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Thread: Commonly used Acronyms in Boolit Coatings

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    Commonly used Acronyms in Boolit Coatings

    I will try to include the acronyms and abbreviations that you might see used in this section, so that folks who are new to coating or new to a particular new development in coatings can follow along without having to read the entire thread to see when that string of letters or word reference first appeared.
    Please let me know of any that you find useful (and relevant) and I'll try to update this post often so that it stays current.
    (keep in mind, I didn't invent 'em, I just list 'em.)


    Amazon's powder coat gun (sometimes called Craftsman or Sears-type powder coat gun).Link to thread.
    -Link to Amazon's Craftsman gun Note that I have not personally tried either of these. (They should be about 60 bucks... don't fall for the $119 priced one)
    This is an example of the Ebay one that is a Craftsman clone: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Craftsm...EAAOSw7PBToKDk
    (It's an Ebay ad, so it might not always be current. I'll keep checking back)
    The gun that first saw major use in powder coating was the Harbor Freight gun (link below, under "Harbor Freight"), but this Craftsman-type gun is seeing more popularity as well.

    ASBB = AirSoft BB. Link to example.

    ASBBDT = (AirSoft BB Dry Tumble) Dry tumbling using the AirSoft BBs as a tumbling media.
    Sometimes you'll see it as ASBBT(AirSoft BB Tumble) or ASDT (AirSoft Dry Tumble) There's no rule on it.

    BB = The term "BB" originated from the size of steel balls used in a shotgun shell of the same size. BB shot was normally 0.180 inches (4.6 mm), but tended to vary considerably in size due to the high allowable tolerances for shotgun shell use. Around 1900, Daisy, one of the earliest makers of BB guns, changed their BB gun bore diameter to 0.175 inches (4.4 mm), and began to market precision-made lead shot specifically for their BB guns. They called these simply "round shots", but the "BB" name was already well established, and everyone continued calling the guns "BB guns" and the shot "BB shot" or just "BBs".

    BBDT = BB dry tumble using some form of BBs as media.

    DT = Dry tumble.

    ESPC = Electrostatic powder coat (applied with a spray gun utilizing a static charge to aid powder sticking to boolits, usually the Harbor Freight model, but there are others.)

    ESSG = Electrostatic Spray Gun

    HDPE = High Density Polyethylene.

    HI-TEK = it is a coating system similar to PC, but it is more of a stain than a paint. It involves a double dose of wet tumbling and baking and seems to work really well if you don't want to mess with spraying or dry powder tumbling. There is a sticky on it, usually the first sticky listed, and the longest.
    Here's a great link on how to do it. HI-TEK-do-s-and-don-ts

    HF = Harbor Freight www.harborfreight.com
    Direct link to Harbor Freight powder coat gun

    LDPE = Low Density Polyethylene.

    LLPE = Linear Low Density Polyethylene (ziplock bags).

    NSAF = Non-Stick Aluminum Foil. Link to example at WalMart.

    PBTP = PowerBuyThePound.com it's a website belonging to one of the powdercoat retailers. www.powderbuythepound.com

    PC = Powder coat.

    PTFE = Teflon.

    Smoke's powder = Smoke4320 is a vendor sponsor who sells powder here. Check out his ad in the vendor section and he's usually running a sale in the Swappin' & Sellin' section as well.
    His vendor page.*****His current S&S ad.

    TO = Toaster Oven. A convection toaster oven is preferred but not mandatory. (I have not yet seen anybody use an abbreviaiton for convection toaster oven.)

    VHT = Very High Temp epoxy spray paint. Used for BBQ grills, also manifolds, headers, mostly automotive applications.
    Link to example.

    Thanks for your help. Feel free to contribute any coating-related acronyms or abbreviations that you find and do not recognize while reading about coating, and please PM me about any broken links in the above descriptions. Some examples are from retail sites and they may occasionally change them.
    Happy Coating!!!
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    This space left intentionally blank for future updates and expansion.
    List above updated and links checked 12/17/17
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    Love it!
    Smoke you got you're own definition.

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    as new things pop up this thread can be added to by anybody.
    let's keep it on topic and to the point so that the abbreviations can be found easily.

    I want to thank beagle 333 in the open forum for the work he put into this new thread.

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    Thank you, with people using acronyms and abbreviations so much in their post, often times it looks like spilled alphabet soup that I'm looking at, and I don't take the time to try to figure it out.

    I think if a person REALLY​ wanted to convey what he wanted others to know, he would write out the entire word.

    For the most part, the over use of
    acronyms and abbreviations translates laziness on their part.
    Political correctness is a national suicide pact.

    I am a sovereign individual, accountable
    only to God and my own conscience.

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    It is confusing for someone that just walks into a thread to translate. I use a lot of the short cut words but limit then to such things like PC for powder coating. But maybe I am lazy the other way for not wanting to learn all the new shortcuts.
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    Thanks for this list. I am new to the PC game and it really helps. Maybe now I won't think I am reading Greek.

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    "Thanks for the list of acronyms, I enjoy reading through the comments searching for 'pearls of wisdom' but by the time I get the acronyms sorted out I've lost track of what I was trying to decipher in the first place. Reminds me of my Doctor telling something important…he looks at my 'deer in the headlights' stare and wonders if I am even listening to him…"Yeah Doc. I'm hangin onto every word!"
    When I was a kid…well…things were a little different! Kinda miss those dayz."

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    Links still work, and as far as I know, all commonly used abbreviations and acronyms are still covered.

    Updated Craftsman gun link.
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