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Thread: Paper parch 410 000 buck loads

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    Paper parch 410 000 buck loads

    The Federal 410 000 Buckshot loads stack 4, 000 buckshot into a 410 shell. I read thses will all pattern into a silloett at 15-20 yrds.
    000 buckshot has a dia of 0.360". That makes it loose in a 45 bore of a Junge style pistol. Even if in a shot cup. So if you papered the 4, 000 buckshot or 3, 0.375" or 3, 0.390" shot together will they hold together long enough to tighten the patern enough to keep all the shot in a silloett at 25 yrd or more?

    Has anyone tried this?

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    Boolit Grand Master

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    It might be iffy some may, some may stay about the same and some may become a slug until they hit depending on the papers release of the shot. If you want controlled spread there is the old Winchester loadings of buck shot on a wire cross that limited spread to a certain amount. The wrap of paper may hold the shot together but may also have some other issues as getting damaged thru the cylinder barrel gap and forcing cone. Another is these have a rifled barrel so paper to bore dia groove did may impart spin to the shot impairing patterns. It can be done make a simple template for 2 wraps of paper wrap around a appropriate sized dowel and fold bottom into a long cup then drop shot in and roll or form the end around it. Another that may help is a shot wrapper cut from plastic folders available at office supply houses. A shot cup with the correct dia in the cup would also be worth testing

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    Thx for the info Country Gent. Something to ponder ...
    Cut a Federal 000 Buckshot shotshell open. 4 shot, .348" dia, 0.020" wall shot cup, shot cup loaded w shot 0.388" dia and 1.705" long. Might be possible to replace the shot cup (w 3 side slits) with a multi-layered paper wrap w glue between wraps. Kind of like making a cardboard tube. Would the shot hold together longer after exit barrel? Might have to try. First I'll have to buy or create some empty cases.

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    I would somewhat doubt any paper patch would make the transition from cylinder throat to forcing cone to barrel intact. I would have to see it to believe it, or there would have to be some application I am not aware of.

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    35 Rem,
    If I try it I'll let you know.
    I have made 3x layer cardboard tubes out of brown packing paper, wrapped around a dowel rod on an angle, with a mix of 2x water / 1x tite bond to glue the layers together. Makes a tube with a 0.030+" wall. Used them to make compressed air launched rockets for the grand kids. Dress them up with a functional foam rubber nose and 3x fins, push them with 55 psi. and they will make 70 yrds down range. Kids love them. So sub-munitions "Tube" would be a much stronger wall than what I invision a normal paper wrap to be. It would need tonbe properly sealed both ends. Pie cut and fold over with a cereal box cardboard waffer glued to the top with shot way glued to the bottom.

    Think/typing outloud so to speak ...
    Using 3, cal 36 BP balls at an OD of 0.375 plus 2x tube wall thickness of 0.030 to 0.037 brings you to a total Sub-munitions OD of 0.450" With an initial FC ID of 4.65" and an Throat depth of 1" a sub-munitions package will be 90% into the FC before the tube wall engages the rifling. Sounds like there is a pending experiment to be planned and preformed. The proof as always is in performance. What does it patern? Well I 'll put this on the list and see what happens.

    Thanxs for the responses and the intest of those who read this.

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    Sir, cut a nice cardboard wad (like notebooks, folders etc), prime and powder in the case, insert buckshot in a regular long .410 plastic wad (BPI has a nice gualandi one), load your buckshot, place another card disk and place a bead of white glue around it, wait about 24h to dry and your good to go

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    I use a Clay Buster wad with all but 1/2" of petals cut off. Or, insert a single 00-buck followed by 3-000 buck. I cast my own .375".350".310" and .33" round ball. Acww. (.250" too!)

    Loaded over nominal charge of H110 or Lil'Gun, either my Yildiz o/u or Savage .22/.410 will put one at POA at 50yds, with at least 2 slightly lower. One will typically hit 12" below rest. Actually a better load than slug. It's illegal to hunt deer with so Ill have to claim the 5th regarding its effectiveness on deer... kills pigs almost as dead as a 12ga buckshot load.

    Almost, as everyone knows a .410 can't match a 12ga... snicker...

    Harbor freight sells a wad cutter set that has a 1/4" hex drive shaft on them. 1/4" to 1/2". 7/16" cuts a nice .410 .44-.45" wad. About 100/min on my drill press. .30 and .357" too...for snakeshot loads.
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