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Thread: How picky are you ?

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    Boolit Master Boaz's Avatar
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    Dec 2013

    How picky are you ?

    You know I grew up in a time when you ate what was put before you . Now I realize we are all different and like certain things better than others . But seems a lot of folks have to have exactly what they want , spiced/flavored how they want and cooked one certain way . Very exacting or they will not eat it . Seems a little mind locked to me .

    I like trying new food items or different ways of preparation . When I go out of my country I look forward to seeing what is on the menu in other areas . It generally varies quite a bit as to local availability , traditional cooking methods , certain regional myth that certain things just aren't edible . So I'm pretty experimental far as food goes .

    So ! How 'picky' are you ?
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    Boolit Master

    Hickory's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    The Great Black Swamp of Northwest Ohio
    I'll eat anything but beets, tried them many times, I'm to the point now that I consider any beet crop a failure.
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    Boolit Mold Surfcat's Avatar
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    Jul 2017
    Eastern NC
    Open to just about anything. Spending a good number of years in the Marine Corps tends to "expand" ones palate.

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    Boolit Buddy
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    Nov 2010
    I'm pretty picky, unless I'm starving.

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    Boolit Master

    Beagle333's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    Back in the woods a piece, just outside Auburn, AL.
    No raw seafood, no beets. Those are and always have been my only two shunned food items.
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    Boolit Master

    farmerjim's Avatar
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    Nov 2012
    St. Francisville, Louisiana
    Like Hickory, the only vegetable I do not like is beats. I grow them for my wife that loves them, but none for me. As to animal dishes, I find that I do not like the organ meats. They have a taste that I just do not like. I tried steak and kidney pie once while in England. Worst food mistake of my life. I will and have eaten the flesh of animals that many will not consider.
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    Boolit Master
    CastingFool's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    I have never liked the taste of red beets. However, I will eat golden beets. Another item that I dislike intensely is raw celery. Hate the smell of that stuff. Cooked, I can tolerate it, but if the chunks are large enough, I will pick them out.

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    Boolit Master GhostHawk's Avatar
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    Mar 2014
    Fargo ND
    If I am eating someone else's cooking I will either eat it or not. No comments, no complaints.

    For my own cooking, I am dang fussy and I will ***** at myself for half an hour if I screw something up. I am my own worst critic. Beyond picky, I am downright fussy finicky.

    But the only person that has to live with it is my wife. She's an angel.

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    Boolit Master
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    Jan 2013
    Baldwin Co, across bay from Mobile, AL
    Oh, I'm not picky at all about what foods I eat - a Thai friend in Thailand phrased it nicely 'Ken, you eat everything we eat", that was after eating roasted toad frogs with her. Now, when it comes to proper prep, that's a different thing. I like my shrimp cooked just right, not over cooked to be tough, but just right. I'll eat it if I screw up and over cook, but I do MUCH prefer I cook it correctly.

    As other's said, I've eat a LOTS of different things, some good, some not so good. All depends. I had a blood dish while living in the jungles of Guatemala years ago. The indian lady took pure blood, filled the pig intestines with the spiced blood, boiled in water to coagulate blood to solid, then served that. As the wife said, "If I didn't know what it was, it would be pretty good".... I only ate 2 helpings.

    I LOVE eating!!! {g}

    Ken H>

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    Boolit Master pertnear's Avatar
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    Dec 2014
    Heart of Texas
    I don't think I'm very picky & will eat or at least try just about dish. I'm more picky about the preparation when I'm at a restaurant. If I'm paying for the meal, it should be as advertised & properly prepared & of proper quality.

    BTW: I love to watch my BIL make a sandwich. He takes the bread & carefully spreads the mustard on one slice until it reaches all the way to the edge of the crust. Same on the other slice with the mayo. Puts on the meat exactly centered or layered exactly to the edges as possible. Tomato & lettuce are applied with similar precision so that each bite provided a uniform portion of each ingredient. My sandwich is made & eaten before he can take his first bite!....LOL
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    Boolit Master
    375RUGER's Avatar
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    May 2011
    New Mexico
    I don't do oleo, cool whip or processed cheese. There are other things I don't really care for, but I eat most anything that doesn't eat me first. I'm not picky, but I do have some strong preferences, like I drink 1/2n1/2 instead of whole milk. Until I was 35 i had severe food allergies, so I had to be very picky. For that last 13 years i've been able to eat anything I want, and I am loving it. I eat restaurant food just like they serve it. I enjoy being able to eat what's on the menu without having it modified.
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    Boolit Master
    DerekP Houston's Avatar
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    Nov 2015
    Houston, Texas
    I guess I'm pretty picky. I'll try anything once and if it's prepared for me you shut your mouth and eat it, but if it's one of my favorite dishes I'd rather just make it myself since I know what i want. The only thing that irks me about restaurants is paying 3x as much and its not even as good as at home. I make exceptions for dishes I don't know well or are new to me, particularly any asian cuisine.

    Looks like I'm in the minority of guys who like beets lol. Grew them in the garden, harvested young, tasty roasted in the oven *if* you scrubbed the dickens out of them to get the dirt off. Oh and beet greens were often mixed in with the spinach depending on how much was left in the yard. I'm not big on organ meats either but my dogs love them.
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    Boolit Master
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    Aug 2010
    San Antonio, Texas
    I'm kind of in a minority here as I like pickled beets. I also don't eat organ meats, there was only one time I had liver that tasted good, I also don't like broccoli, cauliflower or boiled cabbage. I do like a good coleslaw. I do like raw celery, spinach. In fact I like most of my veggies raw. So I do consider myself a picky eater. I also tend to eat one thing at a time. I forgot, I can also add lima beans and black eyed peas to my don't like list.

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    Boolit Master
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    Jul 2009
    Not picky at all but I think beets and turnips are just the inedible root of the greens which I love. Oh, and tomatoes,like chicken, should preferably be cooked unless salsa. If it's meat it's food , innards and all. When I travel I eat the local food, have found many favorites that way, like haggis for instance. I am fond of mots ethnic foods as well.I found out in college that my home cooking was considered " soul food"
    If someone prepares it I am going to eat it, may not go for seconds but was raised to eat what's prepared till its gone.

    My daughter and I look for the unusual and non chain restaurants while my son and wife are rather conservative.
    When it comes to beers, like food, variety rules but I love porters and stouts. The daughter is the same and as a 24 year old gets some ribbing from her girlfriends!
    “You don’t practice until you get it right. You practice until you can’t get it wrong.” Jason Elam, All-Pro kicker, Denver Broncos

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    Handloader109's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
    NW Arkansas
    You guys that don't like beets, have you ever tried pickled beets? Get a can and try them. WAY better than plain beets.

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    Boolit Master

    gwpercle's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    Not picky at all !
    If it doesn't crawl off the plate I will eat it. I even enjoy Spam , potted meat , Vienna Sausages, liver . Not much I wont eat...but it has to taste at least passable good.
    I do like things like meat and fish cooked. No sushie or raw, just cook it.
    Being from South Louisiana and of Cajun heritage, we tend to not shy away from trying any fish , fowl or game. Alligator, Nutria , Muskrat, Raccoon, rabbits, squirrel ...I even cooked up a woodpecker once , accidentally shot while squirrel hunting....put him in the gumbo with the squirrels...was not bad ! Can't waste good meat . Eels, clams , oysters , bull frogs , turtles , armadillo , all good . Cook a lot on the grill and in the smoker. Boil crabs, crawfish and shrimp .
    I learned to cook from my mother , grandmother and daddy, they passed on lots of secretes to making just about anything taste good...and if it taste good , I'm going to eat it .
    It's been said a Cajun will eat anything that doesn't eat him first ...there's some truth to that.
    Last edited by gwpercle; 08-11-2017 at 01:39 PM. Reason: added frogs and turtles ..they good
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    Boolit Master starnbar's Avatar
    Join Date
    Sep 2009
    central florida
    I have a lot of friends from many nationalities and also my own family recipes too. One thing that still is a no for me is the raw brains.

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    Boolit Master
    Join Date
    May 2006
    God's country - WI.
    This thread takes me back some. I'm not a picky eater. I grew up in a family of seven. Dad was a working man and mother was a specialist at making a dollar stretch like a rubber band. The cooking was a mite - er - creative now and then if times were tough, but if you were smart you'd generally shut up and eat your share. It could get to be a long time 'till breakfast.

    If you didn't want your portion of whatever was for dinner there were others ready to snatch it so fast you could hardly see the flashing forks.

    All that said, I hate beets. Just the smell of cooked beets makes me gag. Mother (rest her soul) loved pickled beets and she always grew some beets in her big vegetable garden. I don't think any of my siblings liked beets any more than I did, but mother didn't seem to mind. She'd put up a few pints of pickled beets in the early fall and enjoy them now and then through the long winter.

    Uncle R.

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    Boolit Master
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    May 2013
    Indianapolis, indiana
    i will not eat liver....

    BUT , I'LL EAT ANY thing else!

    beets pickled or not. .. love em!

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    Super Moderator

    Preacher Jim's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
    Food the one pleasure of life at my age. Few things I do not eat. Cooked cauliflower, broccoli and spinach, love them all raw but leave if you cook them. Grew up on a farm so like fresh not canned veggies, frozen if I have to. I love to sample new dishes and recipes do not eat much deserts trying to stay trim like Charlie.
    Love mex, Italian, southern home cooking, Midwest bbq and beef, pork, chicken, seafood,wild game is my favorite.

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