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  • country gent's Avatar
    Today, 07:58 PM
    If its a good rock it can tell the weather for you. rocks wet its raining rocks warm its sunny rocks rolling its windy rocks white its snowing.
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  • country gent's Avatar
    Today, 07:48 PM
    Equally impoertant as the cartridge is getting the right twist rate for the length of bullet being used. I tend to heavy for caliber bullets in most rifles and the faster twists. Getting to 200 yds or even farther isnt hard its learning the...
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  • TXGunNut's Avatar
    Today, 05:20 PM
    Wow, that video was insane. Poor kids. My sister grew some pretty mild jalapenos this year and I'm really enjoying them. I enjoy spicy but gotta pass on stuff that burns.
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  • TXGunNut's Avatar
    Today, 05:05 PM
    Nice! Can't say if I've ever had fermented pickles but they sure sound good!
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  • country gent's Avatar
    Today, 03:09 PM
    Most manuals give a trim to length of .010 under case length. Some High power shooter used to trim 308s to 1.990 and when it needed the next trimming scrap it. I dont think length per say is as important as consistant length in a batch of brass is...
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  • TXGunNut's Avatar
    Today, 02:20 PM
    I do it on the grill, need to try it in the smoker. Big charcoal grill/smoker rusted out last winter and replacement hasn't showed up yet. On the grill I just toss it on and turn it every few minutes until lightly browned on all sides.
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  • TXGunNut's Avatar
    Today, 01:51 PM
    TXGunNut replied to a thread The cost of reloading in Our Town
    I suppose loading is a bit like woodworking, gardening, gourmet cooking, beer & wine making and a few other hobbies. Saving money is as good an excuse as any to get into it but for some folks the basic setup is only a starting point. A loading setup...
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  • TXGunNut's Avatar
    Today, 01:29 PM
    TXGunNut replied to a thread 35 Whelen in Hunting with CB's
    Mine's a three-groove, 14 twist. Was just kidding about two groove, feeling a bit nostalgic. ;-) Was leaning towards four groove but Jes told me there wouldn't be much difference, if any, for my intended use. Three grooves cost less than four. I use...
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  • TXGunNut's Avatar
    Today, 12:46 PM
    150-180 gr CB @ 1800fps sounds like a good hunting load for a 30WCF or a 32 Special, if you can make it work in your SKS by all means take it hunting! SKS's are cheap and fun but there's no reason you can't take it hunting. Don't worry about what...
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  • country gent's Avatar
    Today, 11:57 AM
    Alot of things require a little break in to get to the full potential. A new rifle is noticably smoother and more accurate after the first couple hundred rounds. A new press may feel smother after a few loading sessions. A new mould may also need...
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  • TXGunNut's Avatar
    Today, 11:21 AM
    That's exactly what I've been doing for the last few years, works good for a hunting rifle with irons. If I'm plinking @ fifty and sights are set for 100 I hit a bit closer to center.
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  • TXGunNut's Avatar
    Today, 12:12 AM
    My R92 in 38/357 is a hoot to shoot! I have thousands of 158 SWC commercial cast boolits and thousands of 38 brass. My R92 likes them quite well.
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  • country gent's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:20 PM
    DH, my casting pot holds 130 lbs of alloy ( ussually 20-1) and when we cast its 3 of us sitting around it ladleing into moulds. ( we are older and have some issues so none of us are casting alone this way). I have always ladle cast overfilling the...
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  • country gent's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:12 PM
    I no longer scrounge lead but buy it in already alloyed ingots ready to cast. With my disabilities scrounging sorting and the extra meltings are more than I can do. I used to smelt over 3-4 weekends in the late fall a 400lb pot at a time and 3-4...
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  • country gent's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:03 PM
    The paper towels will not only absorb the blow but swell and grab the barrel tighter under pressure. On these big bores ( Im assuming 45 cal or bigger here) a ball puller or patch puller may grab the paper toeling and pull it out the muzzle for...
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  • country gent's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:56 PM
    On multiple cavity mpoulds I ladle pour into I tip the mould front a little lower than the back over the pot and start pouring farthest cavity away. This way any extra over a full spru runs off or into the full cavity. I normally fill the cavities...
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  • country gent's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:54 PM
    If an existing desighn and the hollow point was added then they will be on the light side, but will be very close in length to the exsisting desighn. I could see a deeper largerhollow point dropping 20 grns.
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  • TXGunNut's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:07 PM
    I'm probably doing it the hard way but here's what makes my brass shinier than it needs to be: prewash in dishwashing soap and hot water after depriming. After rinsing they get 30 min to an hour in a Hornady ultrasonic and the Hornady prescribed...
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  • TXGunNut's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:50 PM
    If the front sight is a dovetail you may want to measure it, there are some very short front sights available. OTOH simply pulling the front sight all the way down into the notch of the rear sight may be the best solution if you're not doing that...
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  • TXGunNut's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:25 PM
    TXGunNut replied to a thread 35 Whelen in Hunting with CB's
    Two, three or four groove rifling? ;-)
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  • TXGunNut's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:04 PM
    ACWW is what I'm planning to use this year but a bit slower than 2100fps. I've been using a heat treated 50/50 +tin alloy for boolits around 2100 fps up to about 2400 fps with good results on game and paper. These rifles (35 Rem, 35 Whelen, 45-70)...
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  • Kenny Wasserburger's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:13 PM
    Totally differnt powders have a very very different pressure curve.. The much thicker paper requires a much smaller bullet diameter.. Unless you patch to groove.
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  • TXGunNut's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:26 PM
    16 and 18" carbines are cute and handy but I like the balance and stability of a longer barrel; 20" seems ideal to me most days. Quite honestly my favorite pistol caliber long guns are 24" rifles but I have a weakness for short rifles as well.
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  • TXGunNut's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:13 PM
    Sounds good, that 35-200 is a fine boolit as well. Just scored NOE's version of that classic mould. I didn't have much luck with the 3031 in my 35 Rem but it should work. I've had better luck with Rx7 and LVR.
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  • TXGunNut's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:03 PM
    Nice looking rifle in a sweet chambering. Something's not adding up, I think your loads will behave differently as my old 99 in 300 Savage is quite pleasant to shoot. I'm thinking it could be a bad batch of brass but a hard look at the chamber will...
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  • country gent's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:46 AM
    Probably even worse than the chips is the fine grit Ive found in some dies sets. This seems to be in the protective coating and appears to be similar to a fine lapping compound. When cleaning the inside of the cavity with a swab it was on the swab...
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  • TXGunNut's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:46 AM
    TXGunNut replied to a thread Winchester 92 in 25-20 in Leverguns
    Price does seem a bit high, my latest 92 in 38WCF was only a bit more and probably in similar condition. Next trip put your bore light in your pocket and take a better look, shop may have a bit of bargaining room. I sold one in 32WCF for about half...
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  • TXGunNut's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:26 AM
    TXGunNut replied to a thread Old Winnie Range Report in Leverguns
    Thanks for the kind words, guys. Yes, broke above 10K last night. Interesting milestone, hope at least a few posts were helpful. I don't think my old 94 was being difficult, she's a work in process and in spite of her rough looks she's...
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  • country gent's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:43 AM
    Thats going to be tricky since its spins free you cant simly drill it out. You might try a small pin vise clamed on the ball and pulling while twisting to work it out. If its crimped into a groove it may be hard to remove. A small clamp type...
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  • country gent's Avatar
    09-23-2016, 11:25 PM
    Heavier bullets have a couple things going for them a 60 grn cast bullets 1% range is .6grns while a 500 grainers is 5.0 grains. Form and fillout seems easier and better with the heavier bullets at times. WHile heavier bullets seem to fight wind...
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