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Thread: What did you do in the reloading room today?

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    Jul 2012
    North Texas
    Found a random container on the shelf full of .400" round balls; so I ran some through the .379" sizer and loaded them in 9.4 Dutch to see how they do. Also worked out the kinks in converting 8mm Lebel military berdan primed brass to 209 primers after discovering my old method used on Kynoch commercial brass did not work well on military brass. These are for converting to 10.35 Italian Vetterli.
    Back in the land of boolits.

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    Loaded up some new slug rounds for testing as one of the gas seals I have been using is no longer available. Realized I have 200 Lyman 525gn slugs loaded at this point and still itching to crank out some more. Hope to get some testing done this weekend.

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    Well I have ran myself out of shot shell components. I spun up another 50 and ran out of wads. I have been using CB WAA12F114 clones for shot and slug. I had recently bought some Original Winchesters off Kijiji that were Winchester WAA12's and WAA12F114's but the Win WAA12F114's are different dimensions than my CB clones. I did another 25 to test with before I get too carried away. I have some CB Clones of the 12S3 and 12S0's too but the load I have been running is working great so I'll probably just buy more of those. I have over 500 1-1/8 oz &-1/2 shot shells on hand and there is snow on the ground so I should be ok for awhile. More testing to do. Back to casting and I think I'll switch gears back to .223 for a bit.

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    Jul 2013
    barry s wales uk
    Loaded 150 357mag with some 195 gr gc boolits over 11.5 gr 2400 ,then 50 308 with Lee 160gr GC boolits over 18 gr of 2400 .getting low on boolits so a casting session is the next on the agenda.

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    Picked up 2,000 38 Special cases today to be able to begin loading my 358-158 RF I've been casting. Also finished my shotgun shell conditioning tool. Works like a champ!

    $20 CAD!

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    Aug 2005
    Cypress, Republic of Texas
    cast 15# of bullets and loaded 100 .357 . . . in two hours (doesn't count time for pot to heat up)
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    Dec 2016
    Tempe, AZ
    Cast a couple hundred 170gr Lee TC .401 bullets today. My first real attempt at casting. Going to post pics later so you folks can let me know what you think, and if I should keep the ones I think I should put back in the pot.

    Didn't think that casting would be hard on the back!

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    Jul 2012
    3rd rock from the Sun, CDB land, TN
    Not in the room but for the room.
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    Jan 2014
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    I'm working on a pile of copper accent pieces for a kitchen table. I'm going to have a lot of surplus and I read a thread here along time ago about plating cast projectiles. I rigged up an old server power supply and got some copper sulfate to tinker with:

    It works well enough on one that I'll retrofit my grill rotisserie and find a home for my scrap copper. I've come into a pile of dead-soft lead and was hoping a thin copper wash and some BLL would get me to ~1700fps without much effort. This was a good read on a similar project:

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    Aug 2011
    Spooner, WI
    Not boolits, but loaded 100 135 FTX for my 300 blackout for the WI deer season which starts in 6 days. Going to check zero this afternoon out back and hopefully put some meat in the freezer.

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    Mar 2009
    Deep South Texas, RGV
    Wanted to load some more 30-30 but noticed I was running low on CB's. Cast about 600 311041's according to my calculation as I needed to add 15# of alloy to top up the pot when done. I then cast about 260 265gn CB's for my 444, another 10# of alloy used. Having a large casting pot and 6-cavity molds sure helps to produce a lot of CB's during a session.
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    Feb 2013
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    Finished putting the 300BLK together and took it for a test drive. Light primer strikes and no bangs so took it back to the reloading room, took the bolt apart and cleaned then much lube. More lube on the springs and tried it again. Success! but still a couple of light strikes. With use I think it will break in.

    I still have another lower and am thinking 6.5 Grendel just for kicks
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    Jul 2009
    Amarillo, Texas
    Did NOT watch pro football today!

    Did finish up reloading 600 rounds of 20 gauge shotshells
    with home-make dribbled shot.
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    Kraschenbirn's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    East Central IL
    495 .38 Spl plinker/practice loads. Cleaned out the last of the PC'd 150 gr. RNs. I had on hand getting ready for winter casting.

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    Boolit Mold

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    Jan 2015
    North Texas
    Today I found my old Ideal bronze .257 mold #257418 and due to an injured knee and bad weather I decided to see if I was still able to cast smaller bullets. The mold worked great as long as I could keep the mold hot enough but with a small lee bottom pour half full I could just barely get the corner into the melt. I could pour 3 bullets and the bullets would start to wrinkle. I still had excellent results with the mold so I filled the mold and put it aside. I don't even have a .25 caliber rifle. I decided that two things were going to happen before I put my 6 cavity Hensley and Gibbs .45 cal to work. First I will need a larger melting pot and a little help with keeping the mold to proper temperature. I remembered that I bought a small travel iron when the USMC demanded that I had pressed uniforms. I'm surprised I even found it for that was 60 years ago and it still worked. I have a 4x8x3/8 inch aluminum plate with enough room to set the mold flat down on it or an insulated cooling stand to set it on when the mold is too hot. I don't need a thousand bullets at a sitting but the multi cavity molds get very heavy quickly. The Lee's aren't too bad but the SACO and Hensley and Gibbs are killers during a long session. There is no problem here in the summer heat but this will help during the cold Texas winter.

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    Boolit Master Jack Stanley's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    South of the north pole in the land of the falling waters
    Finished loading another batch of .303 Brit ammo , most all of my cases for that round are now full .

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    Boolit Master Texas by God's Avatar
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    Mar 2016
    I loaded some deer ammo to replace the ones I've shot sighting in and grouping. Luckily just 12 rounds because when I was putting everything away- I noticed I had used large pistol primers in the 22-250 with 45 gr Barnes TSX. Yikes, thought I. I had to know; I fired 3 rounds into a 1-1/4" group with same poi. No leaks so far so I'll file this away in Things I Got Away With. I'll not do it again unless I have to!

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    Mar 2005
    Phenix City, Alabama
    Cleaned two revolvers and a rifle that I took to the range yesterday. My fired brass is in the back of my car and my wife took that to work today.
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    My efforts in the loading room awhile back helped me take a deer over the weekend so today was spent in my kitchen, not my loading room. I'm OK with that!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TXGunNut View Post
    My efforts in the loading room awhile back helped me take a deer over the weekend so today was spent in my kitchen, not my loading room. I'm OK with that!
    Just about the same for us. All that is left since this time last night is the rest of the scrap to be ground for veni-burger & sausage.

    Reloading room again tomorrow night. Need to make up some more shotgun slugs as well as some cartridges.
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