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Thread: Why some new members will do better than others here.

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    Boolit Mold
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    Dec 2008
    OK, so I joined a few (OK, several) years ago, when I started amassing beau coup (boo coo) wheel weights. Ended up with about 700-800 lb after I sorted all the trash out. Rounded up some lead from my company's radioactive work several years ago, and had high hopes. Ordered up some Lee tools, a 'turkey fryer'-? gas burner and a deep cast iron skillet. Stuff sat for 2-3 years.
    Finally got my feet wet last weekend. WW's smelted up OK, (didn't check well for Zn, tho'), and made a few 140 gn 357's. Was a fun afternoon. A good share of info came from this site, the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook, and some metallurgy reading I did. Had some intercourse with Bill Ferguson, when he was still the ANTIMONY MAN, and used some common sense. I've made chemicals for 50 years, so that's helped a bit. First bullets weren't beautiful, but think I got the basic procedure down. Now to refine it and incorporate some of the things I figured out I'm lacking.

    I've figured out:
    pouring is somewhat of an 'art'
    a 140 gn mold is full way before you think it is
    I think I want a 'mold oven'
    I need to super clean my mold(s)
    fluxing is still a mystery...

    There's more, but I just learned I get to go out for takeout tonight, so I'm off to Outback. Maybe more later, -West

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    Boolit Master
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    Jan 2011
    NE Kansas
    Once you have got an idea of the basics, then you can continue to learn to cast and your bullets will turn out better as you develop the pace. There are several threads on "fluxing" and the various materials to use. Some are easier than others, and some like sawdust can leave some dust in the melt of the casting furnace. I use bees wax, paraffin, and even 20 mule team borax powder. The first two smoke and flame, the latter just puffs up like styro foam, and attracts the dross. Mashed against the side of the pot with a spoon, it crushes into a dust to be skimmed and removed. The most important step is getting started. Congratulations on getting started and making a plan for the next session. Dusty

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    Boolit Master Tripplebeards's Avatar
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    Apr 2017
    Southwest, Wisconsin
    Because other members

    I've been reloading j words for 18 years now and just got into casting boolits in the last year.

    In the short time I have learned that cast boolits are not forgiving and are very finicky. If my cast boolits don't like the powder im using or the crimp is to light or heavy I can't hit minute of pie plate at a 100 yards. At the same time a load my rifle doesn't like with jackets bullets still group under 2".

    While I was testing loads in my ruger 77/44 and posting i had a comment that I was told i might not be capable of shooting MOA. I own many rifles that I can shoot cloverleaves with along with j the challenge was on!

    To give you a rundown, I just finished testing rifle number two with cast boolits since I started this journey last year. I tried three different alloys in it and I wasn't happy with my groups as I like everyone else was on the quest for MOA or better. The best groups I was getting were 2" at a 100 yards using 23.8gr of w296 along with a Lyman devastator with a 80/20 mix with a lot of pewter added.

    I figured it was was time to go outside the box and look at the rifle and not the boolit. I ended up lightening the trigger, bedding the rifle, and adding a better, more powerful optic.

    I retested my consistent 2" load data that used before tweaking my rifle. It shot a 1.24" group at a hundred yards. Then I tried one of my lighter loads. 21 gr of h110 with a softer alloy. It was a 16:1 mix of pure lead and pewter that tested 7.5 BH. This load shot sub MOA!

    So, long story short, I did well from being razzed/challenged from other members here along with all the helpful advise. I just wanted to thank everyone for all the help along my journey of casting boolits. I have a lot to learn yet...but I think I'm getting there.

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    Boolit Master
    Tom W.'s Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    Phenix City, Alabama
    I've been here for a few years and there's a lot of posts that I'll look at but not answer because someone else ( or two ) has answered it. There are a few people that are ledgends in their own minds and know everything, right or wrong, but they know and all else is wrong or stupid,
    so they get ignored. I'll help when I can, share what I know, and pass on information that I've gleaned through the years. I've been casting and handloading since the middle '70's, and have learned one or two things. I still can't bring myself to powder coat boolits though.
    μολὼν λαβέ

    Did I ever mention that I hate to trim brass?

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    I have been hand loading and casting about 50 years, shooting about 70 yrs. just new to this site in the last 2 weeks& am probably guilty of asking some dumb guestions. I just powder coated my first boolits this week & am very happy with them.

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    JonB_in_Glencoe's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    Land of 10,000 Lakes
    some days, I need to re-read this is one of those days.

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    Boolit Buddy

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    Feb 2017
    Southeast Louisiana
    I admire this thread for several reasons; Anybody whose been reloading for as long as most of you-I salute you! It is a perishable skill as with anything that parallels it. Personally I've only been casting and reloading for about 2 years now (gotta start somewhere!). I went very slow at first. I make notes, do several searches, never assume anything and have quite a few manuals. One thing that my regular job reminds me of every single day is to NOT become complacent. Doesn't matter how long you do something, we don't have an "auto-pilot".

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    Boolit Master

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    Feb 2018
    The more you learn about cast boolits, the more you know there’s so much more to learn.

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    Boolit Buddy
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    Dec 2017
    Started reloading when i got married, next 40 years still reloading on single stage, @ 65 got a Dillon 650 started really reloading 223 and 9mm large quantity. 2 years ago started melting lead ww and stick ons to get my own alloy right. The more I learn the more I learn I need to learn more. The internet helps for info, u tube helps for looking at, but some times you just to have to get up and do it. Been powder coat ing a while too. Have 81 yo friend in town that’s helped figure out what not to do or try, been a fun ride.

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    Happy New Year and God bless all here !
    I love this forum and anything resembling it.

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    Boolit Buddy

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    Mar 2015
    Well I've been a member here a little while. As for my level of reloading/casting, after several years of reloading and casting I consider myself a beginner. However, in anything new I get interested in I like to do a lot of research before getting started. I have, occasionally, given advice to newbies. But I always remember a quote on a large plaque on a grade school I went to. " Who dares to teach, must never cease to learn". So when I'm curious research, research, research, and when I want to know more go to those who practice it and ask. And I have already found immense knowledge here and I know from reading posts like this, I haven't scratched the surface. So thanks to the OP and to all of you who continue to share your knowledge and please continue.

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    Boolit Grand Master tazman's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
    west central Illinois
    I have done a lot of different things over the years. Some of them I have been very good at.
    I have been casting boolits for 44 years now. I have learned a lot. At first, it was very slow. After the internet became available, the speed picked up.
    I have never tried to know everything about what I am doing at any given point. I have tried to be a little better than adequate since that seems to be my level of expertise in most things.
    Every time I start to get complacent about what I am doing at the moment, I try to find a place where I can teach what I know.
    I have found that I learn more trying to teach than I did trying to learn it. When someone asks you why, you then need to come up with an answer. Then you have to actually think about why you do something and not just do it. Figure out why it works.
    This has happened to me in almost everything I have done over the years. Never be afraid to try to teach. Even if you find out you were wrong about something, you have learned something new and made progress.
    I have learned to never fear looking misinformed about something. Someone will always provide the correct information and you can build on that. Just don't get stuck on defending a bad position because you don't like being told you are wrong about something.
    If you have never found out you have been wrong sometimes, you have never really learned anything.
    Even Einstein wasn't born with his knowledge. He had to learn it and figure out how it worked. Sometimes he was wrong.

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