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Thread: Where did all these sissy metrasexual (so-called) men come from?

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    Boolit Master
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    Dec 2008
    The United States of Texas

    Where did all these sissy metrasexual (so-called) men come from?

    I had to ask the daughter what in the hell a "metrasexual" was and she explained. Thank God she's not married to one. Her husband, who is 29, has even less use for them than I do.

    We're at a drug store the other day and I see a female clerk getting a propane tank out for another female. I'm on my way to my pickup truck and offer to help the young lady, who absolutely takes me up on the offer.

    So I carry the full propane tank to the lady's car and see her husband sitting in the driver's seat, playing a GAME on his little smart phone. I ask the lady if her husband is handicapped, and she looks puzzled and says, "No."

    "So, he's just a (popular slang word for female reproductive genitalia of the feline persuasion)," I say, causing the metrasexual's head to pop up from his little video game. This guy was in his late forties, mind you, and making his WIFE go in and pay for propane, then haul it to the car while he sat on his *** playing a video game!

    Well, the metrasexual got a little urinated off and even got a little mouthy. I happened to be wearing a Gulf War veteran's ball cap and he pointed at it and said, "I suppose you think that hat makes you a tough guy?"

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing and was starting to get a little urinated off myself. "No," I told him. "It's what the military taught me that makes me a tough guy. And here's a hint (synonym for rectum plus "hole"): It wasn't video games."

    He actually got out of the car and started walking up to me like he was gonna kick my ***! Instead, he started groveling about how he supports the troops and thanking me for my service and blah blah blah but that he didn't have to take this kind of (stuff) from me.

    I just laughed all the way to my pickup. What was this nimrod going to do? Take a picture of me with his smart phone and pin it up on that metrasexual pintarest board or whatever it's called?

    Where are all of these sissy men coming from?!?

    I saw a great poster picture the other day that had Clint Eastwood in one of his old westerns and the caption, "The heroes we grew up with." Next to Clint was a shot of that little sissy that plays in the vampire movies and that sparkles, with the caption, "Today's heroes."

    I see all this BS on the internet about calling our legislators to push for "anti-bullying" legislation. ***?!? When we were growing up, if you got bullied you simply beat hell out of the bully and that stopped that. If you couldn't, then you deserved to get bullied--but I never saw the bully that couldn't be bested, and rather easily. Bullies are cowards and they are afraid of pain.

    Nowadays, the metrasexuals say that "violence isn't the answer." I say, "The hell it isn't." A bully intimidates with the fear/promise of violence. Fine. Give the SOB what he thinks he wants and the bullying is over.

    I see these metrasexuals everywhere. A gun scares a metrasexual the same way a penis scares Rosie O'Donnell. Metrasexuals have "brunch" at foo-foo places that serve what looks like parking-lot weeds dipped in exotic sauces surrounded by crackers. Real men eat pancakes for breakfast, cheeseburgers for lunch and steak for dinner.

    Worst of all, what the hell are women seeing in these sissy boy metrasexuals that attracts them and makes them want to marry, and WORSE. . . reproduce?

    1776? Could never happen today. Not enough real men left.

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    Boolit Master

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    just above Raleigh North Carolina
    Some people just aren't raised up right. I was in a very uppity little town in Minnesota once, and I held a supermarket door open out of convenience for a guy, instead of walking through the door, he stops and looks at me really funny and says "You aren't from around these parts are you?" Go figure..

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    I've been watching this too for years, and it disgusts me. Unfortunately, I think the root behind all this is that it is what the women wanted. Men used to be men -- we held doors open for ladies entering or leaving a building, we "did" our nails with a pocket knife, and if someone was man enough to kick our butt, we bought them a beer and had a laugh afterwards. What started this is that many men have been "feminized". Remember how they wanted us to be more sensitive? Share our inner feelings and thoughts? How many women sighed when a man was seen crying? I think that is where it started. What it has led to is borderline depression because they allowed themselves to become sissies. And that leads to what you witnessed -- apathy.

    I'm glad he didn't try and swing at you, his makeup might have gotten smeared.

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    Boolit Master
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    A good story from a story teller.

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    Boolit Master

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    I allways laugh at that commercial where the yuppie is teaching his son to throw a baseball like a girl. thats about what this country has come to.
    Soldier of God, sixgun junky, Retired electrical lineman. My office was a 100 feet in the air, closer to God the better

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    Oh that commercial is a riot with that terrible ball thrower guy!

    Anyways, a couple times recently i have held the door open for folks, couples usually, and they have made comments about nobody doing that anymore and all that. Well, MEN need to start stepping up and being MEN! I loved the initial post. Our church men's group put on a video thing called Men Stepping Up and it covered much of this topic. My job now is to make my daughter understand this stuff so she doesn't end up with a wimp for a husband.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nhrifle View Post
    I've been watching this too for years, and it disgusts me. Unfortunately, I think the root behind all this is that it is what the women wanted. Men used to be men -- we held doors open for ladies entering or leaving a building, we "did" our nails with a pocket knife, and if someone was man enough to kick our butt, we bought them a beer and had a laugh afterwards. What started this is that many men have been "feminized". Remember how they wanted us to be more sensitive? Share our inner feelings and thoughts? How many women sighed when a man was seen crying? I think that is where it started. What it has led to is borderline depression because they allowed themselves to become sissies. And that leads to what you witnessed -- apathy.

    I'm glad he didn't try and swing at you, his makeup might have gotten smeared.
    I agree with much of what has been said in this thread. I think most of the problem is the breakdown of the American family and society in general. Many things are upside down if you think about it, men acting like woman, woman acting like men, same sex marriages!! Just to name a few things! If you as a man speak your mind on a "questionable" subject and it goes against the grain you are labeled as "insert politically correct name here". You can't have an opinion anymore if it ruffles anyone's feathers! Mom and Dad (if a kid lucky enough to have both) work many more hours than they should to support the family while little "Johnny" sits home and plays video games!
    45 ACP because shooting more than once is just silly!!

    Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.

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    Boolit Master longranger's Avatar
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    Guess were all "retrosexuals" per Dr. Laura's definition a "retrosexual" fix's his own stuff. Everything from small and large appliances,lawn mowers, his own vehicles,might even build his own home. He can kill it ,clean it and cook it,probably has more than one gun.
    He does not eat tofu,sip latte's,get a waxing to unmentionable parts of his body,drive a Prius, Obama/Biden bumper sticker,call repairman for everything that breaks.
    This past weekend I was up in the Wind River area up around Lander and hiked up a small lake thats loaded with Golden Trout. Not to unusual to have company. There was a young family that had packed in with their 5 and 7 y.o. girl and boy. After a few hours we struck up a conversation and he was tree trimmer for local power co. and was from Aiken SC.I have to tell you his 2 kids were the most competent 5 and 7 y.o.'s I have ever seen.5. y.o. can cast her pink Zebco better than most adults, she caught fish, took them off the hook, baited her own hook. Never messed up the reel or hung it up in the bushes.7 y.o. ties his own knots and is 100 % on his own fishing.He cooked his own fish that night in his own "mess kit", 7 y.o. poaching his fish in a nice dill liquid(dad provided) he has his own knife and dad keeps in his pocket when he need it he has to ask. I learned how catch bats from a 7 y.o. "so we can look at them and let them go". We stayed 2 nights and these kids were a blast in the mountains but the bigger point is these kids will be very confident,competent adults.
    I started my kids very young as well I walked their tails off in the mountains the hills and valleys, they carried their little day packs with juice and a snack and when they were old enough they carried their Cricket .22's and shot grouse.
    You can do anything with kids little sponges they learn everything you want them to and not if you don't pay attention, get the iphone out of their hands and fishing pole or a rifle instead.Herein lies where it begins wether or not their going to be a cissy or a man or woman.
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    Loved your post. My girlfriend introduced me to the concept of the metrosexual a couple of years ago. Took me into a joint where they used. Most of it seemed to be about grooming. I can't imagine wanting to look or smell like one of those types. Most of them looked like they would cry if you glared at them or took away the eight dollar a piece oysters they ordered. I tried to explain to her that I really did dress as well as they did, just that instead of expensive Italian slippers, I wore a Colt. My explanation didn't take. As far how a man ought to comport himself or appear in public, I still like Katherine Hepburn's description of John Wayne in Rooster Cogburn, "High smelling and low down."
    NRA Life Member

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    coastal north carolina
    I'm not saying we should reinstate the draft, but the country going the way it is, started after the draft ended. I spent some time in WV a few years ago and you could see an obvious difference between the ones that had served and had some experiences and the ones that came after the draft and just grew up hanging around. Worked in a correctional facility and you could see a difference between former military inmates and non military. I personally feel any game that requires electricity should be illegal until you are 21 because it is more dangerous to our future than drugs, guns or alcohol.

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    In the case mentioned I have to ask- why the heck did she put up with that ****? She should tell him to man up or get out.
    I work with a lady who has a POS husband. He plays video games at nite while she is out working a second job. She says he can't get another job, he doesn't do well with "people". Tough cookies dude, go do what it takes to support your family.

    As long as women are there to support and prop up pieces of **** like this it won't change.

    Both sexes need a dose of reality.

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    I'll throw my 2 cents into the mix.

    Ever since they started this whole "gay agenda" mess it's been a downhill run for the American male. Feminization is all part of that agenda. It's pervasive in what passes for entertainment now days. Just about every popular show on TV or the movies has a ***** character in it. That lifestyle is being forced down our throats to the point where males are being made to feel guilty about being masculine, as if it's wrong to offend a nancyboy simply by being a straight heterosexual male with masculine tendencies. My daughter came for an extended visit a couple years ago, some show on TV called ***** eye for the straight guy, where women complain (go figure) about the way their man dresses until the queers come along and change his entire wardrobe. I watched one show with her, the poor fellow was being harangued to the point where he caved in and allowed these deviants to throw away his clothes and dress him up like he was "one of them". To include MAKE-UP! That's right, make up on a man..... John Wayne must be rolling over in his grave. Before my dad passed away he said that this whole political correctness thing was going to be the downfall of this nation. I never knew just how right he was. You can't do, say, write or think anything that someone might find offensive. When someone stands up in a crowd and yells you are offending me! They are telling everyone that they are incapable of controlling their own emotions so now the burden must fall on YOU to control their emotions for them. Weakness of spirit has weakened their minds, and vice versa.
    Give us this day our daily lead.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis.

    If you don't want 1984 you're going to need some 1776.

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    Great thread. I am 33 and I get funny looks from young guys and smiles from all women when they see me open the car door for my wife. Man up America!

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    Many of this generation were raised by single moms and never taught to be men. You don't have to be an iron worker to teach a boy basic values. A 140 lb office worker could still teach a boy to keep his word, respect women, take responsibility for his actions and own up to his mistakes.

    A boy raised by a single mom often has no one to say "Because I said so boy" in response to a teen aged fit. There is a reason it takes a person of each gender to make a baby.
    You'll go far providin' you ain't burnt alive or scalped."

    Will Geer as Bear Claw in "Jeramiah Johnson"

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    Good morning
    The roots of the problem go back a bit farther. Somewhere moms and dads generally decided the Bible did not need to be read at home. The minority wanted the Bible out of the schools. No one stood up and said No to that. So the general majority got just what it did not care to care about.
    There are few executions of murders, child molesters, rapists, those who sell drugs (pharmesuticas)especially to children and those who sell women and children. Transexuals were to be executed. Men were to be distinct in dress and actions. Women also.
    So now.. no morals, few codes of conduct, even less honor. But hold on to your hats... the day will come when the Bible will be banned and the minority will want all Biblicists done away with.
    So what do you think the general poulace will do then ?? As they have always.. the east road ? Don't make waves ? Just let me get along with my life and enjoy my weekend ?
    A nation that does not right it's wrongs will only suffer far more evil in it's future. And without a guide who will know what is right ?
    Mike in Peru
    "Come unto Me, all you who labor and are heavy burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28
    Home built Matchlock similar to what an early 1600 Colonial soldier might have.

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    well said.

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    Hey, I met that guys brother in a Lowes parking lot 2 weeks ago! I wish that I had as much fun as you did with the situation.

    If the women are willing to accept that level of male behavior then so be it! My daughter's have been taught not to.
    My hero's have always been Cowboys!

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    The metrosexual was worried about getting a blister he he.

    It almost seems like the bible and it's laws used to lead culture.
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    Love Life
    Oh man! Wait until you see an Emo guy, JD. You'll want to tell him to give his sister her pants back and quit acting like a *****.

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    +1 Missionary 5155. As to adult males (and please note the terminology), playing video games, and someone please help if ive got this quote wrong, "When i became a man, i put aside my childish ways". This speaks to a lot of what is going on Today!

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