being 'long' at the shoulder to start with.
    So make sure you've got a good full-length resize and when you go to the range, test each handload from your first batch for chambering as your auto may not have enough camming power to fully close on an oversize cartridge.
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    Use a Wilson case gage and 100% inspect all brass. FL resize and trim if necessary.
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    Boolit Master
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    My experience has been that the HXP brass is similar to commercial in that it is soft..nothing wrong with it... just soft in comparision to US militaty brass..

    It will show a lot more use from firing than say LC brass...especially the rims....

    My suggestion is if you shoot a lot use the HXP, it's easier to come by and cheaper...if your M1 is a second choice shooter, go for the US Mil. cases...

    My LC rims looks better after 8 loadings than the HXP's do after 3...My experience...

    BTW both shoot the same ..accuracy wise

    Enjoy ....Dan

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    Boolit Master
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    Apr 2010
    It's good brass process as any other brass IMHO.
    I run it in my garand and bolt guns.
    I have several hundred 1972 head stamps I have just for my bolt gun. I FL resize fire it in the bolt gun then just neck size.
    The HXP does get a bit more beat up in the M1 vs LC

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    Boolit Master

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    May 2005
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    I would echo that it is a bit soft. That softness may give you some trouble in a manually operated rifle, but should give you none in a semi-auto. The first year the HXP was used in the Garand match at Camp Perry, most shooters left it laying there. I picked up some 1100 cases. The extraction grooves on all 1100 were intact (not torn through by an extractor), and no split necks. With subsequent firings, still no trouble.

    I have saved a round in the Springfield match using once-fired HXP brass. I just could not get that bolt handle up.

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    I use the HXP brass in the 303 with good results. I've heard that it is actually made in the USA. Does anyone know where it was made, either for the 303 or the Ought-Six?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scharfschuetze View Post
    I use the HXP brass in the 303 with good results. I've heard that it is actually made in the USA. Does anyone know where it was made, either for the 303 or the Ought-Six?
    I hadn't heard that and I don't know either way . I do have some military cases for the 303 marked WCC 81 but the primer crimp is different than the HXP marked . Hope that is some help .

    Buy it cheap and stack it deep , you may need it !

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    Boolit Master

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    Jun 2013
    HXP is good stuff. FL resize and gauge the cases. Otherwise GTG

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    I love HXP brass. AllI use in the '03.

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