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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-17-2020, 12:50 PM
    I dont think I have just been lucky but I have not had any of the issues many have loading cast in 9mm. Even for stock glock bbls, a medium hard bullet sized 0.356" has worked fine. Sizing to 0.357" works a bit better with lubes. With PC, I can size...
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-17-2020, 12:47 PM
    In a word yes, you can use starting jacketed data & work up. Though you will hit max with a lead bullet sooner than jacketed in my exp.
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-17-2020, 12:43 PM
    I have been casting for 40y. Pretty much all I shoot are lead & now coated lead. My last blood check showed about 10. I almost never shoot indoors. I dont mine from a bullet trap. Every person's physiology is diff. Proper diet & exercise, good...
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-17-2020, 12:39 PM
    Not sure how the BE feeds so I would go RN design. No gc are not required for most handgun loads, even magnums. Alloy & size & lube take care of most leading issues. If you are going to size, 0.452" is the minimum.
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-15-2020, 03:26 PM
    As others noted, quite a few inclusions, plus never been a fan of TL designs. Try fluxing with sawdust. Stir the casting pot with a wooden stick every time you add metal.
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-15-2020, 03:21 PM
    Perfect, probably doesnt exist. Good bases though are very doable. I will trim any flashing if it happens. I toss them back if the bases show any void or edges not uniform. Most of the calibers I cast will beat FMJ with open bases.
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-11-2020, 01:43 PM
    Well done!
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-11-2020, 01:42 PM
    How long did you wait to size? IMO, water dropping is a waste of time if you are baking @ 400 for 20m & then air cooling. I water drop out of the oven. I try to size within a couple days. I have never had issues. I also use a cheap Lee press...
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-11-2020, 01:38 PM
    I have not seen that much jump in powder prices from last year, the supply line seems stable. Primers are always the issue for reloaders. They are used by manuf to make ammo, canister powders not so much. No one should be buying primers for...
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-11-2020, 01:32 PM
    So many people misunderstand OAL. It is always bullet & barrel specific, regardless of data. So you have to adjust when setting up for one gun then going to another if you load long. Seating deeper does raise pressure but the small amount you are...
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-10-2020, 02:37 PM
    Cool but you are NOT sizing 2-3 per second. It takes longer than that to cycle the handle once.
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-10-2020, 02:35 PM
    You answered your own question. With RN or pointed or gc, you are better off nose first IMO.
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-10-2020, 02:30 PM
    Cost of equip, depends on what you want. I like a bottom pour pot, the Lee 20# works fine for like $70. If you like the Lee 158gr SWC design, then another $70 for a 6cav + handles. You can often shoot as cast, Alox lube, pretty cheap. For cost of a...
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-09-2020, 02:39 PM
    I shoot range scrap, PC & water dropped out of the oven after PC. It works just fine in 9mm or 40.
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-09-2020, 02:34 PM
    Trade for soft. I am sitting on about 500# of pure lead from lead sheathing. I would be happy to trade straight across for harder alloy. USPS med frb for $15. You get 60# worth easy. Not sure they frb from France though. If you are trying to remove...
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-08-2020, 12:23 PM
    No way to reallt say how bad storing in unstable temps can be, but it certainly isnt good for the ammo.
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-03-2020, 03:09 PM
    IMO, a shtf scenario, type of bullet wont matter. What will matter is do you have a gun & ammo for it & more importantly, do you have the training & skill to deploy it effectively? Mere possession of gun & ammo means little IMO. Its just part of...
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-03-2020, 12:44 PM
    fredj338 replied to a thread Ratios for Bullets in Cast Boolits
    Yep, if shooting low pressure 45colt stuff, you could actually get by with pure lead if it casts. Either 50-50 clip ww & pure or enough tin to get good mold fill out, like 2%.
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-02-2020, 01:48 PM
    Exactly. I think a lot of guys over think this stuff. If I can scratch it with any pencil its bullet matl. Cast it up & test it on a bhn tester.
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-01-2020, 03:35 PM
    As noted, it will burn off long before the metal melts. I add the sawdust before skimming crud. It seems to loosen the lead & leaves just clips & jackets for skimming.
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-01-2020, 03:32 PM
    No point adding moly, which most people are off moly now anyway. PC is a lube, slick as moly in the bore, little smoke & no coating left behind like moly.
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-01-2020, 03:30 PM
    No real diff. I have a LW barrel for my G17, I get a slightly higher vel with it over the stock glock bbl, probably tighter tolerances.
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    09-01-2020, 12:19 PM
    fredj338 replied to a thread 9mm 8-Cavity MP Mold in Cast Boolits
    You wont know the as cast size until you cast some. Alloy & temp affect final size, you may end up well over or under 0.359". PC should stick, but if you have to size a lot, that may or may not hold true.
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    08-31-2020, 02:37 PM
    I have run 2000fps with PC/PB in my 6.8 with decent 100y accuracy, under 3". I need to play with the alloy more, I think it needs to be harder.
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    08-31-2020, 02:32 PM
    fredj338 replied to a thread Ballistic Media in Cast Boolits
    Long before ballistic gel was the norm, bullet manuf used wetpack to test bullets. I still do because it is cheap, repeatable & easy. You can use old phone books or newsprint. To stop a 44mag solid, you will need at least 20". For expanding bullets,...
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    08-31-2020, 12:08 PM
    When I was getting lino for 25c/#, they delivered a pallet of 25# pigs. Just mark off about 1# sections with a Sharpie & hold it in the pot. Lino has a low melt point so melt off about 1#. Easier than cutting. FWIW, unless you are running magnum...
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    08-31-2020, 12:01 PM
    fredj338 replied to a thread Range Lead in Cast Boolits
    Its about the only reliable source anymore,. If your range allows it, go for it. You only have to dig, if at all, about 10-12" to find all the bullets you need. After the rain, they can just be plucked off the dirt on the face of the berm.
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    08-28-2020, 03:33 PM
    Good score. I have a friend in construction, came up with over 1200# of roofing lead. he is melting it into 1# ingots & we are trading. I dont need anything near that much pure lead but free is free.
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    08-28-2020, 03:30 PM
    Yeah dont melt them into ingots. I traded a guy pure for some, he said he melted into ingots & I thought fine. I should have asked. he sent me a 20# ingot. *** am I supposed to do with that? So I had to remelt the oversize ingots to get them into...
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  • fredj338's Avatar
    08-28-2020, 03:27 PM
    I shake & bake with ASBB. A light coating is all I want with a quality PC. I get zero leading & good accuracy.
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