When I took it out I had the shim placed about three inches ahead of the hold down screw . The shim is about three eights of an inch wide and an inch long so it will just lay on the bottom of the barrel channel .

Since Winchester bulk hollow points have shot the best I used that and got a VERY acceptable group . From there I took the rifle back inside and took it apart again . Where the shim was I drew a line with a pencil so I could relocate it easy . I cleaned the area with accra-glass solvent and then used a small chisel to rough out a very small area about the size of the shim for the pad between the shim and the hold down .

The barrel was all waxed up and ready for placement so I mixed up four drops of resin and one drop of hardener . After mixing it well a little Floc was added so it wouldn't run to bad and it got placed in the area . The shim got replaced to where I penciled the line and the barrel inserted and snugged down . After leaving it set untill it was hard I took it apart again and the pad needed a couple drops more .

As of now , it's waiting for tomorrow and I'll see how it does . Trigger is probably next but I think I'll use like it is for a little bit .