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Thread: IMR 4227...What Is Its Best Use?

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    IMR 4227...What Is Its Best Use?

    About 3 years ago, I picked up 4 lbs of IMR 4227 with intentions of using in some .44 Magnums with 240 grain cast SWC. I never did so. Well, now I am trying to find the best use for this powder instead of letting it just sit.

    I reload for .38 Special (2" and 4" barrels), .357 Magnum (2 3/4", 4", 6" barrels), .44 Magnum (4" and 6 1/2" barrels), .45 Colt and .454 Casull (2 1/2" barrel). Would any of these calibers and barrel lengths be a good choice for IMR 4227? If so, which ones, what powder charge, what weight of cast bullet, etc.?


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    Jul 2005
    Lake Havasu City, Arizona
    IMR 4227 will work quite well in the 357 and 44 magnums with the longer barrels. However, it is not the best performer for true magnum level loads in those cartridges. Would be good too in the 45 Colt if the barrel was longer though it still might be ok with 300+ gr weight bullets.

    In the 357 I use 15.5 gr under the 358156 at 155 gr for 1264 fps out of a 6" barreled revolver. In the 44 I use 23 gr under the 429421 at 255 gr for 1210 fps out of a 6" barreled revolver.

    Larry Gibson

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    Thanks, Larry. On the .45 Colt and .454 Casull bullet weight, I have two molds that I cast for those calibers. One weighs 264 grains and the other weighs 362 grains.

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    Mar 2005
    It is very accurate in the .44 UNTIL THE BARREL GETS HOT. Then it will burn faster and faster and raise pressures. I use a 10" barrel and it drove me nuts.
    It was great in the .357 max.
    It is a powder you need to test in each caliber under all conditions.

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    I have heard others mention about IMR 4227 pressures rising as the gun heated up. Would that make such a powder good for colder climates? Or, colder times of the years?
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    Mar 2005
    It might. It worked fine for me if I shot slow. Not to be when shooting IHMSA though.
    Strange thing was in the .357 max, heat did not bother it.

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    Do you think the .357 Magnum would perform well and not be effected by the heat, either? I have both the revolvers mentioned above and a Marlin 1894c.

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    May 2006
    Upper Midwest
    I use it for cast in the Springfield. 23 gr with a 314299 gives around 1760 fps. and is as accurate as I can shoot.

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    IMR4227 is the original G.I. carbine powder.


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    Grouchy Old Curmudgeon

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    Oct 2005
    It also works very well in the 22 Hornet should you decide to get one or trade the powder to someone who does.

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    Jan 2011
    Too far west of where I should be.
    4227 is my go-to powder for 218 Bee. As I understand it, it excels in 357 Mag. I'll have to look into Shiloh's use for my 03 Springfield.

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    .44 mag and .30 carbine in my experience.
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    Oct 2011
    CSRA of Ga/SC
    lt works great in 221 Fireball

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    100% load density in .32-20 with a 115gr GC boolit and a crimp.
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    Makes good fertilizer!

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    Dec 2006
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    4227 is my 'go to' for heavy boolits in the .41 Mag and I've also used it successfully with 'heavies' (170-180 grainers) in .357s for a 10" Contender. Years ago, I shot a lot of the old IMR4227 in .22 Hornets...also in a Contender...but found 1680 more accurate in my Ruger #3 so haven't tried any of the current production.

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    Jul 2006
    Southeast, NC (Coastal plains)
    My exp mirrors 44mans , my groups opened but never knew why until now !!!

    The first 6-18 shots (depending on ambient temp) would be good then it was PATTERING wish I had a chrony back then .

    I reserve it now for the Lee 310gr boolit in 44 as it seems the recoil is`nt as "snappy" with 4227

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    Jun 2007
    China Grove,NC
    I still have about 1/2 lb. left over from my 22 Hornet days and occasionally shoot it with some 158 gr. GC cast loads in my Ruger BH. It's proved to be an excellent powder using 13.5 grs.

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    Boolit Master
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    Oct 2008
    Good in the 357, 44 mag, 45 Colt and it would be OK in the short barreled 454 but in the 45 cal class it would work better with a 300 grain boolit. The 365 grain boolit would be better suited with H110 in a Ruger 45 Colt and in the Casull with a shorter barrel probably better with #9 or Enforcer. Don't get me wrong the 265 in the 45's would be ok with 4227 just don't expect high velocities with the powder. I used 4227 for mid loads or slightly more with heavier boolits for caliber and it fills the nitch pretty well.

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    May 2005
    Castlegar, B.C., Canada
    I use a lot of 4227 in .308, .303 British and .44 mag... but all in rifles.

    I find it is quite versatile and gives me good accuracy.

    I normally load up to 24 grs. under a 240 - 250 gr. .44 boolit and 18 to 22 grs. under a 170 gr. boolit in .308 or 170 to 225 gr. boolit in .303.

    It works for me.


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