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  • samari46's Avatar
    Today, 01:35 AM
    I tried a leapers mount which is somewhat similar to the PU mount except it has 4 set screws to clamp the mount to the receiver. Off to the range. kept getting two distinct groupings. Those set screws mentioned??, well turns out they were soft and...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    Today, 01:01 AM
    samari46 replied to a thread USGI sea stories in Our Town
    I worked in a tank farm and were required to notify the Coast Guard whenever there was an oil spill in the water. Tanker had dumped their scrubbers into the east river in NYC. Since the regulations begin with "causing a sheen or discoloration in the...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-19-2020, 12:41 AM
    When I first got my Redhawk in 44 mag those single action style factory grips used to beat my fingers to death. Put on a set of Pachmayer Deaccelerator grips. They are a bit softer than the standard grips but not as soft as one would think. easy to...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-19-2020, 12:06 AM
    Have a Ruger #1 in .459 and my mold in that number barely makes .4585" so doesn't shoot very well. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-16-2020, 11:55 PM
    Saeco's #315 and their copy of the old RG-4 bullet should do well. On rifles with some rounds through the throat some use either Lyman's 311299 or even the 314299 which casts with a .303-.304 bore riding nose. I have an old Walt Melander original...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-16-2020, 11:45 PM
    samari46 replied to a thread .22 LR ammo in Our Town
    OS OK how does that 22 rifle shoot?. Was looking for decent 22 to play with but haven't heard much about how they shoot. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-16-2020, 11:28 PM
    samari46 started a thread Brian Pennington in Our Town
    Brian, found a couple more things that belong to the lathe. PM me with your address so's I can mail them to you.Frank Mods, I do not keep any address's on my computer after a sale. Hence the reason for my post.
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-15-2020, 11:55 PM
    Slug your barrel first to get the numbers that will tell you the size of your bullet. Usually .002 over the groove diameter. Then find out what the twist of the rifling. Not all 308's have the same rifling twist. Seating depth will be governed by...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-15-2020, 12:55 AM
    Think Manson may be making the crowning tool for M1 Garand. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-15-2020, 12:50 AM
    Haven't bought a rifle in a long time. But checked out the web site when these rifles were mentioned. I realize prices have gone up but wow these are expensive. Whatever they are smoking there I want some. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-14-2020, 12:10 AM
    Have one of the hockey puck magnets on a stick. As usual couldn't find it when I needed it. Course when I stepped on it, I knew exactly what it was. Would have shown up sooner or later. Have a couple rare earth magnets that came out of computer hard...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-13-2020, 01:56 AM
    I started shooting with a handgun when I moved to Louisiana. When I lived in NYC Shot a gold cup 45 acp so had experience with the semi auto and none with a revolver. Sold the gold cup for more than what I paid for it. My other 45 is/was a 1943...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-13-2020, 01:26 AM
    Liberty tree collectors should have this screw. And get two while your at it. Got one and two spares for my #4MKII and one fell on the rug in my den. Couldn't find it so used one of the spares. Couple weeks later stepped on it while wearing sox. One...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-13-2020, 01:02 AM
    samari46 replied to a thread Project help? in Our Town
    Built a 8'x8' planter out of pressure treated wood. That was some years back. Used the galvanized brackets and tapcon screws 3" long. Planter is about shot. However both the brackets and screws are doing good. Wondered why the wood rotted out and...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-12-2020, 12:43 AM
    Have a Peabody carbine in 56-50 rimfire and would like to get it converted from rimfire to centerfire. So does the membership know of a good smith to do such a conversion? I have a spare RF breechblock for the conversion. The guy who made Peabody...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-12-2020, 12:37 AM
    Has anyone any info regarding a good smith to convert my Peabody from rimfire to centerfire?. Have the Starline brass, both in 56-50 and 50-70 and a 50 caliber bullet mold. have has this carbine for some years and would like to get it up and running...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-12-2020, 12:27 AM
    Good question. For me it would be 30 caliber/31 caliber. This would include 30 M1 carbine, 308/7.62x51, 30-06. 30-40 Krag, 30-30,7.65x53mm Argentine mauser, 303 British, and 7.62x54r. And for grins and giggles 32-20. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-12-2020, 12:21 AM
    May be a little OT so if the mods wish to move it ok. Anyone ever notice that different brands of primers are more popular in different parts of the country. Here in Louisiana Winchester's are more popular than others. While I haven't been to...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-11-2020, 12:53 AM
    samari46 replied to a thread old & new? in Factory Rifles
    Had a buddy who transferred from our ship same time as I did. Always wanted a 264 Win Mag. So he had to check it in at the ships armory. Thats all he talked about as he lived out west. And there is my total experience with the 264 mag. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-11-2020, 12:49 AM
    Start with IMR 4227 start charge will be 13.5 grains and max will be 14.5 grains While it was available IMR 4759 basically start 13.5 grs and max will be 14.5 grs. This will be with a 165 grain bullet as in factory ammo of the day. Velocity will be...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-11-2020, 12:40 AM
    One sunday each month they would close the pistol range so they could shoot their monthly high power matches. So on Sundays you would find me with a strainer made of 2"x 4" about 3 foot square and used 1/4" hardware cloth (now there is a misnomer if...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-07-2020, 01:19 AM
    I've seen some pics on the S&W forums about the scandium frames and cylinders. Looks like someone took a cutting torch to the fave of the cylinder. If I remember right the 110 and 125 grain bullets are the ones to stay away from. Something about...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-07-2020, 01:04 AM
    If all else fails, locate a drill hole using a milling machine. Had this happen on a Marlin 336. Some fool glued in the mounting screws,I managed to get two out breaking a couple screw driver bits. Smith had them out in ten minutes and cleaned up...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-07-2020, 12:59 AM
    Bought a custom 1911A1 based on a Springfield Armory 1911A1. Forget what they call them but there are two wires one on each side in the channel. Couldn't have had many rounds through it as it was tight. Greased the heck out of it and 300 rounds of...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-07-2020, 12:54 AM
    samari46 replied to a thread Remington rifles in Factory Rifles
    Yeah, it would be nice if they spun off the custom shop and made it a separate business. But don't think they're prices would come down. When I lived on long island Ny Chester's always had a good selection of both new and used 40x's in different...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-07-2020, 12:39 AM
    GAR, haven't heard that name in quite a few years. I lived in NYC and bought a lot of stuff from them. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-07-2020, 12:32 AM
    Dillon without question. Helps if you have a 550B but can use the dies in a regular press. Frank
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-07-2020, 12:27 AM
    Haven't shot them yet but first one would be a Peabody carbine in 56-50, then my 1875 Swedish Rolling block in 8x58 caliber. Then my Argentine 1891's chopped sporters and carbine. 1898 Krag also sportered. Sportered model of 1917 in 30-06. Steyr...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-06-2020, 01:46 AM
    Used Chip McCormick mags ever since our range did steel plate matches. Have 6 that collectively have over 30K rounds through them. Bought another 6 -8 rounders in case I had to replace any. Still waiting. So use them in a 1943 Ithaca 1911A1. No...
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  • samari46's Avatar
    10-06-2020, 01:38 AM
    I've made a couple using a fostenr bit and some 1" ballistic grade lexan. The same stuff they make bullet proof windows out of. I coated one side with layout die and laid out where I wanted the holes. Set up the drill press and started drilling. One...
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