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  • Wayne Smith's Avatar
    Today, 10:02 AM
    I always deprime before polishing, but this is because the primer dust has lead in it. I prefer not to breathe that when I dump out my polisher. I do dry polish, if you wet polish I guess it doesn't matter - you are not about to drink that water!
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  • swheeler's Avatar
    Today, 09:43 AM
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this is correct answer
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  • lar45's Avatar
    Today, 09:41 AM
    If the melt temp of Zinc is 787, why wouldn't it melt with a propane torch? I heated it until it turned red, after it cooled it had a purple hue to it? I was wondering if the wheel weight recyclers/ new wheel weight manufacturers... were adding...
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  • Lloyd Smale's Avatar
    Today, 07:36 AM
    ill let God judge me at the pearly gates. Not you. Ill pray to him to show you the path too.
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  • M-Tecs's Avatar
    Today, 02:37 AM
    M-Tecs replied to a thread Chinese f35 copy in Our Town
    I can't address how government contractors get by with this. Within actual government agencies you have to have a equal or higher security clearance and most importantly an need to know. Of course inside threats will always find a way to...
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  • lar45's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:34 PM
    I had my son and his friend sort and melt them, maybe they missed some when they were sorting?
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  • BT Sniper's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:16 PM
    BT Sniper replied to a thread My Work Order List in BT Sniper
    4 packages out in todays mail! Progress is going very well! Swage on BT
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  • lar45's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:50 PM
    Central Arkansas wheel weights from a tire shop. After everything is melted, this is floating on top. I scrape it off with a spoon and set it aside. I tried to melt one with a propane torch and it just turned purple. After all the crap is...
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  • Maven's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:20 PM
    Thanks, th!
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  • JeffHolt's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:14 PM
    JeffHolt replied to a thread WTB:380 acp ammo in Swappin & Sellin
    I'm waiting for our FFL 06. I have some older stock from a previous venture that I will be repackaging under our new company. should be coming any day now...If that helps let me know pm please.
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  • lar45's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:52 PM
    That was a 500 Linebaugh with one hand. Looks like he did just fine.
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  • No_1's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:12 PM
    I have reset your profile so you should be good to go in the S&S area. Robert
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  • Pepe Ray's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:03 PM
    Is your "about 3/16" at the opening at the top or the flat bottom where the base of the dovetail lies. Pepe Ray , just trying to help.
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  • swheeler's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:23 PM
    swheeler replied to a thread Ruger Chambers in Rimfire Area
    Sounds right, bet Doug could fix it for him!
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  • Pepe Ray's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:22 PM
    I have a NOS, Marble #105731, 1/16" gold bead sight. Measured thru the original packaging it is .575" base to top. $10.00 plus shipping. Will this do? Pepe Ray
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  • swheeler's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:15 PM
    Dale that was a nice gift, maybe pass some of your good fortune on to others, I still shoot 4831 and 296 ;-)
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  • MT Gianni's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:58 PM
    MT Gianni replied to a thread Covid 19 data in Our Town
    Probably the higher ratio in the US against the world is the number of test kits available. From what little I understand, although they have been scarce here they have been almost non existent elsewhere. Doesn't change the mountains over molehills...
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  • waksupi's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:48 AM
    I've shipped over 150 muzzleloaders. All went double boxed, with bubble wrap and paper around the gun, bubble wrap around the inner box. Never had a problem. Depending on how far you ship in CONUS, cost used to run around $65-75 insured before I...
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  • lar45's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:22 AM
    Depending on how you load it, the 500 JRH can be abit of a handfull. I don't have a 4x Leopold on hand to check for height, but I might suggest getting 2 sets of rings so that you can put 3 individual rings on the scope to make sure it stays...
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  • gbrown's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:11 AM
    gbrown replied to a thread back surgery in Our Town
    Yeah, I had back surgery back on August 17. Laminectomy and spinal fusion L3, 4 & 5. Somewhere between 3 and 6 hours. Was in the hospital room less than 24 hours and then home. 3 incisions, nothing but steri-strips over them. First 10 days,...
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  • lar45's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:17 AM
    lar45 replied to a thread 12 Gauge from hell in Special Projects
    Looks like I missed your wedding post. Belated Congrats on your most important occasion! The Boyd's stock did turn out nice.
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  • kbstenberg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:05 AM
    kbstenberg replied to a thread For Sale in Swappin & Sellin
    Would you be interested in a trade for 7&8. Lead, pewter, 3006 brass Kevin
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  • lar45's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:05 AM
    lar45 replied to a thread 22 Rimfire lube in Boolit Lube !
    The Status of the patent says Abandoned I agree, it's almost all gibberish with a few firearms terms thrown in. The claims column doesn't claim anything at all, just gives very wide ranges of some ingredients that could be googled on the forum...
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  • kywoodwrkr's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:58 AM
    Grafs has new PPU brass, .28 @, listed in rifle brass section.
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  • Wayne Smith's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:40 AM
    Last time I was swabbed at the airport was within a week of loading some rifle rounds and it did not tag me. I guess washing your hands well works.
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  • Wayne Smith's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:25 AM
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  • Lloyd Smale's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:07 AM
    dont know but its a cute little round
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  • Lloyd Smale's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:06 AM
    I use one shot if the sizing isnt to drastic. If it takes more the one shot will handle i use lanolin and a single stage. I usually size deprime and reprime then tumble and then run them back through to charge and seat a bullet.
    19 replies | 326 view(s)
  • Lloyd Smale's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:59 AM
    then you are against reading the bible as prayer too as its just a book. How many times have i seen christian pastors preaching while holding up that book???? People that sit and pray in front of a statue of Mary or Jesus on the cross aren't praying...
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  • Lloyd Smale's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:34 AM
    Lloyd Smale replied to a thread back surgery in Our Town
    nope but have had 5 back surgerys and my surgeon said next time it will be a fusion. I think the biggest thing with a fussion is how you deal with it after the surgery. You have to exercise and stay active. Sit there and wallow in your pain and...
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  • dale2242's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:06 AM
    Thanks so much for your concern for my personal safety Larry. I suspect you would also protect me from the 8# of 296 he gave me.......
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  • dale2242's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:03 AM
    I tried a small experiment about standard vs magnum primers in 45ACP. Both were CCI pistol primers. 10 rounds of each load was fired through 3 different 45s. The loads were all the same except the primers. Brass, powder, powder charge and...
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  • dale2242's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:29 AM
    I just sold some cartridge brass at a recycler. Got $1.04 a lb.
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  • M-Tecs's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:07 AM
    As usual Larry is spot on with his advice. Both loads of the OP's smokeless loads are recommended trap door loads. In many loadings Smokeless Powder has a softer pressure curve than BD. I used to load for a reenactment group mostly with smokeless...
    27 replies | 690 view(s)
  • M-Tecs's Avatar
    09-17-2020, 11:28 PM
    The Hornady Headspace Comparator does exactly what it is claimed to do and it does it very well. Hornady calls it a COMPARATOR for a reason. It was not designed as a direct measurement tool unless used in conjunction with a actual standard like a...
    20 replies | 332 view(s)
  • RP's Avatar
    09-17-2020, 11:13 PM
    Not bad add a 10 speed bike chain gears and petals you can power it with you feet and use both hands to feed. Oh since the gyms are closed in most places you may even find someone to pay you to petal. Nice work looks like it going to work fine and...
    24 replies | 1018 view(s)
  • RP's Avatar
    09-17-2020, 11:08 PM
    I may have missed the answer but you stated you cleaned all the lube out of you sizer die is the die smooth or maybe since its been sitting awhile has gotten a little rust ? Nice smooth surface makes a difference just thinking out loud.
    27 replies | 616 view(s)
  • M-Tecs's Avatar
    09-17-2020, 09:57 PM
    The difference in peoples experiences on this type of stuff always surprised me. Between my 650's and my 1050 I have loaded 80K to 100K of bottleneck cases. Mostly .223 and 308. I do have a vacuum and compressed air at each machine. Never stuck...
    19 replies | 326 view(s)
  • RP's Avatar
    09-17-2020, 09:45 PM
    RP replied to a thread Bloomington ca fedex in Our Town
    One thing I have learned the USPO never loses a package they just fail to deliver it and UPS making a claim is a joke their answer is just send it back to shipper they do not care it got broke in transport. Insurance on a package is a joke has...
    7 replies | 279 view(s)
  • RP's Avatar
    09-17-2020, 09:37 PM
    Well Sir that is the kind of answers I am looking What a M split is and what causes it not it is junk I had a round spilt so from now on all of that type is bad answer. Just telling me the rounds are junk is a answer but I need to know more and...
    23 replies | 608 view(s)
  • BT Sniper's Avatar
    09-17-2020, 08:07 PM
    BT Sniper replied to a thread My Work Order List in BT Sniper
    All molds are machined for everyone with a mold in their order. Completed 15 molds! It has been a good week in the shop. Progress is looking great. Thank you all for your patience. Won't be much longer. Brian
    473 replies | 271526 view(s)
  • Wayne Smith's Avatar
    09-17-2020, 07:41 PM
    How are you going to damage the rifling with something that melts at boiling water temps and is vastly softer than brass? Only if you try to remove it with a steel rod, and I assume you know better than that!
    16 replies | 338 view(s)
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