Summer Sale!

MVA Soule XLR Vernier Tang Rear Sight. MVA calls this the "Country Mile" model. It has 414 MOA of elevation and 88 MOA of windage adjustment.
MVA Spirit Level with windage front sight. It has 60 MOA of windage adjustment.
MVA Base for Sharps M74.
MVA 12 front sight inserts with Sagebrush holder.
MVA Hadley Montana Magnum eye disc. Sight has 12 varying diameter eyeholes to allow for adjustment as the sun moves overhead or cloud conditions change.

With my Shiloh Sharps 45-90 I could reach nearly 1700 yards maxed out.

Current retail from MVA for the set:
XLR is $525
Spirit Level front is $300
MVA Base is $96
Hadley eye disc is $113
Insert cards with the holder is $40

total from MVA is $1074.

MVA makes the finest sights in the world. One thing the match top twenty competitors have in common; MVA sights.

you can see the sights, etc on www,

PM me here if interested.



Set is priced at nearly 25% off, at $750, and I will include Priority Mail shipping and full replacement cost insurance.
I am selling because I now have an MVA scope on the rifle.