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Thread: Svarog Russian slug molds?

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    Petander: We are basically improving on the versatility of the Brown Bess Musket (1720-1840) by inventing more stuff to shoot from our guns.

    Our Guns don't foul due to Smokeless Powder, our Guns are more accurate due to better machining and closer tolerances. Most of our guns are Repeaters, and some even have Rifled Barrels.

    Funny thing,,, That slug you show above would probably shoot real well from a .75 cal. Brown Bess Musket in fact I bet it would be very similar to shooting it from any Smoothbore Shotgun we have now. Just more smoke. (Maybe one wrap of paper to take up the slack.)

    So it would appear that what we are doing here would be transferable back in time to earlier uses. I wonder if people from 200 years ago would find these new projectiles useful or if they would just as soon shoot round balls?

    Questions flooding into the mind of the concerned shooter today. Am I more Lethal now than 200 years ago?

    Probably not! They all carried Guns, Big Knives and Tomahawks and actually knew how to use them.

    The average English Archer could get 10 Aimed Shots off in a minute and was good out to 80-100 yards. Muskets not even close.

    We've known how to kill things for a long time. Are we better at it now? Not by as much as you would think.

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    "It's not how well you do what you know how to do,,,It's how well you do what you DON'T know how to do!"

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    Imagine handing a 590a1 to George washington, loaded with good modern slugs. I'd love to see the look on his face!

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    Castlegar, B.C., Canada

    While I wouldn't mind shooting a few of those I can do almost the same slug/wad arrangement with my home made moulds and actually plan to.

    I do appreciate the offer but sending slugs across the border is a no-no unless you have an FFL Homeland Security does not want ammunition or reloading supplies leaving the US. That includes bullets, boolits and even empty brass. I can send stuff to you but Americans are not allowed to export without having an FFL.

    I am rapidly reaching the conclusion that if I don't see some significant accuracy improvements with attached wad slugs or my better HB slug loads at long range (75 to 100 yards) I will either accept the 50 - 60 yard limitations using round balls and the better slugs or take a step into the 21st century and get a rifled choke tube or fully rifled barrel. I lean towards the rifled choke tube mostly because what I like about shotguns is their versatility and a fully rifled slug gun is not very versatile. It is essentially a large bore rifle of mediocre accuracy potential.

    Now before the abuse begins, I know some people are getting some pretty good accuracy from their rifled shotguns and in many cases they may be getting accuracy as good as some rifles (lever action guns come to mind as do milsurps). However, that does not seem to be the norm especially for pump guns.

    I like being able to drop in a birdshot load, buckshot load or slug. Even if a guy has a buck and slug barrel it is a buck and slug barrel not just a slug barrel. With screw in choke tubes and a moderate length barrel a guy can use the same gun for a variety of tasks.

    While I'd like a nice rifled gun in a solid bolt action or single shot for "ultimate" long range sniping with a slug that does become a dedicated slug gun due to both sights and rifling. The rifled choke tube allows at least reasonable use as both slug and buckshot gun that a guy could make do with birdshot loads though wingshooting with sights might be a bit odd.

    One man's opinion. Different strokes and all that.

    I like the smoothbore which is why I have been trying to get the best slug load I can. Obviously I am still looking! But it is fun trying things and keeps me off the street.

    I think I will order some of those wads and make up an attached wad slug like those Russian slugs. I suspect that is about as good as a home tinkerer is going to get unless he machines each wad out of solid stock. I haven't given up yet but I think experimenting (or at least so many experiments!) is coming to an end.

    And thanks again for the offer. Much appreciated.


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    Thanks for the education Longbow. I'm sure the USPS would have explained it in less than friendly terms when I declared to them the item being sent. I'm just way too used to and appreciative of the free and open attitudes toward guns and ammunition in general we enjoy here in Idaho. Some laws make sense to me, some don't but I don't write them, just try to follow them best I can. Thanks again. Gp

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    May 2005
    Castlegar, B.C., Canada

    Like I said, I live close to the border. I used to drive to Colville Washington to buy my reloading supplies at Clark's Allsports up until 9/11 then Homeland Security decided that not only shouldn't non-US citizens be in possession of firearms or reloading components in the US but that they would make it a felony for US citizens to export most things gun or reloading related unless they had an FFL.

    While I am all for safety and stopping terrorists in their tracks, I'm not seeing how these rules are making a dent in any of it. I'm kinda doubting the ISIS, Al-Qaeda and others like them reload at all, much less cast bullets! I could see restrictions on exporting powder in large amounts, that would make some sense. However, as you say, we don't write the rules and I for one do not want to cross Homeland Security!


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    I found some of these Svarog 12 gauge fullbore slugs today,they have hit a paper target and then snow.

    This is the "press the wad in" -design called Paradox, at least now the wads are tight in.

    They look like they could be loaded again in a pinch. Snow is a friend.

    I developed a reasonably powerful load for these,glad we have this forum because a memory card failed and I lost quite a bit of data in photograph form. Pics between Nov 2016- March 2019 just disappeared.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20190512_192833_169.jpg 
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