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Thread: Abbreviations - Acronyms - As Used on This Forum

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    Exclamation Abbreviations - Acronyms - As Used on This Forum

    Hey guys, we've talked about collecting abbreviations in one place, and so with Ken's blessing, here we go. . Thanks, everyone, in advance for your help!


    45-45-10 -- 45% LLA + 45% JPW + 10% Mineral Spirits
    #2 -- Lead alloy comprised of 90% lead, 5% tin, 5% antimony
    **** -- a censored word

    ACP or acp -- Automatic Colt Pistol
    ACWW -- air cooled wheel weights
    Ag -- symbol for the Silver
    AISTI -- and I'm sticking to it
    Al -- symbol for Aluminum
    As -- symbol for Arsenic
    Au -- symbol for Gold
    Av -- average velocity
    AWOL -- absent without leave

    BAC -- another fantastic White Label Lube standing for Beeswax, Alox, Carnauba
    BB -- bevel base
    BBWC -- bevel base wad cutter
    BC -- ballistic coefficient
    beagle -- as in to "beagle a mold" meaning to use a technique to slightly enhance the overall diameter of a cast boolit.
    BGG -- big grease groove
    BHN -- Brinell Hardness Number
    Bi -- symbol for Bismuth

    boolit -- as God laid it into the soil, grand old Galena, the Silver Stream graciously hand poured into molds for our consumption.
    BP or bp -- black powder, "the real stuff!"
    BP -- bronze point
    BP -- bullet pull

    BPCR -- Black Powder Cartridge Rifle, as opposed to a BP ML rifle. The .45 Colt is a BP cartridge, but it's not suitable for the BPCR Silhouette game, which extends to 600 yards. Such matches are shot using BPCRs, such as Sharps and Rem. Rolling Blocks.

    BPCR/P --
    BP ML -- Black Powder Muzzle Loader

    BPS -- Black Powder Silhouette
    BR -- bench rest
    BRP -- BRP Products, LLC.; boolit moulds, Bruce Brandit, a member of this forum. See:
    BT -- boat tail
    BTHP -- boat tail hollow point (bullet shape)
    BTDT -- been there, done that
    BTW -- by the way
    Bullplate -- THE lubricant for molds, especially aluminum molds; comes from Bullshop, a member here

    C -- compressed charge
    cakecutter/ kakekutter -- cuts boolits loose when pan lubing. See:
    CAS -- cowboy action shooting
    catsneeze -- a light load
    CAV – Cavalry
    CB – cast boolit
    CF -- center fire
    check -- gas check
    Checkmaker -- gas-check producing dies manufactured and sold by member Pat Marlin
    CMJ -- complete metal jacket
    CMP -- Civilian Marksmanship Program; see
    COL -- cartridge overall length
    COW -- Cream Of Wheat
    COWW or CO -- clip-on wheelweights
    CR -- Carnauba Red, a very popular lube from White Label Lubes (WLL)

    Cramer -- a system of producing hollow-point boolits in BRASS and STEEL molds, in which the pins are retained by slides which protrude through the mold halves. The manufacturer of molds which developed an internal HP pin. Not all Cramers are HP molds. See (link to threads)

    Cu -- symbol for Copper
    CUP -- Copper Units of Pressure
    CV -- Coefficient of Variation

    DCM -- Director of Civilian Marksmanship
    DRT -- dead right there

    FC -- Federal Cartridge (headstamp on some MILSURP brass)
    fg, ffg, fffg, ffffg -- black powder granulations
    FL --full length; i.e., full-length sizing
    FLGC -- full length gas check (a jacketed bullet)
    FLS -- full length sized
    FMJ -- full metal jacket
    FN or fn -- flat nose
    FP or fp -- flat point
    FPS -- feet per second
    Freechex -- A tool set for making gas checks from sheet metal (usually aluminum beverage cans), manuf'd by an internet vendor
    FWC -- full wad cutter
    FWFL -- Felix World Famous Lube (see link)
    FWIW -- for what it's worth

    GB or gb -- group buy
    GC -- gas check

    HB -- hollow base
    HBWC --hollow base wad cutter
    Hg -- symbol for Mercury
    headstamp -- markings on base of cartridges indicating manufacturer; see
    HG or H&G -- Hensley & Gibbs
    HGAC -- haven't got a clue
    HIIK -- heck if I know
    HJ -- half jacket
    HP or hp -- hollow point
    HP -- High Point firearms
    HT -- heat treated
    HTWW -- heat treated wheel weight

    IIRC -- if I recall/remember correctly
    IME -- in my experience; similar to IMHO but defines it beyond an opinion; recognizes that others' experience may be different
    IMH(BA)O -- in my humble (but accurate) opinion
    IMHO -- in my humble/honest opinion
    IMR -- Improved Military Rifle
    INC -- I need coffee
    INCB -- I need coffee bad
    IPSC -- International Practical Shooters Confederation
    ITWW -- in the worst way

    J -- jacketed
    j-word -- jacketed bullets (not BOOLITS)
    JFP -- jacketed flat point
    JHC -- jacketed hollow core/cavity
    JHP -- jacketed hollow point
    JFN -- jacketed flat nose
    JPW -- Johnson's Paste Wax

    K = Equals approximate peak chamber pressure times a thousand without specifying the exact method of reading the pressure. Usually used in reference to the amount of pressure a lead alloy of given strength can withstand, or to reference pressure readings from private pressure trace strain gauge systems some of us own and use or when we are not sure of the method of pressure reading when quoting load data from sources that don't specify the method. Examples: 15-K, . . . 17 - K, . . . 32 K, . . . 12K, . . . etc.

    kakekutter/ cakecutter -- cuts boolits loose when pan lubing. See:

    Lino -- linotype alloy
    L -- lead
    LA -- liquid Alox
    LB -- lead bullet
    LBT -- Lead Bullet Technology; a maker of custom bullet molds; Veral Smith designs
    LD -- loading density
    LFN -- lead flat nose
    LFN -- long flat nose
    LFRB -- large flat rate box (USPO priority mail)
    LLA -- Lee Liquid Alox
    lol or LOL -- laughing out loud
    LOL – lots of luck
    LOML – love of my life (not gun)
    LOS – line of sight
    LRN – lead round nose
    LSWC – lead semi wad cutter
    LWC – lead wad cutter

    M – magnum
    MC – metal case
    ME – muzzle energy
    MFRB -- medium flat rate box (USPO priority mail)
    Mihec -- maker of custom moulds, member here
    milsurp -- military surplus
    ML -- muzzle loading firearms
    MLers – muzzleloaders
    Mo – symbol for Molybdenum
    MO -- money order
    MOA -- minute of angle; refers to size of group. 1 MOA = 1" @ 100 yds, 2" @ 200 yds.
    moa dot -- a sighting dot within a scope, e.g., “a 1/4 moa dot". Said to be easier for aging eyes to see.
    mould or mold -- boolit mould (see link)
    MR – mean radius
    Mule Snot -- Lee Liquid Alox
    MV – muzzle velocity

    Ni – symbol for Nickel
    NIB – new in box
    Noob -- new member; newbie
    NOE -- Night Owl Enterprises (member here, maker of custom moulds)
    NS – neck sized
    NTB – not too bad
    NW – no way

    OAL – overall length
    OAW – older and wiser
    OAWW – oven annealed wheel weight
    OBSK – old but still kicking
    OHT – oven heat treat
    OMW – oh my word
    OPB – other people's brass
    OTOH – on the other hand

    OQWW -- oven quenched wheel weights. You can heat treat by other means but you can't water quench without an oven. (See Veral Smith, Chapter 8, Jacket Performance with Cast Bullets)

    PB -- plain base
    Pb – symbol for Lead

    PBR -- Point Blank Range; In regards to exterior ballistics, PBR is the trajectory in which a boolit or bullet is +/- to the line of sight in inches, on a given size target. For instance,,, a 6" PBR a projectile is neither more than 3" above or below the line of sight (LOS). The actual range is dictated by the veloctiy, intended target size, and atmospheric conditions as well, for that particular boolit/bullet and load.

    PRB -- patched round ball
    PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
    PETA – people eating tasty animals
    PID controller -- an electronic device which can control the temperature of a lead melting pot or hotplate within very close tolerances
    PL – Power-Lokt
    PLMK – please let me know
    PMWFCFF – Pat Marlin's World Famous California Flake Flux
    POA – point of aim
    POI – point of impact
    POMO -- Post Office Mone Order
    *** – parent over shoulder
    PP -- paper patch
    PR – primer
    PSI – pounds per square inch
    PSP – pointed soft point
    PSPCL -- pointed soft point Core-Lokt; a Remington J-bullet
    PTD – pointed

    QLA -- Quick Load (Thompson/Center); recessed lands at the end of a T/C front-stuffer, makes it easier to start a patched ball or REAL boolet.

    R – round ball
    R-P -- Remington Peters
    RA -- Remington Arms (headstamp on some MILSURP brass)
    ranch dog -- a bullet mold designed and sold by the member of the same name (but capitlized)
    RB -- round ball

    RCBS -- Rock Chuck Bullet Swage Company, the business Fred Huntington started in the 40s when he made die sets for making small caliber bullets using expended .22 RF cartridges for jackets. He mainly used the bullets to shoot at Rock Chucks, the Western equivalent of a groundhog. Thus the name Rock Chuck Bullet Swage Company.

    REAL -- Rifling Engraved At Loading
    Rem -- Remington
    Revolter -- revolver
    RF -- rim fire

    RG -- a system of producing hollow-point boolits in ALUMINUM molds, in which the pins are retained by slides mounted to the bottom of the mold. The name is said to pay homage to "Rube Goldberg" due to the mechanical complexity of this system. See: (link to thread)

    RKBA – right to keep and bear arms
    RN – round nose
    RNFP -- round nose flat point
    Rock Chucker -- the flagship reloading press of the RCBS company
    ROCKDock -- a bench press dock mounting system manufactured and sold by member Pat Marlin
    rotfl or ROTFL-- rolling on the floor laughing
    RPM -- rouonds per minute, the cyclic rate of a machine gun
    RS – range scrap
    RT – round tip
    **** -- read the f manual (before you use the dang stuff.)

    S – symbol for Sulfur
    SAA – single action army
    SASS -- Single Action Shooting Society
    Sb – symbol for Antimony
    S&W -- Smith & Wesson
    SAECO - Santa Anita Engineering Co.
    SBT – spitzer boat tail
    SD – sectional density or Standard Deviation
    SEE – secondary explosive effect
    SFRB -- small flat rate box (USPO priority mail)
    SG -- Speed Green, a very popular lube made by member Bullshop
    SIL – silhouette
    SJ – short jacket
    Sn – symbol for tin
    SOWW or SO -- stick-on wheelweights
    SP – soft point
    SP – spire point
    SP – soft point
    SPCL – soft point Core-Lokt
    SPG -- A black powder boolt lube. See:
    Spz – spitzer point
    SSAA -- Sporting Shooters' Association of Australia
    SSP – single shot pistol
    SWC – semi wad cutter
    SWMBO -- she who must be obeyed (at least while she's looking)
    soup can -- the Lee 113 fp 30 cal boolit, not to be confused with the 7mm Soup can or any other resembling a small can. This is the original.
    squib -- not enough or no powder; usually results in a stuck bullet in the bore or between cylinder and bore of a revolver
    stickies -- forum threads of broad and significant interest; kept intact and active, not archived
    SxS DBL BBL M/L -- side by side double barrel muzzleloader

    T/C -- Thompson/Center
    TC – truncated cone
    TL -- Tumble Lube, which in front of certain boolit mold designs, means it has micro bands rather than traditional lube grooves
    TL -- Tumble Lubing, a method of lubricating boolits which requires no sizing equipment
    TMS – that's my story
    TMJ – total metal jacket
    TNSTAAFL – there's no such thing as a free lunch
    TOF – time of flight

    USPO -- United States Post Office
    USPS -- United States Postal Service

    VOE – voice of experience

    W-C -- Winchester Cartridge
    WC – wad cutter
    WCC -- Western Cartridge Company (head stamp on some MILSURP brass)
    WCWW -- water cooled wheel weights
    WDWW -- water dropped wheel weights
    WETSU – we eat this stuff up
    WFN – wide flat nose
    wheelgun -- revolver
    win – Winchester
    WLL -- White Label Lubes, one of our vendor sponsors
    WP – white (smokeless) powder
    WQ – water quench
    WTB – want to buy
    WTS – want to sell
    ww or WW -- wheel weight
    WW -- Winchester Western
    YMMV – your mileage may vary
    Zn – symbol for Zinc
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    What does K.I.S.S. stand for. It's not listed in the above posts. Thanks, BC
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    THANK YOU!!! This should be a sticky.

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    Thank you much! I have a slightly hard time finding out what the abbreviations on here are and usually end up googling them - and only sometimes can i get the right answer out of google. And I second that it should be a sticky.

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    I do believe that this is already a sticky

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    add this

    LLA Lee Liquid Alox

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    That type of abbreviation is not permitted on this board.

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    See below.
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    GG boolit- grease groove bullet
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    DST = Double Set Trigger

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    win center fire?
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    LP -- Large Pistol primer
    LPM -- Large Pistol Magnum primer
    LR -- Large Rifle primer
    LRM -- Large Rifle Magnum primer
    SP -- Small Pistol primer
    SPM -- Small Pistol Magnum primer
    SR -- Small Rifle primer
    SRM -- Small Rifle Magnum primer

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    One I've seen, SBH = Ruger Super Blackhawk.

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    Bump to top

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    Quote Originally Posted by azrednek View Post
    THANK YOU!!! This should be a sticky.
    I strongly agree!

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    EDC - every day carry.
    EODC - every other day carry
    WWEKD - what would Elmer Keith do
    OMGWITGTE - oh my God when is is this going to end

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    Some of those powder coat fellas are going to feel left out.

    Nice work compiling all of this.

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Abbreviations used in Reloading

BP Bronze Point IMR Improved Military Rifle PTD Pointed
BR Bench Rest M Magnum RN Round Nose
BT Boat Tail PL Power-Lokt SP Soft Point
C Compressed Charge PR Primer SPCL Soft Point "Core-Lokt"
HP Hollow Point PSPCL Pointed Soft Point "Core Lokt" C.O.L. Cartridge Overall Length
PSP Pointed Soft Point Spz Spitzer Point SBT Spitzer Boat Tail
LRN Lead Round Nose LWC Lead Wad Cutter LSWC Lead Semi Wad Cutter
GC Gas Check