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Thread: Favorite reduced loads

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    Here's a couple of squib loads that do a fine job for popping tin cans or close up target practice and the like:
    1. .32 S&W Short, use 1.0 to 1.2g of HP38 and a 98 to 100g cast bullet, sized 0.313".
    2. .38 S&W, use 1.5 to 2.0g of HP38 under a 155g SWC cast bullet, sized 0.360".

    EDITED 6/7/12:

    .32 S&W Short:
    Try 2.8g of AL-8 under a 98g cast bullet that should be mild enough for any of the 32's. (AL-8 is a very old powder that I got a heck of a buy on about 30 years ago, and STILL haven't used it all up. It's about like Blue dot, which in turn is similar to H110.) I deliberately chose such a slow powder because I don't want to strain these lod junkers, and don't mind some unburnt powder. If you don't happen to have AL8, try the other two powders I listed. Enough power to stop enraged charging pop cans, but not enough to strain the old breaktops. Wouldn't want to get hit with it though!

    38 S&W:
    Try 2.3g Bullseye under a 150g SWC. This seems pretty close to factory ammo, judging by the feel and lack of apparent pressures. The breaktops seem to tolerate it well enough, and it's the smallest charge my RCBS Lil' Dandy powder measure will throw. Definately don't want to get hit with this one.

    Try 30.0g IMR 3030 under almost any heavy cast bullet of 150g to 210g that fits the bore. Makes a real nice target loads with little recoil and enough power for deer hunting if you lean that way. Will keep most of its shots touching at 25 yards, and that's with iron sights and old eyes.

    Anyone got a 38 S&W load with Trailboss and a 155g bullet that is low enough in pressure for use with a breaktop revolver?
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    Quote Originally Posted by azcruiser View Post
    Yup --TRAIL BOSS in everything heck I don't think you really need a scale with this stuff .My 6.5x55
    8mm-762x54 are like shooting a 22 hornet even in the short m39 or 38 not sure 762.54r.
    8mm 230 cast fill till it makes it to the bottom of the neck no problem filled it to the top compressed no problem-dare i say you can load your powder by eye ??
    I had a conversation with a Hodgdon tech some time ago, and he gave me the same info regarding loads that has been mentioned many times elsewhere, with one difference...He said;"Trail Boss doesn't like compression!"
    Good enough for me! I hear and obey, and will live long and prosper!

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    Mar 2011
    Ontario, Canada
    358311 Lyman 160gr w/ 2.7 Titegroup, .38 super, vel. 800, NRA AP/Bianchi,

    457193 Lyman, 420gr, 20.0 grs 4759, .45-70, very accurate, soft, especially as my '86 Win. has a crescent buttplate

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    I have to agree with BLACKHAWK CONVERTABLE .I run TrailBoss in a 610 S&W for PPC, 3.5 grains under a 145 SWC cast. Soft shooting and accurate, we only shoot back to 25yds. indoors though.

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    South Jersey
    85gr Meister
    3.0gr Unique

    165gr Lyman 319247
    5.2gr Trail Boss

    175gr BACO 316180
    5.2gr Trail Boss

    148gr Ideal 37583
    5.0gr Unique

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    NE Ohio
    One (1) grain PB under Lyman 252435 in .25 Automatic Colt Pistol.

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    Oct 2010
    .308: Lee 312-160-2R sized to .309, 16 grains 2400. moa in TC Encore.

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    May 2005
    gillette wyoming
    mosin 91/30 90 grain hornady swc .314 cci 200 4 grains pearl scot
    what fun to plink with,and,minute of soda can to boot at 25 yards.

    and same load with a 44gr round ball @ 313 shot the same.

    try it with something similar,red dot,bullseye,both work well also.

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    Far Nth Qld Australia
    170 lee fp without gas check.
    Tumble lubed as cast.
    4.8 grns Bullseye
    Tuff of dacron
    Seated to lands.
    In my 30-30 the chrono-ed at 950 fps.
    Moa on average at 100 yrds.
    With enough elevation about 60 moa sighted at 50 yrds good for 300yrds if the wind is kind to me.
    Rnd nose fly better out yonder

    2gns bullesye same as above 500 fps .
    didn't load enough to group or play around.

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    Aug 2010
    Northern Idaho

    favorite reduced loads....

    44 Magnum / 9.5 grns W-231 most any brand 44 Mag brass CCI 300 primers
    with Lee 200 grn RNFP sized .430 Produces 1,170 fps and just over
    600 foot lbs of ME from my 6 1/2 inch Smith M-629 Super accuracy
    with mild to moderate recoil. Works great for any use I can envision
    for my 44 with the exception of big game hunting.

    38 Special / WW brass 5.0 grns 700-X with CCI 500 primers and the Lee 105 SWC
    sized to .358 1,120 fps from my Smith K-38 with target accuracy.
    Produces just under 300 foot lbs of ME with light recoil. Mimics a full
    power 9mm Luger load without having to chase down your brass.
    An excellent handgun load for small game or smaller varmints. Lots
    more bullets per pound of lead than traditional 150-160 bullets.
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    May 2011
    Western Pennsylvania
    38-55 , 8 grains Green dot 250 lyman cast
    About as fast as a spitwad but deadly accurate ,,,in my rifle anyway. Perfect load for cowboy Silhouette, never lost a ram!
    For a huntin load same bullet but 29 grain reloader 7,, hot, Fast, bad recoil but still very accurate!

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    Jun 2010
    Northern Ontario, Canada
    22 hornet 0.5 gr bullseye, a 22 cal pellet in the case neck. Case neck needs a small dimple in it to stop the pellet from dropping down into the case. A light tap with a center punch at the base of the case neck works well. These cases are saved for use with pellets only.

    I'm guessing about 900 fps. I shoot these in a small .410 sXs with a full length barrel insert chambered for 22 hornet.

    I started with just a primer. The velocity was too slow so I started with .1gr of bullseye and worked up to 0.5gr. At this loading, the pellet is accurate, and will penetrate 3/4" of soft pine.

    Perfect grouse load. So quiet that you can hear the hammer of the .410 double drop louder than the report of the hornet.

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    Nov 2011
    Alberta, Canada

    Thumbs up X2!

    Quote Originally Posted by MT Chambers View Post
    19.5 grs. of 4759 with 180-205gr. cast gc bullet in the .308 Win.
    Great powder/bullet combo!

    I shoot 19.5gr. IMR SR4759, & a 200 gr. Lyman #311299 gas checked.
    seated to touch the rifling.
    Sized to .310, lubed with Lymans super moly.

    I also lube the noses after loading the cartridge, by dipping into liquid allox. ( two layers applied over a day or two.

    Average velocity is 1750 fps.

    Average group is .075" at 100 (5shots).

    The bullet alloy:

    17 lbs. wheel Weight lead + 8 feet of lead/tin, 50/50 solder.

    Mushrooms well on game out 125yards or so.

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    San Diego, CA
    8.2 grains Universal under a 115gr 311008 is my standard silhouette chicken load in the 30-30. Sounds and recoils like a .22, and is great for rabbits and squirrels to boot...

    7.5gr bullseye can be used also to the same effect.

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    Dec 2008
    Northern Rockies
    I've been using 3 grs Unique with a .310 or .315 round ball in the 30-30 for grouse and small game. works great, and doesn't make much noise, about like a standard vel (not high vel) 22 LR. Works well on bunnies and snakes also. Slew mouse in the yard with that load in a 26" barrelled 30-30 rifle once. Seemed to do so authoritatively.

    Recently aquired a 311252BT mold to try to make a similar load. Will see how it does when I get a chance to cast some.

    Also use 3-4 grs Unique or Red Dot in the 348 with a .350" round ball, but it hasn't been as accurate. Need to work with it a bit. Kills grouse well in any event.

    Couple grouse taken with the round ball loads,

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    Warminster Pa. ( North of Filthydelphia)
    10 g Unique with 350 grain in 45-70

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    San Diego
    My favorite loads all come from the inexpensive military powders I have bought through the years.
    Wc 680-820-844-846-860-867.
    High Hook

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    I have a LARGE can of 4756 that I am still trying to figure out what to do with... Anybody ever load this powder in the .45 Auto Rim?

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    Space Coast, Florida
    3.6 Grains of unique under a 180 grain .38. I shoot about 400 of these a month in steel challenge, ICORE, and IDPA. That works out to... Way too many boolits a year.

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    Jun 2012
    Space Coast, Florida
    I almost forgot .35 remington! 158 grain SWC over 12 grains of unique. Kicks so lightly I feel comfortable handing it off to lady friends and younger relatives. Never ran the pressures, but it can't be pushing much higher than .38 special.

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