It isn't that I don't want to discuss thing it is that words matter. I work in a job where communication is exceptionally important.

There is a significant difference between an ore and an alloy. They just aren't the same.

Do do I argue semantics at times? Damn right I do because sometimes those seemingly small nuances matter. Calling International Clays just Clays is wrong and it matters. Some would call it semantics, call it a major problem.

Yes, wax reduces the oxides but it won't remove the impurities. For a guy like MC who is using foundry pure alloys was is fine. When I smelt, wrong word but it is what we call it here, range scrap wax doesn't cut it in helping remove the grit and grunge in that scrap. Wax would reduce the oxides but I am far more concerned with removing dirt, gravel, jackets, and all the other stuff I pick up by accident.

I will say I have two brothers who married English majors, one of them had a Masters in English. I am the worst grammarian and speller in the family and am constantly corrected for even a minor misstep. It quickly becomes habit.