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Thread: .243 Winchester to .22-250 Remington

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    .243 Winchester to .22-250 Remington

    Ok guys, I just posted in another thread about the knowledgeable people here so here goes. Is it possible to re-form 243 Winchester cases down to 22-250 Remington brass? If so, how difficult is it to accomplish? I can't afford much equipment, so I'd be interested in the least expensive methods.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I will do this maybe later case no one has...Which, I'm betting someone has...
    Can't be much to it...probably have to either ream, or Turn, the necks...But...Not always..

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    PM to tankgunner59 on way.

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    why ? just buy 22-250 brass.

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    I know it's available, I was just wondering because I don't find much 22-250 brass at the 3 ranges in my area, but I do find 243. I could buy it, but being on SSDI we have very limited resources. My wife and I support my sister who has COPD and no other means of support, so our finances are stretched thin. I'm not being cheap, just trying to use all possible resources. I have some 22-250 brass but if I can make some from 243 brass I find on the range I get some brass and spend time with a new part of my hobby.

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    Maybe you could trade for some.

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    Here's a thread on another forum that discusses this very subject. Sems like one or more posters have actually done this without special tooling:
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    It can be done, the full length 243 necked 2 22 cal is the 22 cheetah if I remember correctly. Forming down to 22-250 will have at least part of the neck formed from the shoulder of the 243 case if not all of it. This may result in a thick neck requiring neck reaming or turning possibly both. The other issue will be on the reformed case is case capacity my be less. It may take passes thru a couple dies to push shoulder back and form the new neck correctly.

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    We just did this about 10 threads down only it was forming 22-250 from .308.

    If you have 22-250 dies try to form a couple of the worst cases and then you will learn quite a bit.
    You might have to turn the necks.

    I would guess that a RCBS 22-250 trim die and a neck turning tool would be all you would need.

    If you had to you could borrow a neck turning tool and do without the trim die.!

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    Thanks to everyone who replied, so much info here. I read the post you referred to EDG. That is actually why I posted this thread, I have a small amount of 243 and thought I'd like to check out re-forming them.
    Thanks for the link nicholst55, a lot of good info there. This is the main reason I am a member of this forum. I can almost always find answers to any reloading questions here. Thanks again to everybody.
    Thank you to edctexas for your help, very appreciated, and to rockrat!
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    Boolit Master

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    Tankgunner59, PM me your address and I will send you some 243 brass I had trimmed to 22-250 length to make 6.5 creedmoor, You can play with those. They have been opened up to 6.5mm but shouldn't be much trouble to go back down.

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    For the price of all the form, ream and trim dies, ($200-300), the OP could buy 50 22-250 cases ($25.00) and a set of Lee RGB dies ($20.00) with enough left over for several cases of "Blue".

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    6bg6ga and richmanpoorman, I know it's I could buy it or trade for it, but money is tight and I put my extra brass up for sale and trade from time to time, and don't get many takers. This for me is planned for a long term project. Any tools I may need I will collect as I can. I'm on a few different forums that have sub-forums for reloading, and I watch for tools I need that I can get for a good deal or for trade. I do have some factory 22-250 Rem cartridges on hand that I bought before my disability and shoot once in awhile. This is just a new side of the hobby and I plan to take my time, follow the advice I get here and elsewhere and do it right. Thanks a lot for your input, I certainly appreciate it.

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    Thanks for all of the help guys. With all of your and the 243 brass from rockrat and some stuff from edctexas, I made two today and more to come tomorrow.
    Thanks again to all who replied and helped. I don't have much but I will try to send the blessings along as soon as I can.

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    Boolit Master

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    I have made 22-250 from 243 just to experiment. I simply ran it through the 22-250 die and then trimmed, turned the necks and post annealed the necks. An inside neck reamer makes the easiest way to thin the necks.

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    6bg6ga, I have traded for some but nobody is looking to trade for the brass I had. Problem solved with much appreciated help from a few on members here. Now the only caliber I load for that I will be looking for is 7.62x54R, and I have found many people looking for it and very few wanting to trade it.

    DLCTEX, I have ran several 243's through a 22-250 die and have now learned how it's done. In the thread in the link posted by nicholst55 earlier, one of the posters advises a neck wall thickness of .0012 - .0015, all of my reformed brass so far is measuring within those measurements.

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    I would suggest that you acquire a headspace gauge when you reform your brass to make sure that you do not resize too much.

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    Boolit Master
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    To the O/P--if you have a case trimmer, they often can be fitted with a neck reamer in the event of need. My Forster trimmer has this ability.
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    Well guys, I reformed some 243 cases and they came out pretty well. I didn't try neck turning as the neck thickness is .0012 to .0015, I had one that was .0016. Then I read up on annealing since I had never done it, and annealed 20 pieces and loaded and shot them. Several were a little sticky going into the chamber so I decided I'd better hold off loading any more yet. I'll have to get the money together to buy a neck turning tool and a .224 pilot. All in all it went better than I thought it would. Just wanted to give an update here after getting soooooo much help from those here who know. Thanks so much to all for the help I have gotten, I hope I can help someone else as much.

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    Not really nit picking but you have too many decimal places in you neck wall thickness. .0012 to .0016 is about 1/2 the thickness of a human hair.

    It would probably be much easier to make them from 250-3000 casings. Yeah now I'm being a smarta$$.


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