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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:55 PM
    RogerDat replied to a thread CCI Primers in Reloading Equipment
    They work fine for me in all sizes. They were the "preferred" primer in Lee equipment since they were just a bit less likely to go off than some brands. More of a thing when primers where in a tube or tray that allowed for a chain fire. I have...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:33 PM
    Since temp will vary as lead is cast from the pot I won't disagree that this could explain the basic difference which does appear to be a hot or cold cast as already described. I would also look to your casting pace. And where you were in the...
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  • Fishman's Avatar
    03-18-2018, 09:38 AM
    I don’t see any liquid in this recipe. Probably vinegar/water/sugar?
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  • Fishman's Avatar
    03-17-2018, 06:03 PM
    Fishman replied to a thread WTS TC Mold in Swappin & Sellin
    Nice snag Brassmagnet. That’s a tough one to find!
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-16-2018, 08:47 PM
    Not having them because they don't draw sufficient customers is one thing. People who don't even go to the shows complaining about them to officials is silly to use a mixed company term for a lots of very negative and somewhat profane terms. ...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-16-2018, 08:31 PM
    Yep, they seem to find hiding places that only my wife can find with a vacuum. Even the spent ones rattle around and annoy her. The one time it was live and went off, let us just say I don't want to have that conversation again.
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-15-2018, 05:22 AM
    RogerDat replied to a thread Thanks guys in Lead and Lead Alloys
    Well of course "do overs" for the win! It is the beauty of casting, if it isn't right then melt it down and try again. Just like knitting but less hassle to take it back to raw materials. :-) Can be an enjoyable and addictive puzzle getting it...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-15-2018, 04:59 AM
    RogerDat replied to a thread Guilt? in Lead and Lead Alloys
    I check prices online if the pieces are "different" or in good shape without dents or damage. Black pewter is almost always going to be older since it indicates a lead / tin alloy. Won't melt those without some investigation. Turns out I have two...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-15-2018, 04:32 AM
    I was pretty sure I missed the exit for a store I was going to today. Tap -> and say "Google Navigate store name" and sure enough it had me get off at next exit and turn around. I don't have to look at it, just listen to the directions. Now in...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-14-2018, 06:23 PM
    Found circle fly nitro cards at track of the wolf. Not going to save much money compared to the BPI dark cards since a second shipping charge eats up most of the savings (but not all) Fio 3 inch hulls are out of stock right now at BPI. I darn...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-14-2018, 11:34 AM
    Second the kudos for your fine pictures and good work. Printed those puppies off to put with shotgun load manual AND saved files to computer. Now just need to wrap up load workup for 32 acp so I can move onto working on these with more focus. ...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-12-2018, 08:00 PM
    Ditto, aside from how does one know to ask about getting a free upgrade for a part they don't know has been upgraded? Sending part in for a replacement would be only way to find out if true that Dillion doesn't publish that information. Or of...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-12-2018, 07:54 PM
    True they can but often just block "blacklisted" web sites or ones with certain banned or disallowed words. Hospital wireless won't go here, vpn connection through hospital wireless will. The "violent" nature of the site is what gets it blocked at...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-12-2018, 05:58 PM
    Those wads being cut down with a pipe cutter (pretty slick idea that) would those be CSD wads? http://www.ballisticproducts.com/CSD-20ga-3-steel-wad-unslit-250_bag/productinfo/0207023/ My Minie ball is the Lyman 525 grain so if the 455 is a bit...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-12-2018, 11:20 AM
    I will call or email Circle Fly directly to ask about the .125 cards since I don't see that thickness listed on the site & shipping costs. Thanks for the tip on calling BPI to insist on the dark cards. Any suggestions on powders to look into for...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-12-2018, 11:14 AM
    Look into public VPN connections. Stands for Virtual Private Network. Traffic through it is encrypted (private) and thus will probably not be readable by local IT department. It is how Chinese get past the Great Firewall of China imposed by their...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-12-2018, 11:06 AM
    There is a button on the lower left of Messages page to download your existing messages as a file on your computer. Makes it so you don't lose the information when you delete the PM's in the forum.
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-10-2018, 02:34 AM
    Circle Fly has reduced their product offerings to focus on core items. Don't see .125 cards offered anymore. They have .135 but since others had the .125 I figured I would get the suggested size. https://circlefly.com/products I take it the...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-08-2018, 08:33 PM
    Lot of folks simply are ignorant of best practices, or even half way not stupid practices in the wilderness. Then too people make bad choices who might have made a better one if they had considered one other thing they forgot. What you don't want...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-08-2018, 07:57 PM
    Oh yeah? You know how your talking and you simply can't remember who it was that played in that movie with Orson Wells and Paul Newman? Wife gets cranky, dog starts whining, I get distracted, I know the actress, I can see her face, she was the...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-08-2018, 05:36 PM
    Anyone ever try this with a rifled choke? Have an accu choke barrel and a cylinder bore one is $100 and rifled one is $200 while a rifled choke is around $60. Just wondering about options. My shopping list...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-08-2018, 05:07 PM
    We will seldom get pure unless we buy it from a foundry. I like the term "plain" or "soft" lead and use it as pure. Little bit of Sb used by manufacturer to help it form or some joint solder someplace in the melt isn't a problem for most of what...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-08-2018, 04:48 PM
    I was listing the 270 grain difference where they don't have a lead bullet. The load for lead stays the same as jacketed but the starting drops. By a significant amount. When I called Hodgdon once the person told me for lead you would generally...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-08-2018, 02:01 PM
    PM sent on the Berdan Primers. Appears transport won't work, my people in Florida are too far away.
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-07-2018, 08:22 PM
    http://www.hodgdonreloading.com/data/pistol I think you will find that the load range will be pretty small with those heavy bullets in 44 mag. 8.6 to 9.6 for jacketed, I might say 60% of the max given for jacketed is a good starting for cast...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-07-2018, 06:32 PM
    Just started looking into doing slug casting and loads and your design looks like it hits all the areas of concern over deficiencies or shortcomings in other designs. You should totally go for a patent. Maybe offer the mold as a group buy, how to...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-07-2018, 06:18 PM
    Some things such as going out on posted dangerous ice can get you billed if the ice breaks free and you are stranded requiring a rescue. Most rescue stuff is not charged for. We maintain a professional staff to handle the situations from tax payer...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-07-2018, 04:19 PM
    Mine took a hit from a recent powder and primer purchase. Will take a very good deal indeed to pile anymore onto plastic until that purchase is paid for. Not going to happen that entire amount gets paid in same month the brakes get fixed. None of...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-07-2018, 02:04 PM
    Those times you hit the mother load are one reason to build up a stash of cash as "mad money" just in case you come across one of those barrel or pallet deals. Doesn't have to be huge amount, just whatever little extra you can set aside that will...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-06-2018, 06:37 PM
    So super blazing sabots you put a 28 gauge .125 nitro card 2x under the ball and 1x under the wad itself? I notice your pictures the wads don't look bulged out. I set a .575 RB into the 20 gauge wads I had on hand just to look and the wad petals...
    23 replies | 882 view(s)
  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-06-2018, 06:28 PM
    RogerDat replied to a thread Knee operation. in Our Chapel
    Prayers for your safety, health and a full and speedy recovery. +1 on do the rehab. If possible set up your first rehab appointment dates as soon as surgery is done for when the doctor thinks you can start. Sometimes it can take a week or more...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-06-2018, 04:00 PM
    The tabs, or metal handle or bail of a pot of molten lead is about the same temperature as the molten lead. When you pick up the pot the weight really compresses the insulation in your glove and pushes the hot metal hard against your hand. Larger...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-06-2018, 12:01 PM
    Someplace I recall posting results for and XRF of the dental foils I found once. It was nice alloy, I think it was bit higher antimony and tin than COWW lead. Did yours have that plastic film on them? Man did that smoke. Haven't been finding a...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-05-2018, 10:00 PM
    There was 4# of commercial 158 grain SWC bullets of some sort of fairly hard alloy in the scrap bin. Swaged not cast since they lack a sprue. Laser Cast go $60 for 500 so I make this 170 count find to be about $20 worth of "lead" for $4 Found...
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  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-05-2018, 09:52 PM
    What could possibly go wrong? Young person lacking experience and unwilling to take advice or follow rules messing with toxic chemicals in order to extract lead which will be melted to make bullets. I really can't see where anything could go...
    71 replies | 3123 view(s)
  • RogerDat's Avatar
    03-05-2018, 05:42 PM
    Spring loaded prick punch. Offers a consistent force applied to the punch. Not as accurate as say art pencils but it is fast and repeatable. I carry one when going to the scrap yard. By putting a prick in known lead at home I have at least some...
    12 replies | 455 view(s)
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