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  • samari46's Avatar
    Today, 03:33 AM
    I have a 1888 comission rifle that slugs out at .321 so I could get away using a standard 8mm mold and size to .323 for jacketed bullets 32 special would be my bet. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    07-13-2019, 12:29 AM
    Want to buy a Brit #4MKII, condition of bore doesen't matter. Gonna rebarrel to a different caliber,would like the wood to be decent no major cracks like that. And no Drill purpose rifles they will be sent back. Thank you, Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    07-12-2019, 12:59 AM
    I bought some 7/8ths x 14 tpi threaded rod from a old machinery supply house years ago. 3x3' lengths I dont remember the cost but must have been fairly. Since at the time all the lathe I had was a 6" sears craftsman metal working lathe. One of the...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    07-12-2019, 12:45 AM
    Is Bell brass still in operation??. I thought they went out of business years ago. Or is this new old stock?. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    07-11-2019, 12:35 AM
    John.k, try A.W Warner is where I got my threading kit. Should be able to fix you up with just about any threading bit/inserts you want. HSS or Carbide. Try google to find them. Youtube has some videos put out by Viper who has passed away so don't...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    07-11-2019, 12:22 AM
    About the only thing that comes to mind is the stamped carrier on the post '64 rifles and carbines. Replacing the stamped ones for milled ones aka using the ones made prior to the post '64's. Having said that all three of my post '64 Winchesters to...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    07-11-2019, 12:18 AM
    samari46 replied to a thread What Would You Do?!?!? in Leverguns
    While I realize the value would drop if you relined the barrel, I'd do it in a heart beat. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    07-09-2019, 11:38 PM
    One time I bought a couple buckets of indoor shooting range 45acp brass. All mostly once fired with all the dirt off the floor included. No way was I going to load up my tumbler with all that dirt. Deprimed and cleaned the primer pockets and washed...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    07-09-2019, 12:03 AM
    I have a 5 ton ac unit out back of the house. If for some reason I have to wash dirty brass when done I stick them in an old aluminum salad colander and put it on the top where the fan blows out the hot air. Here in Louisiana that would take about...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    07-08-2019, 11:37 PM
    Wilson, Forster,and Lee. I like the Wilson because when I did experiment with High Power shooting you could get the reamers for small and large primer pockets.My Wilson is the standard one with the stand and clamp for holding the cartridge adaptors....
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  • samari46's Avatar
    07-06-2019, 12:34 AM
    Bought one of the Ruger American compac rifles in 7.62x39 and couldn't get the copper out of the barrel. Brushes,hoppe's, whatever. used my dwindiling supply of Butch's Bore Shine and after about an hour it was gone. Small town and no one here...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    07-03-2019, 11:34 PM
    Skilled hands on workers have become victims of the modern society.When was the last time you saw a radio and TV shop??. Shoe makers and repairmen. And the list goes on. I'm a baby boomer and we didn't have the money for things a lot of people today...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    07-03-2019, 01:03 AM
    Have about 3 case chamfering tools. Coulden't tell you exactly how old they are as I've had then so long. Every so often I take some small stones like a tool and die maker would use and do a cleanup on the flat side like in the link that was posted....
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  • samari46's Avatar
    07-03-2019, 12:45 AM
    Funny thing is that you and Mrs.Thumbcocker are using the same powder charge I use in my Finn model 27 but with a 314299 at about 210 grains weight. Have seen the same powder charge mentioned more than a few times. Must be a sweet spot with 4759....
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  • samari46's Avatar
    07-03-2019, 12:33 AM
    Really hard to find a good gunsmith. Lotta parts changers out there. When I lived in NYC used to go to George Beitzinger in Queens. Had years of experience when he worked for Griffin & Howe at Abercrombie & Fitch in the city and then he opened his...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    07-02-2019, 12:56 AM
    Just a thought, there may be a hidden pin that goes through one side of the base, through a hole in the barrel and outside the other side of the base. Maybe cleaning up the sight base with some sandpaper or wire brush will reveal the hidden pin if...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    06-30-2019, 11:24 PM
    My two 24-3's both have a firing pin bushing as well as my 624 all in 44 special. Models 10, 15 and 36 all have firing pin bushings. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    06-29-2019, 11:36 PM
    Kinda OT but some benchrest shooters used the carcano case reformed to either a 22 or 6mm benchrest cartridge some years back, case of choice was Norma. There was one carcano case just necked up to 30 caliber if my old memory is right. That...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    06-29-2019, 12:04 AM
    My little riding mower gets straight detergent 30w oil, the Kubota oil I use is straight from the dealer first diesel engine for me. regular lawn mower gets straight 30w oil and filter change. Gas for my saw,generator, and trimmers all get 30 w oil....
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  • samari46's Avatar
    06-27-2019, 11:33 PM
    Nice Winchester with a sort of been there done that look. What you have as a rear sight I think is what they call a semi buckhorn. The two curving ears are shorter that a full buckhorn. The ears on a full buckhorn curve up a little higher. If you...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    06-27-2019, 11:17 PM
    Probably not the right guy to answer your question so here goes. When I was younger just about any old rifle said "buy me". Now a lot older and somewhat wiser if it's a model 700 in 30-06 with a true magazine instead of a blind mag I would suggest a...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    06-26-2019, 11:29 PM
    Heck didn't know Winchester/Miroku even made a takedown. So I think you got a screaming deal. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    06-26-2019, 11:11 PM
    samari46 replied to a thread What dissolves Loctite? in Our Town
    I have a really old tap and die set that I bought from Sears many years ago. Chasing both the internal threads with a tap reminds me that, that tap and die set has literally paid itself off many times. There were a few places back in NY that bought...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    06-25-2019, 11:28 PM
    Thanks again, no shortage of folks who have been there and done that. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    06-25-2019, 11:24 PM
    samari46 replied to a thread What dissolves Loctite? in Our Town
    I used a small torch to heat the muzzle break on a buddies ar so it would screw off and get replaced.Cleaned up the threads on the bbl with a wire wheel in my dremel. Since he had all the index washers supplied with the muzzle break, he wanted...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    06-24-2019, 11:58 PM
    Bought a Blue Sky M1 Garand when they first came out. Beech or birch and the walnut oil based stain I tried was a waste. Looked like someone just painted the stock. Back down to bare wood and there is a product that is applied to the wood prior to...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    06-24-2019, 11:39 PM
    Tylenol #3 is a joke. My back went out and back then I had a RN coming to the house 3 days a week. Was all I could do was stand up. My GP prescribed the tylenol #3. Could have done better with advil. I have these lidocane patches and use two at a...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    06-23-2019, 10:45 PM
    I'd like to thank the member who suggested Gluocosamine. Been taking 2000mg daily and today I spent the better part of the afternoon cleaning up all the junk that had accumulated out back of the rear patio. Difference was noticeable from my last...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    06-23-2019, 12:11 AM
    There is the 375/06 as another one to add to your list. I'm seriously contemplating doing the 37 rimmed which is nothing more than just a 303 British case and necking it up to take 375 bullets. No other changes needed. There is a whole load of posts...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    06-22-2019, 12:23 AM
    Could also be a thermite copper welded attachment from the wire to the fitting. Thermite weldeding is used to weld sections pf railroad track together and then ground down to conform to the rest of the track. The thermite copper welding is used to...
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