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View Poll Results: How old were yoi when you got your first deer

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  • Still in Diapers

    1 0.14%
  • 5-10

    38 5.48%
  • 11-15

    240 34.58%
  • 16-20

    150 21.61%
  • 21-25

    90 12.97%
  • 26-30

    54 7.78%
  • 31-35

    31 4.47%
  • 36-40

    22 3.17%
  • 41-45

    12 1.73%
  • 46-50

    6 0.86%
  • 51-55

    4 0.58%
  • 56-60

    5 0.72%
  • Still Hunting

    41 5.91%
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Thread: How Old Were You When You Got Your First Deer

  1. #221
    Boolit Master Good Cheer's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jul 2010
    the Ark
    Marble Falls, TX with Dad's "Old Never Miss".
    Almost five decades later still got the rack and the 99.
    Or was it with the 6mm 700BDL?

  2. #222
    Boolit Master woodbutcher's Avatar
    Join Date
    Feb 2008
    LaFollette Tn
    1957,was 12.Dad took me hunting that day.Used the rifle that he carried inWW1(don`t ask me how he got it home either,don`t know.).We were on some property that a friend owned,a citrus grove.The deer loved the fruit.We sat under an orange tree and waited.Buck showed up at about 25yds away.That was some good eats.The other one that I remember was taken at about 3 feet with an S&W mod 64 with a 4 in bbl.Boolit was the Lyman 358156 gc.One shot right behind the left ear.DRT.He was yummy too.There were quite a few in between those two.
    Good luck.Have fun.Be safe.
    People never lie so much as after a hunt,during a war,or before an election.
    Otto von Bismarck

  3. #223
    Boolit Master
    Eddie Southgate's Avatar
    Join Date
    Dec 2016
    Southern Middle Tennessee
    Much as I hate to admit it my very first deer was poached while rabbit hunting at the tender age of 11 . I shot it at roughly 25-30 yards broadside with a Browning Light 12 loaded with cheap Charles Daily #6 field loads . I hit him once and he ran another 30 yards and dropped . He had 9 #6's in the heart and another 5 in one lung . He had the ugliest rack I have ever seen , 7 tines were busted completely off and the only one left intact had a knot and crack all the way around it about two inches from the tip . That was almost 50 years ago and and I have been a law abiding hunter every since . It did eat good !
    Grumpy Old Man With A Gun....... Do Not Touch !!

  4. #224
    Boolit Mold
    Join Date
    Feb 2007
    Opening day 11/02/1983 on dirt bike trails I had seen sign on that summer. Took a stand on the down wind edge of an open area that was fogged in. As the fog burnt off - boom. 12ga slug; one shot.

    7 point..tried to post pic of skull cap mount, but thread won't let me...?
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  5. #225
    Boolit Master
    Join Date
    Apr 2009
    Houston TX
    Got my first deer at the age of 17, hit the deer with the front of a 1957 Ford truck. Had to replace a fender, bumper and light holding assembly. The truck could still be driven, loaded the deer and my father and I cleaned the deer at the house.

  6. #226
    Boolit Buddy
    Join Date
    Jul 2015
    I was 12 when I got my first deer. First cast bullet deer (and only) was when I was 23.

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  7. #227
    Boolit Man Snow ninja's Avatar
    Join Date
    Feb 2013
    I was 14 and it was with a 96 Mauser 6.5x55 made in 1898. And I was with my grandpa.
    Do the best you can, with what you've got, where you're at. -Theodore Roosevelt

  8. #228
    Boolit Master Traffer's Avatar
    Join Date
    Feb 2016
    Central Wisconisn
    My first deer. I had just turned 13. Was using a Model 1917 30-06. My dad dropped off my buddy (also 13) and me at a field on the side of a hill. He drove around to another hill about 1/2 mile away. I walked up to the top of the hill (about 500 yards) and my buddy stayed down in the first 1/3rd of the hill. We were both watching the edge of a woods that had runways leading into the high grass of the hill. There was a tree line on the top of the hill that I was also watching. We decided around 9 AM that the place we were hunting was pretty poor. I walked down to my pal and we discussed what to do next. Then where I had been standing back up on the top of the hill a deer came out. It was a long way up there. But it just stood there. My buddy shot. deer didn't move. He shot again. Still stood there. So I used his shoulder as a rest and aimed 36" high. (gun was sighted for about 100 yards) I pulled the trigger and my buddy went down holding his ears. For a moment I thought the gun blew up. But he went down from the very loud shot being next to his ear. Once I made sure he was OK, I told him that I thought I hit the deer. We went up on the top of the hill and there it was laying, Hit in the spine above the shoulder. I paced it with my 36 inch stride that I learned in forestry class. 365 yards. To this day I love those peep sights on the old M17's Pattern 14's and Enfield's after Model 4 mark 1. With good eyes they are deadly.
    AKA hans.pcguy

  9. #229
    Boolit Master

    jonp's Avatar
    Join Date
    Feb 2013
    Planet Reality
    Hunting by myself in a swamp with a new Win 94 30-30 my dad gave me for Christmas the previous year. Shot a doe with a doe tag I was lucky enough to draw and dragged it several miles back to camp myself. Had my first beer as celebration, too, for shooting the deer, gutting it myself and dragging it for a few hours arriving back at camp after dark instead of just leaving it. I was 10 or 12 so I picked the 12yr old timeframe
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    non nobis,
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    (Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us,
    but to thy name give the glory.)
    Knights Templar

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    Boolit Buddy
    Join Date
    Oct 2013
    North Central, MT
    I was 15. My Mom's cousin owned a cattle ranch just north of Rio Grande City in south Texas. He would let me come down and shoot dry does and, eventually, a small forkhorn with weird antlers that he wanted out of the gene pool.
    I made a few trips down there and went with my uncle to his deer lease in the Texas hill country once, as well.

    I've spent most of my "adult" years away from Texas. I enlisted in 1996 and was stationed in Gulfport, MS. Four sea-service deployments later, I fetched up in Louisiana.
    Land access seemed kinda weird in LA and I never joined one of the requisite hunting clubs that it seemed like all the guys at work were in.

    I switched jobs and moved to New Mexico. A lottery for a five day season, confined to one zone, with a bag limit of one antlered buck was kinda discouraging. I ended up spending seven years in NM and mostly just called coyotes. I put in once for a deer tag and got drawn for an area up in the Gila NF. I ended up shooting a called-in forkhorn on day three of the five day hunt.

    I transferred to Montana four years ago and haven't missed a deer season since. It's really cool being here, as my ten year old got her first deer, a fine looking mulie buck, last year. She's raring to go this year and I also hope her big sister will get her first this go 'round.

  11. #231
    Boolit Bub
    Join Date
    Mar 2015
    57 with a Marlin 1894 in 44 mg.

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  12. #232
    Boolit Master Jaybird62's Avatar
    Join Date
    Feb 2009
    Brentwood, TN
    My first deer hunt was at age 12 in 1974, but it wasn't until I was 17 in 1980 that I finally connected on an old SE NC "swamper" 6-pointer. He was being chased by deer hounds and came by me at 12 yards. Four shots of 3-inch, 00 Buckshot did the trick... Hit him on the run like a rabbit on the first shot and he immediately got swallowed up in a pine thicket. I swung through and kept on track and kept firing and chewing up small pine trees. I jumped to my left and saw him lying on the ground looking at me, so I hammered him again. When I walked up to him he had a 2-inch diameter pine tree lying on his hindquarters that I had sawn down with the third shot. That's the first and last deer that I've shot in front of dogs and with buckshot.

  13. #233
    Boolit Master Rcmaveric's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jul 2017
    Jacksonville, FL
    Three years ago, I was 28. It was my first and last deer. Though last deer isn't from lack of effort. Maybe my problem is I am not wearing my lucky orange shirt. Thanks to my cousin and a golf course. I am the one in the orange. Shot took out the heart and broke it spine. She was DRT feet up at around 100 yards with his .308. I handed the gun back to him and got out of the blind. Took three steps saw a flash of white. He said duck, and hit the ground. A couple seconds latter he took another shot. We both got a doe.
    "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far."
    ~Theodore Roosevelt~

  14. #234
    59 and waiting. Actually I don't hunt, but have been thinking about it. Property in neighboring state, in laws that hunt, enjoy the woods a good deal. Maybe not so much the killing part.

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  15. #235
    Boolit Master
    Join Date
    Nov 2014
    NW OH Oak Openings Area
    I was either 19 or 20 but back in the early 1970's there weren't many deer around here in NW Ohio. I took a week off from high school my senior year a couple of years earlier and went to PA and didn't get a deer. By the later 1970's the deer herd grew quickly and you could get doe permits and killing deer was usually a every year thing.
    Now a days, several of my nephews that I started hunting deer 30 years ago have children and they are killing deer at 10 - 12 years old and killing nice bucks !


  16. #236
    Boolit Master

    ghh3rd's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jan 2009
    Tampa FL
    Started hunting maybe seven years ago, went out several times each year, and finally got one (a small buck) last year at age 63. I think that I give them a sporting chance cause I canít hear smell or see very well (-:
    Five out of six doctors agree that Russian Roulette is completely safe.

  17. #237
    Boolit Master
    Join Date
    Mar 2011
    I didn't start hunting until I was 18, and I stumbled my way through those first few seasons with no teacher so it took me a while. I got my first deer, a doe on the last day I had a chance to hunt when I was 23.
    No people in the world ever did achieve their freedom by goody-goody talk and moral suasion: it being immutable law that all revolutions that will succeed must being in blood, whatever may answer afterward.

    Mark Twain

  18. #238
    Boolit Man
    Join Date
    Nov 2016
    I was 15. I got off the school bus before anyone was home so I thought it would be a good idea and go hunting. Grabbed Dad's 94 in 30-30 and keys for one of the cars, headed out the door. I didn't let the fact that I didn't have a drivers licence stop me as I knew how to drive. I got a deer a few times. The same deer. Shot one antler off, hit him in the lower hing as he ran away and that bullet almost took off his front leg of the same side. Finally got him again in the brisket. 'Good' I said as it was my last bullet. Well he got back up and started to walk away. So I jumped in the car, headed back to the farm and got more shells. At any rate I finally got him on the adjacent field and my Dad wasn't too impressed. Oddly it was more about the marksmanship and not about the car theft and driving without a licence. In hindsight I used to get away with murder as long as I worked hard.

  19. #239
    I should also mention killing my first deer taken with a cast bullet. It was 1978, I was a newly married 19 year old, and shooting a Colt Python using a 160 grain cast SWC. One shot in the throat as the little buck walked toward me up a dry creek, and I was hooked on both cast bullets and handguns--a love affair lasting to this day! Our kids were raised on venison of deer and elk with my pistols and cast bullets.

  20. #240
    my first whitetail buck was a 32 win sp in model 94. i was 12 years old and i don't remember what grain it was and what brand it was. i was sitting there with my dad when 10-12 does and a 3 point came in. i was so excited i could barely keep the gun on him. my dad said shoot it......shoot.....shoot....shoot....shoot....shoot .....and i finally did. the buck was 25-30 yards away from me and he went down. i jumped up and i think i shouted "i got one...i got one". my dad said "yeah you did." and then he said "where'd you shoot him?" i said "chest" and then he grunted. we go over to the buck and then i found out i shot him in the neck. then i go " i could have gut shot him". dad goes "you could have, but i'm happy for you."

    i shot the next buck in the chest and the next and the next....i'm forever grateful for accuracy on my guns. because i know that its me, not the gun.

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