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Thread: shipping rifle ammo to Illinois?

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    shipping rifle ammo to Illinois?

    I know it has to be shipped other than the post office. its for my brother and he lives no wheres near Chicago many many miles away. is it legal for me to do so? thanks. Gandy. If this post is in the wrong area please remove.
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    There's a can of worms.
    As long as you know he has his valid FOID you are OK.
    In Illinois a man can be a good upstanding citizen but with no $10 FOID card he becomes a soon to be convicted felon for possessing any ammo or firearms. Iíll skip the FOID debate.

    Here in Illinois where you can't actually step out your front door with a gun and ammo and not commit at least a misdemeanor we just shrug it off.

    If you didnít know him. Youíd need to see a copy of his drivers license and F.O.I.D. up front. I have mine photo copied into a dot PDF file that I send to catalog stores for purchases. If you know he does not have a foid card and you sell or give him ammo that is a felony. If you do not ask to see a foid it will be assumed you didnít ask because you didnít want to know. Compare that to in your home state to transferring a gun or ammo to a known convicted felon. Which in most states is prohibited from possessing any firearms. Since this is your brother. You should know who you are dealing with.

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    Followup to the original Illinois question. Are Illinois residents required by Illinois law to possess a valid FOID to receive reloading components through the mail or other carriers like ups or fedex? I've phoned various big-time component suppliers and gotten different answers. What does Illinois law say? A link to the pertinent Illinois statute would be great.

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    I often read in the local papers' crime blotter about ex-cons being arrested for having an empty casing in their vehicle...

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    I remember one case where the local L E O pulled the X guy over. The driver said the back seat had not been removed in all the years he had owned the vehicle.

    SURPRISE there was a nice shiny 22LR casing. Jail time again. No FOID card since he was a convicted felon.

    If there is any doubt do NOT ship the ammo. If he has a card, somewhere on the label wright FOID # --------. and all should be good. Just do not forget to put the label on signifying ammo is inside. I know U P S requires it.

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    The FOID act only covers loaded ammunition. But like other retailers I know feel the same as I do. If someone wants to purchase powder and primers, I require a foid card for residence of IL and a drivers license for out of state residence. (MO & IA are very close). I have never had anyone object to this personal policy because I've found, those how are not breaking the law do not mind. Being a FFL dealer and living in IL makes one a bit jumpy that the"Chicagoland" policy makers will use any loophole they can to try to trip up honest dealers. It would be hard to say I didn't know what someone was going to do with the equal numbers of bullets, primers, brass and a pound of powder.

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    Considering the anti-gun climate of the county where I live, it's always surprised me that, outside of the 'big box' stores where it's posted company-policy, I can't recall being asked to show my FOID when purchasing ammo (or components) in a good many years. Now part of that may be that I've done some business with all of our (few) local retail dealers but I've bought .22 rimfires and shotshells from hardware and farm supply stores without being 'carded', too.

    So far as mail order, the two out-of-state sellers (both in located in contiguous states) where I get most of my reloading supplies required copies of my FOID and IL Driver's License when I placed my first order but, since then, have never asked for updates...and both cards have expired and been renewed at least once since that time.

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    Dang Bill, I get carded every time! I've lived in this town for over 40 years and they still card and its only a town of 6,000.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Two Tracks View Post
    Dang Bill, I get carded every time! I've lived in this town for over 40 years and they still card and its only a town of 6,000.
    That's more people than the county I live in.
    Ed Barrett
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