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  • samari46's Avatar
    Today, 01:37 AM
    Bolt action in 32-20. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    Today, 01:23 AM
    I bought one of the lab style hot plates. Numbers 1-10 but does not have temptures in degrees. Before I start casting later this year, going to get one of the infrared gizmos from Harbor Freight. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    Today, 01:15 AM
    Have a pilot's survival knife that I bought in 1966 while I was in the navy. Still have it today. Every so often I take it out and clean the green crud off all the rivets, oil the blade and put it away. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-24-2021, 02:25 AM
    Beautiful work. Spent too many years working with my hands. And my hands suffered for it. But I appreciate fine work. And that is some fine work. I'm one of those guys who couldn't cut a straight saw cut unless I'm using a guide. Even when playing...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-22-2021, 01:13 AM
    Have a Pedersoli sharps 1874 infantry rifle. Can best describe the lever as a mouse trap spring. Have shot it so I just move the hammer to half cock, move the lever slowly then reload and take my time with the lever on the closing cycle. Funny thing...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-21-2021, 01:46 AM
    samari46 replied to a thread What’s wrong with me? in Leverguns
    One of the members at our gun club had a Marlin JM 1894 in 357 magnum for sale at $165 couldn't get my wallet out fast enough. Stuck a Lyman 6x on it for load developement and was getting 2" at 100yds. Then a few months later at a local gunshow got...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-21-2021, 01:31 AM
    Got the same setup.Problem is cannot decide to put it on my No.4MKII or my Parker Hale sporter. No ranges open due to covid and my home range while open is kinda a long drive. Will wait until the local sheriff's range opens as it's less than 20...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-21-2021, 01:22 AM
    samari46 replied to a thread Times are changing in Our Town
    Years back we went to Amish country in Pennsylvania. Fried home made sausages, fried chicken. And watched them make home made peanut butter. So bought a couple large jars, took home the sausages and chicken. Got stuck in traffic. Opened the cooler...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-20-2021, 01:16 AM
    Bought my Korean mags when they first came into the country. Never had a problem with any of them. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-18-2021, 02:28 AM
    More than likely done to eliminate the need for an extractor cut. That and the end of the barrel where that section of the barrel sticks out is also done to control headspace. So they kill two birds at one shot. Don't think that this type of barrel...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-18-2021, 01:58 AM
    Devon, thanks a lot. Have one set of older Redding/ Saeco mold handles that I'll try. Fairly large brass mold blocks for a two cavity mold. Thanks again,Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-17-2021, 01:10 AM
    Google no gunsmithing mounts. Should get plenty of hits. Bought one for my #4MKII from Bad Ace Tactical. Cost was $129 but all steel mount/aluminum picatinny rail. Comes with all screws for the mount,replacement screws for the ejector screw and a...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-17-2021, 12:50 AM
    Have an older Mountain mold in 8mm and was wondering which mold handles. 2 cavity brass mold. Thanks,Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-16-2021, 01:36 AM
    samari46 replied to a thread Times are changing in Our Town
    MY SIL used to get commodities and got peanut butter as some of the stuff she used to get. That Gov't peanut butter had very little oil in it and that made it taste great. Used to toast 4 slices of bread and while still hot slap on some of the...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-15-2021, 01:08 AM
    samari46 started a thread Times are changing in Our Town
    Wally world used to sell either a 6lb or 7lb can of JIF peanut butter. Now down to a 4 lb can. What's a guy to do when he can't get the big can any longer. Buy two 4lb cans that's what. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-15-2021, 12:47 AM
    Check with the NRA as I have a 10-15 page booklet on handling,shooting and accurizing the M1. Don't remember which magazine but either Rifle or Handloader had a couple good articles about accurizing. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-14-2021, 12:47 AM
    Had to grin when I saw the 1963 date on the box. Have a couple boxes of loaded LC 63 M72 Match left out of the batch I bought years back. I've shot them in my Sako 75 Hunter and get excellent accuracy. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-13-2021, 01:15 AM
    I've a Ruger #1 and I guarantee you'll run out of shoulder before you reach top end loads in the 45/70. With factory loaded 300 grain bullets you have a nice decent rifle. Push them above 1900 fps and you have a monster on your hands. Been there...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-10-2021, 01:30 AM
    samari46 replied to a thread Generator ?? in Our Town
    Probably due to the ethanol mixed in with the gas. Float get corroded and will cause the gas to leak out of the weep hole. Been there and had to take it to a shop that does repair work. Take the generator outside and pour some gas in the tank. Then...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-08-2021, 03:11 AM
    I've a S&W model 24 in 44 special. Crane is hitting the barrel. Eas that way when I got it.Can he do the work straightening and check the cylinder throats while he's at it.? Other wise I'll have to send it back to S&W> Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-08-2021, 03:00 AM
    samari46 replied to a thread re loading .303 in Military Rifles
    I use IMR 4759 in my Finn Model 27 dated to 1935 7.62x54r. Lyman 314299 w/Javeling lube, 20.0 grs 4759, WLP.Hansen cases,. I get 2-2.5" groups at 100yds. I've been meaning to try this powder in both the 303British and 30-06 with similar heavy for...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-08-2021, 02:36 AM
    The old WWII corrosive ammo bore cleaner smells very strongly of creosote, thing hot summers and railroad tier or sleepers. I guarantee one good wiff and you would be sleeping with your pets outside. It's that strong. However by the mid 50's most...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-07-2021, 01:19 AM
    So how much is an op rod going for now?. Some years back at the Huston gun show they were going for $50 each. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-06-2021, 02:25 AM
    I've a model 10 I have had for about 25 years. Put a lot of rounds downrange. Since I used to live in NYC and all the police officers I saw all carried a model 10 with the heavy barrel. So eventually I bought one. Few years later picked up a model...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-06-2021, 02:18 AM
    Have to second the comments from Prairie Cowboy,I have had a sneaking admiration for 1911's for many years. From my 1911A1 Ithaca made in 1943 to my Springfield Armory one I bought to shoot steel plate matches. Never placed but sure had fun. All...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-06-2021, 01:53 AM
    Bet if you took some orders you could sell quite a few. Beautiful work. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-06-2021, 01:50 AM
    samari46 replied to a thread My Peabody in Single Shot Guns
    I've a carbine in the 56-50 rimfire and while the barrel looks nice the muzzle needs to be cut back. Looks like it was used to drive nails. The owner of the Peabody company used to do center fire conversions at one time. Cost about $500 to do the...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-05-2021, 03:25 AM
    My 88 also slugs out at .321 so I can use .323 diameter bullets. In the presence of caution I have slugged it more than a few times and always got .321 so .323 bullets it is. Cast not jacketed. Think you got your powder numbers mixed up. Should be...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-05-2021, 03:15 AM
    Give Champio's choice a call. They offer many rear sights with other than standard threads and possibly still have the adaptors. Or send them the sight and see if they can see what thread it is and possibly fit an adaptor and a new peep sight. A...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    02-05-2021, 02:58 AM
    Rich, have a post '64 model 70 Match rifle in 30-06 you're welcome to come over for a look since you said you've never see one. At one time I had 4 pre '64 M70 match rifles all in '06, one standard M70 in '06 (made in 1949) and then the one just...
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