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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    Today, 10:03 AM
    Bent Ramrod replied to a thread will i ever grow up?? in Our Town
    I’ve got a Russian “Drozhd,” a less-authentic-looking version of about the same thing (uses batteries as well as CO2 cartridges), and I’m about as mature and sophisticated as it gets. Go for it. Don’t forget to yell “Say hallo to my leetle...
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    Yesterday, 09:24 AM
    Wanenmacher’s is epic! Prepare to be totally mind-boggled. The experience of going past row after row of Stuff, without the opposite wall getting any closer, is unnerving. Bring a compass,or something; I got turned around a couple times and it...
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    Yesterday, 08:56 AM
    Also objectionable to the anti-gunner powers-that-be is that gun shows allow us to see how many of us there are, and how normal we are. (With a few exceptions, and those not dangerous to society.) It’s like when the Crown tried to ban coffee...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    03-13-2018, 09:17 AM
    Anybody shooting low-number Springfield 03s should read the articles by Dave LeGate in Rifle #55 and Hugh Douglas in Rifle #99. They discuss both the original receivers and Sedgeley’s heat treatment and proofing method on them. The Sedgeley...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    03-12-2018, 09:50 AM
    Indian Joe, It was 600 yards. My advanced development for grease groove and paper patch loads was benchrest at 600 yards (now it’s 500 meters) and after weighing the first groups of charges to get the optimum, the thrown charges +/- 1/2 grain...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    03-11-2018, 05:59 PM
    Modern smokeless benchresters measure their powder by volume. They don’t even use a chart, just “clicks” on their Culver measures. The old time black-powder benchresters also measured their charges. There were many mentions in Shooting and...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    03-11-2018, 01:32 PM
    Oldred is spot on. Making stuff builds knowledge, skill, confidence and independence. As the late, great Jean Shepherd remarked, nobody ever has to learn how to spend money. We all have that “skill” hard-wired in.
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    03-11-2018, 12:00 PM
    Bent Ramrod replied to a thread Gun show terminology in Our Town
    “Honest Wear.” Fell out of the bed of my pickup truck, at speed, at least twice. “Mint.” At least 60% finish. “Excellent.” At least 10% finish. “Good.” Ranges from NRA Disgusting to NRA Nauseating. “Vintage.” Before 2000.
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    03-09-2018, 08:49 AM
    I get the impression that most or all of them are made by Quinetics, whoever distributes them. RCBS might replace them for free, so that might be the best deal, although the best warranty is the one that never needs to be used. My first...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    03-08-2018, 12:04 PM
    If you have a set of Swiss files, (and an Optivisor, if needed), you can chuck your present pin up and clean up those grooves and take out the marring on the end. A polish with crocus cloth, a little cold blue and nobody will be able to tell the...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    03-08-2018, 11:53 AM
    That would be the best way to get rid of soured, clumped or otherwise suspect powder. How people come up with this stuff is beyond my comprehension. I couldn’t think of that in a hundred years or a thousand. He ought to do the same pictures...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    03-08-2018, 11:20 AM
    I lucked into the forming dies for the Jet, and made some out of .357 Magnum brass. They didn’t last for many reloads, especially the nickel-plated stuff. Fortunately, I’ve always been able to find enough original Remington .22 CFM or Jet brass to...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    03-08-2018, 10:53 AM
    Bent Ramrod replied to a thread Courtesy in Cast Boolits
    Given the frequency of complaints about losses or delays in shipping, I always acknowledge the sending and receipt of goods and funds by PM, although I’ve never had any problems myself. But if I hear nothing from the other side, I just figure “No...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    03-07-2018, 11:17 AM
    Bent Ramrod replied to a thread Post count in Our Town
    There was a guy here who got banned, somehow continued to post after he was banned, and had every thread he’d ever started expunged. A few of my posts, futile attempts to respond to his incoherent questions and stranger-than-fiction opinions,...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    03-06-2018, 10:52 PM
    I never crimped mine. No recoil, and the bullets are too light to have much inertia. The .223” bullets I mostly loaded didn’t move in the shells. Somebody had slightly roughened the insides of the chambers of mine. Not enough to interfere with...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    03-06-2018, 10:57 AM
    One hopes there won’t be expansion of the primer pockets after a few reloads. Not a lot of web on Hornet cases, and if there is an opportunity for the base to expand under pressure, that may well happen. But that is an interesting way to go about...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    03-05-2018, 05:08 PM
    I found a paper cartridge rolling kit from the C. W. Cartridge Company and stashed it away for future use long before I found my Pedersoli Berdan Sharps. It contained an aluminum mandrel, instructions and packets of nitrate-impregnated papers for...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    03-05-2018, 04:13 PM
    I was firing a lot of .22 Hornet back in the mid to late '70's. Jacketed bullets of the type suitable to such a rifle and its range were $2.50 a box, so Corbin's offering of the complete core casting to case drawing to bullet swaging kit for .22 RF...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    03-05-2018, 01:56 PM
    I don't have any 8-bangers, but I do have a 4 and a few 2's and at least one 1. Both the George Hensley and the Hensley and Gibbs logos are very faintly stamped or maybe electroetched on the lower part of the left side blocks. A little rust or...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    03-04-2018, 10:49 AM
    That’s a great haul, at a great price! Even if you don’t use them, they’re still Cool to have. Lightning strikes like that are what keeps me going to Gun Shows.
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    03-04-2018, 09:26 AM
    I snip noteworthy groups out of paper targets and paste them into my loading notebooks to illustrate what can happen with superior loadings. I save long series of offhand paper targets to determine any improvements in my holding with practice. ...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    03-02-2018, 09:00 AM
    I bored a hole in a #00 (I think) rubber stopper, twisted the arrow shaft through it and pushed the stopper into the bottom of an RCBS green plastic powder funnel. Works fine and hasn’t come apart in use yet.
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    02-28-2018, 06:17 PM
    “John Metcalf” in Sawyer’s book was a sort of Every(rifle)man who appeared over and over in little vignettes at different times in American history where marksmanship made a difference in battle. However, I did read somewhere where Federal...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    02-26-2018, 08:58 AM
    I’ve done a bunch of .22 and .17 Rimfire and several centerfires. Depending on your liner diameter and that of your shot-out bore, you may need to have a liner drill made. In any case, you will need one modified. Brownell’s sells a standard...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    02-24-2018, 10:35 PM
    Double set triggers of the “Kentucky” type general have a gritty feel in the unset pull. Check with Rod Storie and see if he has any castings left for the Ballard set triggers. He used to sell a kit of castings for the Ballard action, and may...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    02-24-2018, 01:32 PM
    That looks really good, as do the results. If you make a flat end top punch, you ought to be able to make that trivial amount of flash disappear when you size and lube the boolits. If you’re really creative, you can make a flat top punch with a...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    02-24-2018, 12:39 PM
    Bent Ramrod replied to a thread Finally! in Our Town
    Congratulations, Blammer! These projects do go on like a life sentence sometimes. I can’t understand how anybody makes a living at gunsmithing. If I charged $1000 an hour for my services upon completion, I’d starve to death in a week. Now’s...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    02-23-2018, 08:58 PM
    Back in the Good Old Days, an enthusiast could occasionally get someone to publish his own specialty loading manual, or do it himself. If he had a store that catered to the shooting sports, he could make up a minor-league version of the Ideal or...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    02-23-2018, 11:13 AM
    I have a 31133 that I made a much fatter and deeper HP pin for. It’s great out of my .32-20s on water-filled household containers. I found a slight draft or bottom-to-top taper is needed, and the business end of the pin needs to be polished down...
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  • Bent Ramrod's Avatar
    02-22-2018, 10:12 AM
    I have a bunch of revolvers, including an ASM Walker and a Cimarron Uberti .45 Colt SAA 4-3/4”. I shoot the latter about 10 times more often than the former, and probably twice as often as any other revolver except my SAs in .32-20. If you want...
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