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Thread: Browning BLR - 7mm-08/308

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    Boolit Master chickenstripe's Avatar
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    Jan 2008
    Western, Pennsyltuckey

    Browning BLR - 7mm-08/308

    Anyone have any experience with these? How is the recoil absorbtion related to it's geometry (LOP, stock geometry, stock width, recoil pad width etc.)? I'm inquiring into both the pistol grip and the '81 model. I'm asking becasue it's been my experience that some gun designs have more felt recoil than others..... the old remington 760 in 30-06 comes to mind.

    I'm considering getting one for my wife for a future huinting trip, but at 6.5-7lbs it may be too much for her to handle in 7mm-08 or 308. Her recoil tolerance is somewhere near a marlin 336 in 30-30, with 4X scope that weighs in at 8lbs.

    I may also be considering a marlin in the new 308 marlin express..... in her case the "extra safety" that everyone seems to dislike, may be a selling point.

    Any thoughts?


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    Boolit Master
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    Mar 2005
    US, Wash, PA
    I got an idea. How about a Marlin 336 in 30/30 with a 4X scope?
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    Boolit Master S.R.Custom's Avatar
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    What are you hunting? And at what range? In what kind of country?
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    I have a 1980 pre-81BLR in 308. It would be the last gun to sell in a financial memergency and is usually the first out of the safe. I have killed gophers to Moose with it, it shoots cast well from the 113 gr Lee soupcan to the 180 RCBS FN. I like the balance, handleing and versatility of the 308 cartridge in the gun. Gianni
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    Boolit Master chickenstripe's Avatar
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    Jan 2008
    Western, Pennsyltuckey
    Was away on vacation, sorry for the late response.

    We'll be hunting African Plains game. Not quite sure of the species yet, that is TBD. I'm going to adjust her hunted species, depending upon the caliber of gun.

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    Boolit Master Don McDowell's Avatar
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    Jan 2008
    Hell Gap Wy
    My wife shoots her original design BLR in 308 quite well. The recoil doesn't bother her at all, plus the rifle is 3 shot clover leaf accurate when fed its favorite loads.
    I prefer the 81 model due to the flush magazine making it more comfortable to carry in the field.
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    Boolit Master
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    Oct 2007
    Upstate SC
    My ex-BIL had one in 7/08 and it was a honey. It loved WW 760 and the Hornady 139 grain jacketed Interlock. Unfortunately, he and my sister parted company before I had the opportunity to work up any cast boolit loads. If your wife can handle it, it will make a fine addition to the battery. Put a good set of rings and a quality scope on it and she'll probably have to warn you off it when you go hunting.
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    Boolit Master

    MtGun44's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    eastern Kansas- suburb of KC
    Use the 7-08 for less recoil than the .308 and slightly better sectional density
    (penetration) for a given bullet weight.

    I took some Barnes 140 TSX handloads for the 7x57 (same ballistics as the
    7-08 pretty much) to Africa for the outfitter's rifle. He killed a kudu with one
    shot through the shoulder - broke both and came to rest under the hide on
    the far side. He bought all three boxes I brought and wanted more. I was
    able to get him 3 more boxes the next year and he strongly recommends
    the Barnes bullets for plains game. His personal rifle is a Mauser 98K reworked
    into a nice Mannlicher stocked sporter in 7x57 which loved my 140 TSX Barnes

    I used Ruger 7x57 with 160 Nosler Partitions for everything except the warthogs
    (.44 mag) and wildebeeste and zebra (.45-70). One shot kills.

    Get a copy of the pocket version of "The Perfect Shot" as their animals are a
    bit different than deer in bone structure and organ placement. I was able to
    spine a blesbok on request because I had studied the bone structure and knew
    that they had the spine a bit differently located than a deer. Penetration and
    tough bullets should be the main thing to strive for. 7-08, 7x57, .308 or .30-06
    are fine for power, but a strong bullet for penetration and good bullet placement
    are key.

    A lady friend was going to the same outfitter and she also shot a Ruger 7x57. She
    selected my handload of 175 Hornady RN softpt. She killed everything with one
    shot, amazed the Professional Hunter and was the talk of the dinner table each
    night - "Sniper Granny" outdoing the guys with the big magnums - high sectional
    density conventional bullet a moderate velocity and accurate shooting worked
    perfectly. Don't take a shot you are not comfortable you can definitely put the
    bullet right where you want it.

    My point is that magnums are not necessary, but good penetration is required,
    which is best gained with high sectional density conventional bullets or one of
    the new super penetrators like the Barnes TSX or an old standby Nosler Partition.

    My wife took the largest gemsbok that they took on that concession that year.

    Good luck!

    If it was easy, anybody could do it.

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    Boolit Master

    Lloyd Smale's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    munising Michigan
    my father hunts with a 308 blr that i bought him for a retirement present. he absolutely loves it. Its fast handling and accurate. It does though seem to have a little more recoil then the average 308 considering its not really a light weight gun. Surely not what id consider unconfortable though.
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