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Thread: If you think so, try this.

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    Boolit Bub Neo's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Victoria Australia
    I'm new to casting I shot my first 20 bullets that I cast for my 30/30 lubed and sized .309 178gn flat point 15 grains adi 2207 powder. And when I cleaned my rifle after use I noticed no difference in how dirty the barrel was to firing jacked rounds.also I did recover one of the bullets and the base of it was still nice and round and the head of it was nicely mushroomed with no breakup of the lead.

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    With the state of our world, and the for sure increase in all metals a thought. Should we not keep the success to our little group and let the non believers be waiting on Wal-Mart to restock. Let the flat earth crowd be. Gtek

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    Mar 2013
    Just to muddy the waters or confirm some of what's been said.

    On those hot summers days when I shot IPSC or IDPA and participated in the scoring,
    we noticed that there would be lube splatter all over the targets.

    Not so on the cooler days.

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    Boolit Man jackmanuk's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    hmm i odnt lube my bullets maybe i should try, but i dont get any leading anyway i have an issuer with poorly burned powder down the barrel

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    I was just talking to a guy last night who was very interested in casting and wants to learn--and, as expected, he asked about the whole leading and dirty-to-shoot myth. It just so happened I was carrying my Smith, which has had somewhere between 800 and 900 rounds of cast through it since the last time I scrubbed it--something I do intentionally with this one for this exact reason. SO... When he asked the question, I pulled the barrel and said "have a look for yourself." The look on someone's face when they look down a bore that is near spotless and then are told it's sent nearly 1K rounds down range with LEAD--well, it's priceless. I should also note those weren't mouse-fart loads either. My Smith .40 runs at near J-word velocities always.
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    I just read this thread for the first time... I laugh at people when they tell me that lead boolits are bad for your bore and all the other myths that they spout. I actually got in an argument with a guy at the gun show about a year ago about this subject because he was telling people that shooting lead boolits without his molly coating will lead their barrel and cause all sorts of problems. At first I wasnt really talking to him but I said loud enough to be heard that it was a myth and he shouldnt lie to people. Of course he tried to give me the line of how the lead scrapes off at the boolit goes down the barrel and the molly stops this. I told him that if he sized the boolits correctly then he wouldnt have to molly coat them. Only 1 person standing there asked me about it and I explained that this guys boolits were undersized for what you would want a lead boolit to be. I dont know if the guy took what I said to heart and I really dont care because it would leave more lead for me to shoot.


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    Boolit Mold
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    Feb 2011
    Consider the lowly .22 long rifle. It shoots nothing but lead, coated with a light coating of wax and I have never seen any leading. Maybe some soot and powder fouling, but never had to scrub lead out of the barrell. Wonder if it is because of bullet fit?

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    Boolit Master Garyshome's Avatar
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    Got to slug the bore and get the correct size. Then worry about the other stuff later. First things first.


    I know a thing or 2 about a thing or 2!

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    DanG, I don't know what to believe now. If copper from the "J" word is so bad what about the copper checks, their rubbed into the lands and grooves on the way out too. Mayby the reason wax gas checks work is they just help seal. For sealing it seems the right case filler should work wonders. Frank C.

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    Quote Originally Posted by old beekeeper View Post
    Consider the lowly .22 long rifle. It shoots nothing but lead, coated with a light coating of wax and I have never seen any leading.
    I have... I've owned a few that lead-fouled badly.
    I owned one Marlin that would near fill the groves unless I used the copper-plated type ammunition.
    I owned an H&R 939 revolver that lead "cones" would build-up on the cylinder face to the point it wouldn't turn.
    By far the worst was a Savage that would only shoot 'round 10 times before accuracy turned into shotgun patterns from lead fouling.

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    May 2011
    How bout this experiment in a .38/.357 revolver?

    Buy a box of way-to-soft 148-grain swaged lead HBWCs made by Speer or Hornady.

    Buy a box of commercial HARD CAST 148-grain WCs (because we all know cast boolits must be titanium-hard to make it through the bore without evaporating), sized .358 (because everyone knows cast boolits should be .001 over bore diameter, and we all KNOW the bore is exactly .357, cuz that's what's stamped on the barrel )

    Load 50 rounds of each to about 700 FPS (because everyone knows lead boolits can't be pushed any faster.)

    Shoot all 50 rounds of one boolit followed by 50 of the other. Which load left lead in the bore? (Hint: shoot the swaged slugs first to avoid having to scrub the bore before proceeding prior to the next batch.)

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    Boolit Grand Master

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    Apr 2005
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    Excellent thread, and one well worth periodic review just as a reminder. A few years ago I bought a Blackhawk 357 in a pawn shop that was extremely leaded, for about 2/3 of the price it should have been, because I showed the owner the barrel, and said, I would probably have to rebarrel it. Took about an hour to get the leading out of it. Doubt it had ever been shot over 100 rounds, probably with way undersized bullets. It is probably my second favorite carry gun today. It just wants .3585 bullets!
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    By the way, nobody mentioned this one.

    If you shoot cast bullets long enough your skin will wrinkle.

    Happened to me, and to most cast shooters I know.
    First reload: .22 Hornet. 1956.
    More at:

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    Quote Originally Posted by williamwaco View Post
    By the way, nobody mentioned this one.

    If you shoot cast bullets long enough your skin will wrinkle.

    Happened to me, and to most cast shooters I know.

    Hey that happened to me before I stared casting, lol.
    Lead bullets Matter

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    Interesting read!

    I guess I have some work to do before I start pouring.....

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    Boolit Bub
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    my son & i shot my 1866 cimmrion 44-40 rifle 180 rounds in one day no cleaning till that evening & no leading at all
    full starline case load of compressed 2F swiss BP with 200g biglube boolit cast from COWW with my home made lube
    now if i can just do that in smokless in my 303 B with modertly to high velocity id be happy
    NRA Life Member
    learn to make your own black powder collect bp arms as there presently not recorded
    smokless is a fad its fading fast, helped along by obama

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    Boolit Man
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    Jan 2012
    Molly,thanks for the very informative thread.Been casting a long time and you have clarified a few problems I have been dealing with.

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    Boolit Grand Master popper's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    An old post but let's summarize some.
    1) lead will rub off due to friction. Good lube will prevent it.
    2) 'gas cutting' occurs due to the high fps of gas molecules (Bernoulli's venturi effect), not just the high temp. Smaller the 'tube', higher the fps. Leaves 'sputtered' droplets of lead which cooled fast after the boolit passes.
    3) running out of lube does happen, not just by quantity but quality as well.
    4) MG barrels are used in modern cannon, but the projectile is really hard. You need a harder alloy for Marlins.
    5) stripping can be caused by weak alloy (plain ol shear) and gas cutting on the non-drive side of the rifling.
    6) muzzle loaded doesn't leave a deformed base, just like base first push-thru sizing. Lead moves to the nose end. ergo, better accuracy due to better base.
    7) Wrinkled skin does NOT come from casting as I was wrinkled when I started casting in my late 60's. She says I still look good.
    8)hard alloy does NOT cause leading. Undersized boolits do NOT cause leading. My experiment was with 36+ BHN (like superhard) 170 GC PCd 308W sized 3085 (bore). 42 gr. H4895 gives close to 2700 fps, my normal load. 10 shot in 2 trips. NO leading or cleaning. Last shot was unchecked, same boolit but 39gr. LeverE (maybe a tad slower). Inspect with a bore light - 1 speck of something about halfway down the barrel. Blew it out. Accuracy @ 100 was hunt-able (not with this boolit), the non GC one was on paper. OK, it was the PC right - nope. I've gotten lots of leading running PC with weaker alloys. Before you flame, yes you can get leading with hard, under 'normal' cast sized boolits BUT IMHO it's due to something else. This was not the purpose of the experiment but I'll use the results.
    9) the purpose of GC is to provide a good base all the way down the barrel. The OP's test show gas will get past it and cause cutting, even of the copper. So it doesn't completely 'seal' the bore and can do some scraping to remove some leading.
    10)paper is fibrous and actually very strong. Others have tested thick wads on the base and gotten excellent results, much like a GC.
    Not saying we are doing it wrong, just that we have test evidence to show what is really happening.
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    I miss Molly!
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    Quote Originally Posted by williamwaco View Post
    By the way, nobody mentioned this one.

    If you shoot cast bullets long enough your skin will wrinkle.

    Happened to me, and to most cast shooters I know.
    I resemble that remark!!

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